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Hey kids!

So yeah, LJ is sort of falling by the wayside these days...?? But, like.....I miss it. I mean, I myself am not on as often as I used to be, now that I'm: a, actually doing more things IRL, and b, mostly taking in media that doesn't really have fandoms. But, guys - I miss the fandom-related flailing! I miss the memes! I even miss the wank! ....okay, I don't miss the wank that much. But yeah, overall, LJ, WHERE HAVE YOU GOOOOOOOONEEEEEEEEE. :((((

Uh, okay, so now more on what I have been doing!

First, RL. [livejournal.com profile] bohemu and I are going to Chicago for a couple days, in September! So all of you guys who've been to/live in Chicago, suggestion us up! I mean, we have a vague list of things we want to do, but we're always open to suggestions! Especially because neither of us have ever been, right, so we know jack all about the city.
Also, if you do live there, and want to meet up and hang for a bit, we would love that! Just let me know.

Okay, now fandom(-ish).

Number one, and probz most prevalent in my mind rn, I HAVE STARTED WATCHING HAWAII FIVE-0, AND I AM IN LOVE )

...okay. Number two!
So, like I've mentioned a couple times here recently, I've been reading up a storm, these days! And generally I've been going around in a Dresden Files/Temeraire/Discworld loop, but recently I wanted to take a little break from that. And, well, I'd been meaning to reread my copy of The Three Musketeers for a while, so, uh, that's what I'm doing?? )

Thing three, that actually should probz be part b of thing one:

So, uh, after continually feeling like I have a TON of shows I watch, all of which I have seasons upon seasons to catch up on for, I realized the other day, I only actively watch 6 shows, now )

So, uh, yeah, that's it, I guess?? FOR NOW~~
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The TOTALLY AWESOME personality-based, non-fandom-based, and tl;dr friending meme!

...so now, no matter how your fandoms change, you will always know awesome people!!

......yeaaaaahhh, that's all I got rn. *off to make/eat dinner and stream things off Netflix Instant!*
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HELLO, MY CHILDREN!! Yes, I've been gone for a while, excuses excuses, blah blah blah. But the thing I realized today, while typing up a suuuuuuper-extended comment to [livejournal.com profile] boheme06, was:

Aaaaand I'd like to -- well, at least try to come back?? It makes me feel shitty, not keeping in touch with you amazing kids as much.

The thing is, though, I never feel like I have anything interesting to say. Like, all I'm doing is going into work at my mom's office a couple days a week (my internship finished), playing with my cat (my old kitty, Garfield, died a little while back -- we miss him something awful, but I got a cute - but kind of crazy - black shorthair from the shelter a couple weeks ago. His name is Comet, and he likes toy mice, belly rubs [SERIOUSLY], and running around the house like a crazy), and watching random children's television. BUT GUESS WHAT, I guess you're all just going to have to hear about that, now, WON'T YOU. I mean, sometimes I cook dinner, so that's always fun to talk about, and I did just start watching Being Human last night (while I'm nooooot totally sure I love it, yet, I DO love Russell Tovey), soooo there is hope for my fannishness yet...??

The other thing is, every time I check my flist, it's full of people being like, "So, I know I'm not around much", or, y'know, just not posting. So -- who's still here?? Just to get a sense of it, I mean, GOD KNOWS I'm in NO position to bitch people out for stepping back from LJ for a while.

Also, um, I re-did my layout ([livejournal.com profile] splits_thesky!)? And my profile, to match (though I have since actually SEEN Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and...idk, I have some issues with it. I still LOVE Narnia, though!!). And I cleaned up my flist a little, because one of the other reasons I was away from LJ so long was that I kept getting SO BEHIND on my flist, because it was bogged down with all these comms. So mostly I just left/stopped watching a bunch of communities, though I did also defriend a couple of people I just hadn't talked to in FOREVER. If you're one of those people, and you really ARE around, though, PLEASE let me know, because it's not at ALL that I don't want to be friends anymore, I just -- wanted to clean up a bit (seriously, this is the first cut of ANY kind I've ever done, because I never wanted to lose ANYONE).

