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Okay, so. Jaime Ray Newman plays Lieutenant Cadman in SGA, which is what I associate her with. But I only just realized today that she was in SPN too! Yup, she played the flight attendant (who's name I can't remember for the life of me right now) in "Phantom Traveller".
AND THEN!! As I was searching for pictorial evidence to support my extreme jealousy that she's worked with Joe, David, Jared, and Jensen, I realized that she'd also been in a movie entitled Living 'til the End. A movie which co-stars, o hay, SEAN MAHER.

SFDOJHAODIHANSKIHADSKIHASND OMG, THIS IS MY JEALOUS FACE. If she gets to work with Bobby Sean anytime in the future, I might have to hunt her down.

Pictorial Evidence!! )

In other news, finals lose forever, and Tori Amos is awesome.
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You guys, one day I am going to kidnap David Hewlett. And he'll tell me amusing stories in his amusing-storytelling way, and we'll giggle, and maybe we'll even make s'mores. And then maybe, once we've bonded, he can give me neck rubs with his magic, magic hands. So yes, when he goes missing, DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU!!

Things that are making me happy; a.k.a. a mini, completely random SGA picspam )

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I should be studying for one of the gazillion tests I have coming up this week, but instead I've been sitting here reading SGA AUs. One of which I now feel compelled to rec!

The fic in question is Wide Open Ocean, by [livejournal.com profile] setissma, and waskdhbnkjsndfhbasjdbadskjhnasdkjbn it has broken me into itty bitty pieces, and then gathered up all the pieces and taped them together with love and warmth and happy and sdifuahwdiafjkahudsebaisjk omg, go read it, NOW.

I realize I suck at summaries, seeing as I haven't even really given you one, so I'm just going to point you all over here, because [livejournal.com profile] sheafrotherdon always seems to say things a lot better than I can.

So yes, GO GO READ NOW. Srsly, even if you don't watch SGA, it doesn't matter, you'll still love it, I PROMISE.

...and now I want to move to Chicago so much, you have no idea. Do any of you actually live there?? If so, YOU LUCKY DUCKS. I've only just read through its Wikipedia entry, and I think I am kind of in love. jaskhasoiduhbasdkhn GOOOOOOOOORGEOUS, OMG. *starts packing*
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Okay, so, keeping in mind I've only seen one episode of Stargate SG-1, and my knowledge on the Goa'uld is comprised solely of this incredibly handy exchange:

Ronon: What's a Goa'uld?
Sheppard: It's a slimy, snake-like alien creature: burrows into people's heads and takes control of their bodies.

The Goa'uld = Yeerks, y/n????????

ETA: omg, Ronon singlehandedly taking down four armed soldiers (while unarmed himself, might I add) is kind of the hottest thing I have ever seen. FLEX THOSE MUSCLES, JASON MOMOA, FLEX 'EM.

ETA v.2: Please tell me I'm not the only one who, (spoilers for SGA 1x10, sort of) )

Ronon: I just wanna know who thinks I'm not a threat, and give 'em a chance to change their mind.
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You guys, how long do you have to be a fan of something before you start spending money to go see it live?? Uh, specifically, I really, REALLY want to go to Stars on Ice, pretty much just for these two.
Um, so I don't really know anything about figure skating, and up until today, I didn't even know who John Zimmerman and Kyoko Ina were, aaaaand then I saw that damn cowboys on ice video ([livejournal.com profile] lokiie: LMFAO THIS ROUTINE IS LIKE HOMOSEXUALS ON ICE MAN, SERIOUSLY. THIS CAN'T GET ANY MORE GAY.) and was all, "HAY THAT GUY IS KYUTE!!!!!!!" So I went to my good friend youtube, and watched a bazillion of his performances, and then discovered Kyoko, his partner.
AJEFHUASYYFDGVJHASKDHYVAKDJAKSVGDBGGBASJKASDJKBSADJAD YOU GUYS, THEY ARE SO AMAZING. SOOOOOOOOOOO AMAAAAAAAAAAAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! I went into, like, insta-fangirl mode, and I've been flailing at Dez pretty much all day. She's so adorable, and gorgeous, and FLEXIBLE, WTF, and he's so HOTTTTTTTT, AND wears leather pants that are pretty much glued on (uhh, see my last post). And OMFG YOU GUYS, THEY'RE AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING. I know I keep saying this, but seriously, FANGIRLING ALL DAY.

And then!! omfg okay. So I was checking the ticket availability and all, and you know how you have to enter a verification code when you buy tickets?? WELL GUESS WHAT MINE WAS. )



You should watch all of the videos with them on youtube, but mainly the ones that are in my last post. Well, mainly just this one, it's my favorite (AND NOT ONLY BECAUSE OF THE PANTS).

