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So yesterday was my first official day of interning at the Philadelphia Zoo! )

Uhhh, so, yeah, WISH ME CONFIDENCE, I will keep you guys updated on how things go!

Also, I wanted to finish season 2 of Buffy last night (all I have left is the two-part season finale), and post about it, but then we had to take my dog to the vet (he's fine, mostly, he just has an ear infection and some tick-related disease [not Lyme, but similar]), and by the time we got home and I finally got to take a shower and get out of my zoo clothes, I was so exhausted I just basically passed out. So tonight, I think! And, as long as I don't fall asleep first, expect another post, because I have ~FEELINGS (...mostly of the, "SHUT UP ANGEL, I HATE YOU" variety, but).

ETA: Oh, also, happy birthday, Jason Segel!! You are one of my very favorite people I don't actually know.<3
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Sooo yesterday, my puppy was really sleepy and lethargic the whole day - I had to (literally) drag him outside to go pee, and all he wanted to do was keep lying down, even when he saw the cat was around. He ate his breakfast and lunch, but slowly (which is TOTALLY unlike him), and then didn't have much interest in eating his dinner.

So we took him to the vet last night - turns out he had a fever, and was hyper-salivating, which is a sign of nausea. They did an X-ray that showed signs of internal blockage, and so they kept him overnight, on an IV (to keep him hydrated and nourished).

By this morning his fever had gone down, but they X-rayed him again, and since he was still blocked up, they did surgery on him, to clear out his stomach. Turns out they found a lot of food he couldn't digest, and, right where the stomach leads into the small intestine, was a bunch of mulch. ....guys, you should understand, this dog eats EVERYTHING he can get his little mouth on, and so, though we generally try to keep a sharp eye on him when he goes out, I know he does eat mulch, a lot of the time. We sort of just thought it'd pass out in his poop, like the little twigs he also sometimes eats...?? But the vet said the bigger pieces sometimes don't, and I guess it also just built up a little, there.

Right now he was just waking up from the anesthesia, and he's on painkillers and antibiotics and all. They're going to keep him overnight again so that he can recover a little bit, and then he'll probably be okay to come back home tomorrow evening, or Saturday morning, maybe.

But, so, yeah, WORLD'S MOST DIFFICULT DOG strikes again (lulz, I didn't even tell you guys, but a couple weeks ago he swallowed a sock one morning, so THAT was a whole thing, too -- he eventually vomited it up, so he didn't need surgery, but, like, DOG, STOP EATING EVERYTHING)!

I kind of miss looking at his dumb puppy face, sooo HERE ARE SOME PICTURES FOR YOUUU (and me, okay, okay). These are all from...about a week ago, I think? )

We took some pictures of my kitty, too, but for some reason they're only on my mom's computer...?? Sooo idk, idk, MAYBE LOOK FOR THOSE LATER.
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I keep meaning to make this entry, but there's NEVER ENOUGH TIIIIME. But, uh, okay, here, now -

First off, TV:

Being Human 3x01 )

Primeval 4x05 )

Okay, now, thing 2, and the reason why this post has been so long in the making (seriously, I even had to take a couple-hour break in the middle of typing this up) WE GOT A PUPPY.

I know I'd mentioned a couple places that we were planning to get one in the spring, and well, we were - we'd already decided that we wanted a Goldendoodle, and found a good breeder (in Ohio, but they drive the puppies over). So that was happening, and we were waiting, but there was also a litter from this breeder that'd been born around Christmastime, and now all the puppies had been taken, except one. We (well, mostly my mom and I) were spending a lot of time on the site, just out of excitement, and the puppy was just sitting there, looking sad and homeless, aaaand so, being the saps that we are, were like, "...well, there's no harm in just asking what he's like..." Blah blah blah, you guys know the rest, NOW WE HAVE A PUPPY.