...I guess that's it (OH ALSO IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS, YAAAAAAAAY -- though, my mom has basically told me she hasn't bought me anything this year, because she wasn't feeling anything on my [FOUR PAGE] Amazon wishlist. Buuuut I also want a bike, since she also just donated my old one, so GUESS WHAT I AM GOING TO CLAIM AS A GIFT)?? idk, guys, let's see how long THIS comeback lasts.
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Soooo yes, I haven't been around much lately, school was a pain, blah blah blah, excuses excuses.

Whatever, the point NOW is, *~*WINTER BREAK*~*!!!!!!
That's right, I am DONE with this semester like I have been waaaaaaaiting to be since, uh, the day it started, and now it is time for baking (today I made coconut macaroons, which I'd never had before, but turned out to be SUUUUPER simple, and delicious), watching TV, and, y'know, CHRISTMASTIME. This past weekend we got our tree and decorated it, and now we're sloooowly getting the rest of the house set. We have to get it both Christmas-set, and baby-set, because, that's right, my nephews are coming to visit! They're not actually going to get here until the 26th, but then they (and my brother and sister-in-law, obvz) will be here for a month. Sooo I'm excited!!!

Also, I have a new layout!! It's not the best ever, but I wanted a winter-y one, and I've been thinking of making it Narnia-y for a while now. So...ta-da: [livejournal.com profile] splits_thesky!!

How are YOU all doing, my lovelies?? I've been trying to keep up with the flist, but...I missed a bunch, I know. So what's happening, bbz?? I am HERE FOR YOU, now (....until next semester starts, anyway. But we are Not Thinking About That, right now).<3333
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God, I have been FAILING at LJ lately. I know I keep saying that, but...I am. I remember when I used to have to fight myself from posting, like, 5 times a day, and now it's just, like - once a month. IF that.
So, uh, sorry about that (idk, school = my life, these days, and also...I never have anything exciting to say. PERHAPS THE TWO ARE RELATED)!!

ANYWAY, the point of this entry is, I am going to fail at LJ some more, because tomorrow, I am getting on a plane and GOING TO LONDON. ...wait, let me repeat. I AM GOING TO LONDON.
....other than TOTALLY ROCK IT, I mean. But yeah, SUPER EXCITED, but also SUPER NERVOUS. What if this totally sucks, guys?? YOU GUYS, IT CAN'T SUCK. No pressure, though, London, NONE AT ALL, it's not like I've been waiting my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE to go. ....OH WAIT.

aaaahhhhh whatever whatever I will totally be fine you guys, I am just freaking out over nothing, and half of it is excited freaking out anyway. But yeah, still, my brain right now is in a pretty constant state of "AAAAAAHHHHH LONDONNNNNNNN"

So yeah, leaving tomorrow, back on the 27th, blah blah blah, HIATUS TIME. Oh, except not, totally. So my family&friends and all have kept being like, "SO, ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE A BLOG?? HUH? HUH?? ARE YOU?? AAAAAAAAAAAREEEEEEE YOUUUUU??????".
So, uh, I did: [livejournal.com profile] saveaplace!!

That is going to be my travel blog from now on, I think (hopefully that means I will actually TRAVEL a lot, after this - I'm 99% sure I'm still going to be able to go backpacking across Europe next year, at any rate, so THAT should be exciting). The thing is, idk how often I'll actually be able to update it?? There're apparently computers in the hostel I'm staying at, but I'm not sure how many, how busy they'll be, how much time I'll have, etc, etc. So...I'll try to keep it up?? But NO GUARANTEES.
Oh also, you all are a smart bunch, you don't need me to tell you this, but just in case - if you DO end up hanging around [livejournal.com profile] saveaplace, just keep in mind, my family and non-fandomy friends (who mostly all know I already have an LJ, just...not what I do on it) are probz going to be reading that, mostly?? So CUT THE PRON TALK, GUYZ. ...I know you guys are all totally fine upstanding citizens, though, this is just precautionary.