...I don't even remember what the original point of this post was, but sdfuakhsdgyasyhdasgdayduykagsdafdjagsdkahdsashdn I LOVE THEM, OMFG.
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wow wtf, how is everyone still awake?? I mean, I know it's SATURDAY NIGHT and all, but really. sleep, munchkins!! I have no idea why I just said that, so don't ask.
my brother and his wife and their baby and her parents (uh, my sister-in-law's, that is) were here most of the day today (oh, I'm at home for the weekend, I don't think I mentioned that). the baby slept through pretty much the entire visit. soooo yeah, I'm willing to bet even he's up right now. ooh, but! they might still change, but as of right now, his eyes are - well, like a steel grey, I suppose. it is EXCITING!! if my eyes can't be grey, I sure as hell am going to live vicariously through my nephew.

I was going to watch a couple episodes of SGA, but then I got lost in [livejournal.com profile] sheafrotherdon's SGA fic, especially her "Farm in Iowa" AU, and you should all go read it now because it is amazing and there is a kid! who is adorable, might I add, and rodney and john. and you can't go wrong with rodney and john. I feel like that should rhyme. whatever.

um so anyway that's it, I think, I just wanted to rec that to you all and tell you that I am now a big bundle of shmoopy glee, and possibly the most content I've been - well, in a while, anyway. I also want a ham sandwich (uh, thanks to this fic, that I read many HOURS ago, just btw), but I've already brushed my teeth! plus I don't think we actually have any ham in the house. or dijon mustard, for that matter, and everyone knows you can't have a ham sandwich without dijon mustard. but not grey poupon, that stuff smells.

okay, that's really it now. I am off to snuggle into my blankets and pretend I too, have a snuggly john. KBYE FLIST, ILU.


ETA: siahygsudhjdasdasidhasihd loooooooooool omg, I LOVE THESE CRAZY KIDS. *dies*
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There would be picspam, but I don't think I've saved any new pictures since I did these picspams last year (in MARCH, jeez, it doesn't feel like that long ago), sooooo yeah. Sad, but true.

I SHOULD be asleep, and I'm exhausted, but I'm just - not. I don't know, but somehow, whenever I can stay up, I do. Like, my roommate's out for the weekend, and my other apartmentmates are - somewhere, so I'm the only person here. I haven't even been doing anything all night, just hanging around LJ and watching SGA, for the most part ("AND THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU BACK A BRILLIANT SCIENTIST INTO A CORNER!!!!" ♥).

I also rewatched the pilot of Psych, and it only served to reinforce something I figured out watching the rerun of Friday's episode. I already told this to [livejournal.com profile] boheme06, but okay, I really want to pet James Roday (ITSNOTWEIRDSHUTUP). I have this feeling, that if you skritched him in just the right place, he'd purr.

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...although, would you really mind it so much if it was??

Actually, I don't even know what the point of this post is. YAY RANDOM!!!!

sfihasifahsd the power button on my printer/copier/scanner keeps BLINKING AT ME. WHAT DO YOU WAAAAAAAAAAANT FROM ME?????????

Uh. Okay, ANYWAY!! I swear, I actually have things to say.

Things like this: Dear David Hewlett, nnnnnngggghhhhhh. Love, me.

Also, from Jason Momoa's official site:
Of all the people you have met as an actor, who made you go "I can't believe I’m talking to...?"
David Hewlett. :-)

I LOVE IT. In that same vein, this picture will never, EVER, get old.

Okay, and. You guys remember 2ge+her, that fake boyband MTV put together back in the day, right?? WELL. I made the terrible mistake of watching this video yesterday, and have had the song stuck in my head since. And then, I found this video, and okay. That spinny thing he does at about 1:10?? HARDER THAN IT LOOKS. And yes, I did spend the large majority of my evening yesterday trying it in the middle of our living/common area. Srsly, if you can do that, you are faaaaaaar more coordinated than I.

And, while I wait for the end of the week to HURRY UP AND GET HERE, PLZ (Thursday's SPN, duh, and Saturday's when I get to see my baby nephew again), meme!!
Give me the name of an actor (or director), and I'll reply with a list of all the movies they've been in (or directed) that I've seen.

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SO. I'm at school! Yay, I suppose. Although I shoooouuuuld really be asleep, seeing as I've got early classes tomorrow. :(((( But! A random post first:

1. THERE ARE COCKROACHY-THINGIES IN OUR APARTMENT (oh yeah, I'm living in an apartment, did I tell y'all??). Apparently, the two girls who also lived here last semester had an exterminator come in, but I totally JUST SAW ONE in the bathroom. I keep freaking out and staring at the ground when I walk now, because while I don't really mind bugs (except for worms, that is. *shudder*), I cannot STAND bug!guts. asidugasdjbhasd, just THINKING about it is gross and disturbing. MOVING ON!

