Jan. 19th, 2012

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...oh, lulz, actually, first, a note: my dad is watching a rerun of HIMYM on TV rn, and, even though it's not one of my all-time super-favorites (that I've seen a billion times), I can still totally quote whole chunks of it along with the episode, and then get really bummed when I KNOW they've cut out one line or another. And yeahhhh, this is noooot a rare occurance. ..........what can I say, HIMYM is my TV show baby.


...OH, NO, WAIT, first a few more things about the zoo!
Uh, so, today was my second day, right, I was really pleased to see I was right, about me improving at everything, as I get more used to it! I mean, obviously there's still a ways to go, but even today went a lot smoother, because I had even just that one day's worth of knowledge and experience behind me!
...also, today I didn't have to handle worms, so, you know, that helped (I did have to clean up a lot of poop, all told, but that wasn't so bad. Actually, it even became really amusing, because when I was cleaning out the bunny areas, all the bunnies kept hopping up to sniff at me and poke their little bunny noses all over the place. I felt like Snow White, it was great. Turns out, cleaning: 500% cuter with bunnies!).

Also today I got to let the ferrets run around and play with each other, which was ADORABLE. Ferrets: bitey, but super-cute!!

OKAY, NOW. thoughts about buffy s2!! )

....um, so, okay, TIME TO GET TO ALL OF THAT. S3, here I come!!


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