Anyway yes, LEAVING ON A JET PLAAAAAANE tomorrow!! Which means I should probz get some sleep now, for realz. See y'all on the flip side (whether that ends up being across the Atlantic, or here, when I return)!! Oh, and also, AAAAAAHHHHH LONDONNNNNNNN
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Sooo, look who hasn't posted in a while!
Yeah, idk, I have no excuse. It's not even that stuff hasn't been happening, or anything - the closest I can figure is, since I'm not really in a big fandom right now, my Squee Level has gone down. SHOCKING, I KNOW.

But anyway. Back to that 'things happening' bit... )

Anyway, so, part of the reason I'm not-so-much in a big fandom right now is that I haven't caught up on all my big-fandom shows. Lost, SPN, House, Criminal Minds, etc, etc, I AM SO BEHIND. I told myself I was going to use the summer to catch up on at least some part of that, but...so far I've just been watching brand new shows. I got through The Big Bang Theory, and then I really wanted to watch Generation Kill (which is AWESOME, btw, and I would have made an actual post about it, but I don't know that I have any more to say besides "<333333333" or ">:|", depending on who in the show I'm talking to), and then my brain was like, "hey, I always wanted to watch The Middleman!!"
...so, I did. )
I know it sounds sappy and all, but, quite honestly, this whole experience makes me happy and content in a way few other things do. ♥♥♥♥
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I was randomly browsing LJ, and, y'know people's journals, obvz (as you do! ...or, you do when you're procrastinating, anyway) today, and I just wanted to say, THIS.

OHHHHHH MY GOD YOU GUYS, I CANNOT BRAIN ANYMORE. Dear this 12 page paper I'm supposed to be doing now: I don't CAAAAAAREEEEE. William Shakespeare, I have written more pages about you than I think anyone else EVER, and, okay, ilu, let's be honest, but ENOUGH. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

...of course, "ENOUGH" totally doesn't work, because I only have 8 pages so far and I totally just forgot what the point I was trying to make here in this paragraph was, and dfkhisdDAHUADFIKHDNSDKFJSHNFDDKFJSNFCKDSJZX.

And yes, I know, I am about ten million years behind on comments, I'm about ten million years behind on RL, too (everything but school, I mean. SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL DIE SCHOOL DIEEEEEEEE), and all I've been doing all weekend is slacking on finishing this stupid paper and whining about it on Twitter.

I swear, the only thing keeping me even slightly sane right now is the thought that by Wednesday, this will aaaaalll be over. JUST GET ME TO WEDNESDAY, LIFE, THAT WOULD BE GREAT.
...and also, this. They're from Greek, which is not actually a show I watch...?? But, in my slacking this weekend, I watched a couple of episodes, and, turns out, there're a few characters I actually totally love. If the show was just about them, instead of, y'know, the main characters, I'd probably actually watch all the time. Anyway, so, yes, these two guys' characters are certainly a part of that bunch. I just keep interspersing little segments of that interview with my paper writing, which is fun, because I get to alternate between heart eyes and fits of intense rage.

Anyway, I totally have to get off of LJ now, because I have to finish this paper (HOWWWWWW, I'm totally going to run out of stuff to talk about in about a page and a half), and study for my final tomorrow, and get ready for the interview I have in the morning (wish me luck, guys! It could be my FIRST JOB EVER), and NNNNNRRRRRAAAGGGHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOMG WEDNESDAY WHY ARE YOU SO FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRR
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First off, I have a new layout! And actually a new one, this time, not just a re-imagining or whatever of my old one. NEW NEW NEW.
I still liked my old one and all, but I've been wanting a more spring-y/summer-y layout for a while now, but just hadn't been able to figure out what. This week, though, the universe finally aligned, and voila! YAAAAAAAAAY.