2. I still cannot believe I somehow managed to turn on the Golden Globes JUST after cut for all of you not in my timezone )

3. Speaking of the Globes, WAS THERE OR WAS THERE NOT A SGA COMMERCIAL???? I don't know if it was new or not, but I'm pretty sure it was THERE, and I was fangirly. ETA: loooooool, never mind, I think it was a commercial for this, instead. Although, why they need a stargate-looking thing to advertise that is BEYOND ME. (uhh, end edit...??)

4. Our building doesn't have wireless internet access, and it is driving me INSANE. Okay, I know not everyone has wireless, but I've gotten so used to it (and my having a laptop), that having to sit in one place, attached to an ethernet cable, is insanely frustrating.

5. THE BUSES HERE (that continually go by, might I add) SOUND EXACTLY LIKE WRAITH SHIPS. It took me a while to stop freezing in my tracks and fighting off the urge to run, but it's STILL CREEPY.

6. Also, at random moments during the day, phrases like, "naquadah generator" and "mission control" keep popping into my head, and I have to conciously stop myself from ending conversations (and entries, for that matter) with "Sheppard out". AND, okay. So today, after I finished drinking a can of Coke, I did that tab-y thingie, you know, the one where you go through the alphabet and whatever letter you pull it off on, that's the letter your future husband's name starts with (and yes, I always do this. Except I only started flipping the tabs [to see if it's first or last name] somewhat recently.)?? So anyway, I got F, last names, and immediately went, "FLANIGAN!!!!" *facepalm* EATING MY BRAINS, YOU GUYS.

Um, that's it, I think (ps, EVERYONEWATCHSGA). Night!!
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This morning, I had to wake up at 9 (which means I only got 2 hours of sleep!) so that I could go to the dentist, so that I could not only get my teeth cleaned, but also get a piece of my gum cut off (although, to be fair, it was covering my wisdom teeth, and could have become infected). So yeah, all in all, I'm having a fun day.

But! Part of the reason that I was up until 7 in the morning, was because I realized I really, really like Joe Flanigan's - neck area?? Well, like, his neck/collarbone/shoulders (*points to icon*). And so, I had to go on a picture hunt!!
While it's not REALLY a picspam, it IS still the Flan. )

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Okay, now that that's done.
So, how many of you actually watch Stargate: Atlantis?? Because so far, the only people I know who do are myself (and I don't reaaaally count yet, I'm only on 1x11), and [livejournal.com profile] paw_tracks (who, by the way, is WINNAR in my book for getting me into SGA). There's GOTTA be more of you who watch it, though...right??
Well, if there aren't, I might have to start prodding some of you into watching!! I know that can be done, my experience with SPN tells me so. :D

Anyway. I would be watching more episodes right now (and I want to, damn cliffhangers), but I just felt the need to take a short break in order to inform you all that John and Rodney are boyfriends, and I love it. Also, yes, still want to have Rodney's babies (although, given his track record with children, I maaaaay want to rethink that).
Uh, yeah, that's all.

And, because no fandom is complete without a few quality music videos:
one! Joy to the World Atlantis
two - Yes, Rodney is White and Nerdy, but that's why I love him!! :)
threeeee - More proof that TV shows + Disney songs = AMAZING, AMAZING VIDEOS.
four - Like I said, boyfriends!!
I don't know why I'm writing out the numbers like this, but five - BOYFRIENDS. THE END.
six - ...yeah, do I really need to say it again??

Oh, and GIP! Because really, he could care less.
Now if you'll excuse me, I must return to geeking out over my shiny new fandom!! I BID YOU ALL ADIEU.

ETA: Just finished 1x12 ("The Defiant One"), and oh my GOD, could they BE any more of boyfriends?? )
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aslksdifhdcfaivbadiuc, the Narnia books + Radio Free Roscoe + Stargate: Atlantis (why hello, new fandom! I need some icons, now.) = best way to spend my last week of break EVER.
AND I have marshmallows. \o/

God, I'm so glad I figured this out so early in the week.

What I'm not happy about, though, is that I have to go to sleep now, seeing as my parents are due to wake up soon. Dear time, plz pause around me so I can continue watching SGA and thinking about how I want to have Rodney McKay's ridiculously socially retarded babies.

Damnit, my parents are officially up. Night, everyone!! Or - morning?? Yeah. Whichever. Both! Uh.


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