He was the smallest in his litter (8th born out of 10), and, because he's mostly Poodle (75%, I think), he's got a curly coat. He and two of his siblings were all black, and because people are ridiculous and don't like black cats and dogs for some insane reason, those three were the last to go. Eventually his other two siblings found a home, though, and just he was left. But NO MORE (so...yeah, now we have a black cat AND a black dog, WHAT UP)!! I don't even know how people couldn't take him, he's adorbz, and SUCH a good boy -- I mean, he's still a puppy, so he likes to chew all the time, and he sometimes has accidents inside, but he LOVES people (he gets SO excited when he sees not just us, but pretty much ANYone, especially kids), and just wants to sit by/on you and chew on his toys. In the past week and a half, since he's been here, he's learned to sit, his name (...sort of), and as of yesterday, he's started walking to the door and standing there when he wants to go out. Also, when he gets tired, he tends to put himself in his crate (where we've been putting him for naps/overnight - he generally sleeps from around 9:30 at night to 6 AM), or to this sheet we've laid out next to it, and just flops down and goes to sleep (though he also likes sleeping in my lap, I'm kind of wary about that, because when he's full grown, he'll be about 50 pounds, and -- well, I'm not sure I really want 50 pounds of dog in my lap).

I don't really have a great picture, yet, but, uh, here, you can have the one the breeder sent us, before we got him, though the flash is a little crazy there.
Oh! Also, because I can't believe I didn't mention this anywhere earlier, his name is Baxter (and my new kitty's name is Comet -- who I don't have a great picture of, either. Ah, difficult-to-photograph pets)!
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HELLO, MY CHILDREN!! Yes, I've been gone for a while, excuses excuses, blah blah blah. But the thing I realized today, while typing up a suuuuuuper-extended comment to [livejournal.com profile] boheme06, was:

Aaaaand I'd like to -- well, at least try to come back?? It makes me feel shitty, not keeping in touch with you amazing kids as much.

The thing is, though, I never feel like I have anything interesting to say. Like, all I'm doing is going into work at my mom's office a couple days a week (my internship finished), playing with my cat (my old kitty, Garfield, died a little while back -- we miss him something awful, but I got a cute - but kind of crazy - black shorthair from the shelter a couple weeks ago. His name is Comet, and he likes toy mice, belly rubs [SERIOUSLY], and running around the house like a crazy), and watching random children's television. BUT GUESS WHAT, I guess you're all just going to have to hear about that, now, WON'T YOU. I mean, sometimes I cook dinner, so that's always fun to talk about, and I did just start watching Being Human last night (while I'm nooooot totally sure I love it, yet, I DO love Russell Tovey), soooo there is hope for my fannishness yet...??

The other thing is, every time I check my flist, it's full of people being like, "So, I know I'm not around much", or, y'know, just not posting. So -- who's still here?? Just to get a sense of it, I mean, GOD KNOWS I'm in NO position to bitch people out for stepping back from LJ for a while.

Also, um, I re-did my layout ([livejournal.com profile] splits_thesky!)? And my profile, to match (though I have since actually SEEN Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and...idk, I have some issues with it. I still LOVE Narnia, though!!). And I cleaned up my flist a little, because one of the other reasons I was away from LJ so long was that I kept getting SO BEHIND on my flist, because it was bogged down with all these comms. So mostly I just left/stopped watching a bunch of communities, though I did also defriend a couple of people I just hadn't talked to in FOREVER. If you're one of those people, and you really ARE around, though, PLEASE let me know, because it's not at ALL that I don't want to be friends anymore, I just -- wanted to clean up a bit (seriously, this is the first cut of ANY kind I've ever done, because I never wanted to lose ANYONE).

...I guess that's it (OH ALSO IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS, YAAAAAAAAY -- though, my mom has basically told me she hasn't bought me anything this year, because she wasn't feeling anything on my [FOUR PAGE] Amazon wishlist. Buuuut I also want a bike, since she also just donated my old one, so GUESS WHAT I AM GOING TO CLAIM AS A GIFT)?? idk, guys, let's see how long THIS comeback lasts.
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Dry food added to pet food recall list

One of these is the food my cat eats. The vet called my mom this morning to tell her, but he's been eating this for years.

You guys, I don't feel good about this.


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