Also, iiiin...two hours?? -- roughly -- [livejournal.com profile] boheme06 will be here in Philly!! That's right, she's visiting 'til tomorrow night, and it is going to be AWESOME, let me tell you. We're going to the Franklin Institute, because they have a Narnia exhibit, and even just looking at the pictures makes me excited beyond belief. But it's also UPenn's Spring Fling this weekend (which, I have friends who go there, so we're in), and also, I mean, PHILLY. So it should be goooooood tiiiiimes!!

Aaaaalso, in my Shakespeare class just now, we got to have class outside (where it is GORGEOUS, omg), and spend the entire time acting out a scene (from Coriolanus! In which I was the title character, thankyouverymuch), which allowed me to get all up in the personal space of a very cute boy (lulz, remember this??). AMAZING.

Basically, this weekend is shaping up to be WIN, ALL AROUND. \o/ !!!!
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I keep forgetting to post about this, for some reason, but I now have a new layout (...well, new version of my layout, anyway)!! Featuring, this time, a cap from My Chemical Romance's video for "The Ghost of You". But, at the same time, it should be noted, it's not really an MCR layout. It's supposed to, instead, encompass the love for the 1940's I've been feeling lately.

Originally, I wanted to have a Band of Brothers layout, and was working towards that, until last weekend, when I was home (and so, was watching copious amounts of TV), I saw the video for "Lovebug", by the Jonas Brothers (and, during my watching of Angels in the Outfield, which is not only a Disney movie [and a really great one, at that, which I totally had forgotten], but also stars Neal McDonough, also of BoB.) So then I said to myself, "Hey self, why don't you make a Lovebug layout, instead??" So I tried that, buuuut it kind of failed (ask [livejournal.com profile] boheme06, if you want - I spent a looooot of time whining to her about this, lulz).
Anyway, so then I realized that the "The Ghost of You" video ALSO takes place in the same period, and, yeah, it is also something I love, and so I gave it a go. ET VOILA!!

I'm kind of proud of the finished product, because it represents all of these attempts, at once. See, it's from the "The Ghost of You" video, obviously, but it also has the same immediate themes of the "Lovebug" video - the couple happy and dancing together, until the guy has to go off and fight in World War II. And, this specific guy is, apparently, in the 101st, which, guess what, so were the guys of Band of Brothers!! SEE HOW CRAFTY I AM.

Anyway, so yeah: [livejournal.com profile] splits_thesky

Oh, also, new default icon! From, after much deliberation of this same sort (only with a different conclusion!), Band of Brothers.
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....but we're not going to talk about that (ohgodohgodohgod)!!

Instead, here are some other less horrible things:

1. Since I'm at home this weekend, I was able to find and upload pictures of my apartment for y'all! )

2. It is October! Which means, among other things, that it is almost time for Halloween. Which, I mean, isn't even my favorite holiday or anything, but still has me SUPER EXCITED. Candy! Costumes! More candy! WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE.

3. Anyway, so, while I'm actually not anywhere near ready for Halloween (so far, no concrete plans, or costume)...my layout is?? I mean, again, it's pretty much the same as it was, but - differently themed?? Sure. So, my layout, v. HALLOWEEN, featuring everyone's (EVERYONE'S.) good friend Frank Iero!! YAAAAAYYYYYYY

...I - guess that's it?? I feel like I had more to say, but I have no idea what it would be, now. I mean, I have a buttload of work (hence why I'm home for the weekend), and I'm hungry and don't actually know why I'm still up, but none of that is particularly awesome, so we'll leave that all out. ...SO.
Jun. 1st, 2008 10:13 pm

by the way

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...okay, fixed. I love how my first reaction when I see a bug is to KEEP TYPING, btw.


As I was saying:

I keep forgetting to post about this, but I saw Prince Caspian the other day (LOVED IT, omgz, thouuugh I think I still like the first one better), and so, um, new layout??? Sort of, anyway. I mean, it's the same, basically, just with a new header and colors.
I didn't even intend to change it, I was still digging the boys of The Academy Is... there at the top of my LJ, but I was searching for Narnia icons, came across this header, and said, "huh, that's really nice!!" ...and then, before I knew it, my LJ had been Narnia-ized. Narnized??? IDK.

