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Well, first off, happy new year, guys! It's still a little early, here, but obviously not for some other timezones (actually, I woke up today to my mom on the phone with our family in India)! So, you know, might as well.
I was about to be like, "yeah, yeah, whatever, nothing really happened in 2011, for me". And, while it's true it wasn't the MOST EXCITING YEAR EVER, maybe, a lot of pretty significant things happened! I got a dog! a significant haircut! a new career path (hopefully)! a place I want to live, in a couple years, and a real plan to get there! So, you know, well done, 2011; let's keep this pattern up in 2012.

Okay, now!! MEME TIME.

1. I have picked 20 (10 men, 10 women) celebrities that I find attractive.
2. Every day, I will make a poll and you'll have to vote for the celebrity you find the LEAST attractive. It's not a matter of whether you like the person or not. It's all about the hotness.
3. After a day, the poll will be closed and the individual with the most votes will be disqualified.
4. There will be only two (1 guy, 1 girl) winners.

There were actually ties, in both the polls, so to settle it....I did eenie-meenie-miney-mo.
So now today we say goodbye to Joel Edgerton and Jaime Murray!

and now...ROUND THREE. )

Vote it up, guys!! And here's to an amazing 2012. Just remember, IT AIN'T THE END OF THE WORLD:

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Well, first of all, HAAAAAAY, NEW FRIENDS!!! I'm glad y'all are around, and I hope that I get to know you better soon, this year!!

Second, HAPPY NEW YEAR, kidlets!! As my friend pointed out, this is the last full year before the world ends, so LET'S MAKE IT A GOOD ONE, yeah??

I was out in Philly for NYE (for new friends, that's where I went to college, and where a bunch of my friends still do, so I'm up there a lot, actually), and though we didn't actually do that much, it was fun! We got to watch the fireworks at Penn's Landing (there was a good amount of drunken "Auld Lang Syne" singing, lulz), and then we traipsed up to Chinatown and had delicious sushi and sake bombs (not AS delicious, since I DO actually hate beer, but useful!) and the like.

The next day a few of us (me, and the friends that actually live there -- we had a couple other friends up for the night, too, but they left pretty early New Years Day. NOT THAT YOU GUYS CARE THIS MUCH, buuuut STILL) sat around and made -- well, I'm hesitant to call them "resolutions", because no one (including me, certainly) ever sticks to their resolutions, buuuut I guess that's what they were, for lack of a better term! So, mine are: to find a job/internship (part of that is people actually HIRING me, buuut I want to get some more applications out, too), meet more new people IRL (potential relationships, maybe, but also just friends!), and eat better (and I don't even mean this in the "I really want to lose three pounds" sort of way, just, I KNOW in college, especially my last year, I was eating allll sorts of junk, allll the time -- also, I'm, like, 99% sure I have PCOS [haven't been officially diagnosed yet, but I KNOW I have a bunch of the symptoms, including the ovarian cysts and the hormone imbalances and whatnot, soooo], and eating low-gi foods apparently really helps with that). Also, I AM going to be on LJ more, now, so, I guess that also counts.

Also, idk yet how much of this is actually going to come to fruition, but one of my friends is really big on snowboarding, and, for Christmas, her parents promised her they'd pay for a place up in the Poconos for her and a bunch of her friends to go up and go winter sporting. I've never been snowboarding or skiing, but it's always been on my list of things to try, sooooo WE'LL SEE HOW THAT GOES.

...uhhhh, idk, I feel like I had more to add, here, but I GUESS NOT. Soooo I will end this now! BYE GUYZ; HAPPY 2011!!
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Happy New Year, bbz.

♥ ♥

This year I just sat at home with the family, but we had a sort of mini-party - my mom got some noisemakers and a bag of balloons, which I then got the idea of drawing different characters that my nephews know on. Right now we have a Nemo, Piglet, Lightning McQueen, and some sort of Cookie Monster/Grover hybrid thing, idek. Anyway, it turned out to be a lot of fun. We made some construction paper party hats, and played with toy cars and dinosaurs, and so, considering I generally ring in the new year at some random party I really don't want to be at, this was really great.

Anyway, now I'm super tired, so I'm about to head off to bed. Rohan (my older nephew, for those who don't remember - he's going to be 3 on the 20th!!) wakes me up every morning promptly at 10 (today, it was so I could come out and play in the snow with him, which was nice, even if I was still half-asleep), so I've been working on actually getting to sleep at a reasonable time. So goodnight on my end, but also, again, happy 2010!!!<3333

ETA: Okay, this is from last year, but I felt so compelled to add this here, I actually got myself out of bed and came back downstairs to the computer:

...I haven't edited a post like this in a while, wow.
Jan. 1st, 2008 12:17 am


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HAPPY NEW YEAR, KIDDOES, ILU!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3333333333333333

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Happy Bond year, everyone!!!! :D

You know, I think that if New Year's was a picture, it might be this one... )

Also also,

In the year 2007 I resolve to:
Be more gangster than Snoop Dogg.

Get your resolution here.

Um, that's all. Yay 2007??

ETA: rofl, I love how I have the same mood and icon every New Year's...
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Happy New Year, everyone!!

The party I went to (and just came back from) was pretty sad, actually. I mean, a bunch of my friends were there, but we just kind of sat around, because we're lame like that. And then we spent like 20 minutes trying to sneak some rum so we could have a rum and coke. Yes, one. One that we all took sips of and then tossed on someone's lawn because it was gross. So apparently we lose at being shady and living on the wild side. Oh well.

I'm really tired, I should probably sleep. Except that means I have to take my make-up off, which is something I absolutely HATE doing, I'm not even sure why. Actually, I'm not even wearing that much make-up, I can suck it up.

Also, baa, I'm a sheep:

In the year 2006 I resolve to:

Stop checking my e-mail at 3:00 in the morning.

Get your resolution here

This is a very good resolution for me, actually. I need to learn how to not spend the vast majority of my life online.

Okay, goodnight and happy '06!!


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