Anyway, so, yeah, new layout (kind of), new default icon (which took me forever to settle on, but now I really, really love a lot), and new moodtheme. ...which is the only thing not Narnia-based, because I decided my moods would be better displayed by a boy and his pet tiger. AND SO THEY ARE.
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Uh, so I've been sort of fucking around with CSS and headers and font colors and the like, and so...I have a new layout...?? I'm still sort of getting used to it, myself (and I don't really know if I love it, yet), but I've spent SO LONG these past few days trying out different combinations of shit, aaand getting more and more fed up with it, that right now, this is how it's going to stay, unless I have a huge brainwave or something. So, yes, new layout! Featuring The Academy Is..., v.2 (...right?? And they're on v.3 now...??).

Also (slightly related!), even though I have a paper due tomorrow I haven't even started, and another one due Tuesday that's only sort of half done (yeah, so, what else is new), I've spent all day frantically searching for Butcher/Tomrad fic, to NO AVAIL. Come on, fandom, the world needs it!! Just think about what you have to work with!! The ridiculous-real-boy-ness (the handholding!!!)! The angst (Butcher was the one who actually fired Tom, y??)! The pretty (WHAT, I am not made of STONE)! COME ONNNNNNNNNAELKFJDHNSDKJLDHJNSDKFL
Mar. 8th, 2008 06:43 pm


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So Jensen (my laptop) is back!!
...sort of.
The problem with Windows is fixed, and all my music is still safe (THANK GOD), buuut all my programs are gone (which isn't that bad, I mean, just all my bookmarks and the music I bought on iTunes, I'm pretty sure), aaaand also, all my pictures. Which is like - A LOT. I don't even know - okay, let's see, I have 28 entries here on LJ tagged 'picspam', and majority of those are 50-100 pictures or so, and those are just the ones I've uploaded...sooooooo, yeah. ;_____;
Also, it still won't charge properly - apparently the problem is the jack or something, which is connected to the motherboard, and replacing that would be pretty much just like buying a new computer, price-wise. So now I have to get an external charger, which, I don't even know when that's happening. My mom said I could use my brother's old desktop, though, which I might just do. I'd have to re-install everything and all, but I'd have to do that on Jensen, too, so.
...idek, guys.

I'm sorry I haven't been commenting much on your entries, but it's actually really hard keeping up with the flist without a computer (which I have been, though!)
So yeah, I've been experiencing what life's like not online 24/7, and okay, real life is WEEEEIRD. Last week I went to see The Bravery in concert and very, VERY nearly almost punched out this horrible, bitchy girl! I went to my first frat party (and spent most of it hiding from creepy guys)! I went to a sex shop (what, we were bored, I didn't buy anything)! A few days ago, some lady at the train station paid me for my parking spot! Actually, more strange people have randomly talked to me recently than possibly ever in my life! I got to experience fangirling from the outside (well, sort of, my BFF and I went to see Cobra Starship Thursday night, and stood up in the balcony area with all the moms - and let me tell you, I am SO GLAD we weren't down in that pit with all the 12 year-olds, it was INSANE)! And today it has, seriously, been pouring ALL DAY, aaand now it's like a frickin' wind tunnel out there!
...Oh, and I got to smell Alex Suarez (who smells amaaaaazing, btw), during which he said, "I feel like a stripper!!", and shimmied in my face. True story!
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...you know, those LJ notifications that all your shiny paid features are almost gone are pretty much the most depressing things ever. :(

ANYWAY. It is now time for something that was actually supposed to be up a couple days ago, my Joe/Patrick fanmix!! HOYEAH.

it doesn't really have a title, but the playlist on itunes is called, 'GINASSFUSS (The Most Great and Tragic Love of Joe Trohman and Patrick Stump)', so let's go with that. )

As you may or may not have noticed, there was no cover art. This is mainly because I have no skill with graphics whatsoever, BUT I wanted to give you guys SOMETHING, so: mini-Joe/Patrick-picspam!!
Some pictures I've posted before, but also some I haven't!! )


Okay, also (THIS POST WILL NEVER END! dun dun DUNNNNNNNN): Butcher/Nate, y/y??
Their bands certainly spend a hell of a lot of time together, right, and they're both drummers, so they can bond over that (they can also bond over the fact that their lead singers are in love - JUST SAYING), and, you know, other things.

I like to imagine they both developed little crushes on one another, and were too shy/scared/in denial to admit anything, but still kind of obsessed over one another constantly.
And then maybe... )

....Okay, finally the end. GOODNIGHT, ALL!! ♥
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I know, like, -2 of you care about this, BUT I just finished sorting through all my bandom memories!!
Now they're all in nice little categories, and I can find things when I need to, and I FEEL LIKE THE KING OF THE WORLD. Queen. Whatever.

I definitely went a little crazy at the end there (the last 50 or so, I think); there was a lot of maniacal flailing and just general, "UGH THESE BOYS WHAT THE HELL SHUT YOUR FACES ALL OF YOU"

OKAY SO THAT'S IT, BASICALLY. idk, go find shit in my memories!! YOU CAN DO IT NOW. \o/

Also probably tomorrow I'll post my Joe/Patrick fanmix (I TOTALLY MADE ONE, GUYZ), which I KNOW you are all SUPER EXCITED about. HELLZ YEAH.


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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!! Or, uh, Happy Thanksgiving, Americans!! Happy...November 22nd, everyone else. Uhhhhhhh.


So I don't know how many of you watch Dancing with the Stars, but [livejournal.com profile] boheme06 just showed this to me, and I MUST SHARE. Okay, so, if you were to pick, what would be one of the LAST artists you'd pick to tango to? What's that?? Fall Out Boy, you say??? WELL.

I JUST ABOUT PISSED MYSELF, GUYS. I was like, "yeah, yeah, Disney, kids, judges, yeah yea- OH MY GOD WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE". For REAL.

Also, I am currently in the process of organizing all my Bandom memories! It's taking a little bit of time, seeing as I have, you know, a couple hundred things to sort through, but it's happening!! Very soon I will actually be able to re-find things, instead of just being like, "I KNOW I SAW THIS ONCE BUT NOW IT SEEMS TO HAVE DISAPPEARED INTO THE ETHER ADFIHSDFJHSUDHBFKJSDJF". The amount of categories I have is kind of crazy, though. It's almost as long as all the rest of my memories combined!!!!
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I probably shouldn't have waited until the night before my concert to start listening to Santi and Cobra Starship's new album (haha, for, like, two seconds there I blanked on the real name, and could only remember "If the World Is Ending, We're Throwing the Party"), but then how would I be *~*true to myself*~* (myself being the biggest procrastinator ever)??
So anyway, listening to them now, at least. I didn't really like a lot of the CS songs at first, but now that I've heard them a couple times, they're growing on me. "Prostitution Is The World's Oldest Profession (And I, Dear Madame, Am A Professional)" gets major points from me for the title alone, but I also rly like it!! And "The City is at War", and "Guilty Pleasure", and "My Moves Are White (White Hot That Is)", BUT my absolute favorite song on the album has got to be "Damn You Look Good And I'm Drunk (Scandalous)". I mean, seriously?? Seriously, Gabe???? UGH, AMAZING. ♥♥
My favorite song off Santi is probz "Same Blood", mostly because it is awesome, but also because it is William and Gabe's sekrit love song!! BOYFRIENDS, Y'ALL.

Anyway, the main point of this entry is: I totally forgot it was my 2nd LJ-versary this week!! So now, happy belated birthday, LJ o'mine!!
In celebration, comment stats (as we do)!! )
The ones from last year, if you want to compare.

ALSO. Why did no one make me watch Pete's appearance on One Tree Hill before this?? ahahaha, you guys, most awkward thing EVER. Pete (from Fall Out Boy! I love how they keep tacking that on, like they're afraid people will forget), you are a lot of things, but an actor is not one of them!! Like, you guys, I had to watch that all in stages, because I couldn't take more than two minutes of it without cringing in embarrasment. OH, PETER.
Oh, but omg, Franz Ferdinand background music!! I was pleasantly surprised. :D

Oh, and if anyone cares, the sort-of bangs I cut myself the other day!! Or, well, that's what they looked like this morning, anyway.

...Uh, I guess that's it?? OH NO, OKAY, QUESTION TIME. Okay, if you were one member of any or all of the bandom bands, who would you be? Not who do you WANT to be, but, like, who do you think you're most like? I've been thinking about this a lot, for some reason, and for me, this is what I've got:

Panic! - Brendon, probably.
TAI... - Chiz
MCR - Frank, although not as AWESOME
FOB - NO ONE. Okay, maybe Patrick a little bit, but I feel like everyone in this band is more awesome than me, in various ways. Actually, now that I think about it, Fall Out Boy is the one band that, if I met them, I'd be intimidated by every single member. JEEZ, FOB.

I don't know enough about the individuals in GCH and Cobra Starship to pick there, but you can bet I'm gonna work to fix that!

Okay, that's really it, now. Wow, this was a random entry. Ah well, s'why you love me (right?? RIGHT????)!!
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So, uh, I made a voicepost a couple hours ago, and apparently LJ randomly decided to make it private...?? idk. But anyway. I don't know how many (if any at all) of you have checked your flist between then and now, but if you did, and missed my voicepost, and now want to hear me sounding like I'm on SPEEEEEEEEEEEED (*Wilson finger-wiggle*), well, then, uh, here.

...Also, I can't open my string cheese. *tiny ineffectual fist of rage!*
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O hay, I'm back, did I mention that?
Pictures and stories will come soon. Mostly when the pictures can actually get developed and scanned, but also when I have enough patience to type everything out. But I'll say now, it was AWESOME and AMAZING and WONDERFUL and all those other happy words in caps. We did everything we wanted to do and went pretty much all over the city, and it was fabulous and I am a master of the buses now, and maaaaaaaan, I miss it.
Srsly, I've never been a city person (NYC frightens the SHIT out of me), but Goddddd I loved San Francisco. I mean, it's totally different from what I'm used to here on the East Coast, so it takes some getting used to, but once you do, it's amazing. Everyone is so nice!! We talked to so many random people, and it really wasn't creepy at all! Like, here, in Philly, for instance, no one talks to anyone. Seriously, if you started talking to someone randomly at the bus stop or something, they'd probably punch you out. 'M JUST SAYING.
So yeah, LOVED IT. afeihasdiuahsduiashd I wanna go baaaaaaaaaaaaaaackkkkk. :(((

It doesn't help that I'm still on West Coast time, either, especially because my classes start tomorrow. I'm living at home this semester (they ran out of housing. like seriously, they emailed me and were all, "woopz sry no space", SO.), so to make it to my 9:40 class tomorrow morning (well, I HAD cleverly scheduled it so that none of my classes were before noon, but theeeeen they screwed me over with that, too), I have to get up at 6. GAG.
Um, so, I should probably head to bed now (even though I'm all, "it's only 9!! it's only our weird dinnertime!!"), so night, all!! What did I miss while I was gone?? FILL ME IN, GUYZ.
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I'm supposed to be writing a paper right now (actually, technically I'm supposed to be done with it already, but shhh), buuuuuuuuut I don't feel like it. So guess what time it is! THAT'S RIGHT, MEME TIME.

Make a list of all the characters/people in your icons. (Although you may have more than one icon of a single person/character, they only go on the list once.) Alphabetize it. Take the first two people on the list; that's your first pairing. Second two people; second pairing; etc.

This is...weird. )

Well, that killed a good 40 minutes. UGH, TIME FOR MY PAPER NOW. :((((((


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