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...oh, lulz, actually, first, a note: my dad is watching a rerun of HIMYM on TV rn, and, even though it's not one of my all-time super-favorites (that I've seen a billion times), I can still totally quote whole chunks of it along with the episode, and then get really bummed when I KNOW they've cut out one line or another. And yeahhhh, this is noooot a rare occurance. ..........what can I say, HIMYM is my TV show baby.


...OH, NO, WAIT, first a few more things about the zoo!
Uh, so, today was my second day, right, I was really pleased to see I was right, about me improving at everything, as I get more used to it! I mean, obviously there's still a ways to go, but even today went a lot smoother, because I had even just that one day's worth of knowledge and experience behind me!
...also, today I didn't have to handle worms, so, you know, that helped (I did have to clean up a lot of poop, all told, but that wasn't so bad. Actually, it even became really amusing, because when I was cleaning out the bunny areas, all the bunnies kept hopping up to sniff at me and poke their little bunny noses all over the place. I felt like Snow White, it was great. Turns out, cleaning: 500% cuter with bunnies!).

Also today I got to let the ferrets run around and play with each other, which was ADORABLE. Ferrets: bitey, but super-cute!!


Overall, I liked it more than S1!! Mostly I'm basing this on the fact that I was almost done with the season before I even knew it (seriously, one day I just ran through 11 episodes in a row). But also, it definitely hit me more in the emotional-bits, right. Mostly because of Anthony Stewart-Head's woobie-face acting (OMG GIIIIIIIIILESSSS<333), and...Sarah Michelle Gellar's crying, okay.

Also, the character shifts were fun! I liked Kendra, LOVED Spike, liked Drusilla well enough (...she started getting a little old near the end of the season, but not so much that I had issues watching), and.....well, okay, LET'S TALK ABOUT ANGEL/US.
At first, I was thrilled, when he lost his soul, because, FINALLY, I thought, he would stop just being ~brooding and mysterious, and start being EXCITING and DOING THINGS! And he was, and did, at first! And then. ....oh, MY GOD, but JEEZ, does that vampire like the sound of his own voice. And he haaaaaaaaad to just keep spouting off all these HUGELY clunky, "evil" one-liners, and...idk, at least trying to smirk, ALL THE TIME, and -- ughhhh, you guys, it got SO ANNOYINGGGGG. Like, I started out finding Angelus scary, because he was so evilly evil, and sadistic, and obvz didn't give a shit about anyone's feelings, or anything. But then, as time went on, he became less and less evil, and more and more "evil", and then, I seriously just wanted to punch him in the face, ALL THE TIME. As it was, I kept constantly going, "SHUT UP, ANGELLLLL", every time he had a scene, and rolling my eyes at the screen.

The silver lining to all this, though, was that you could totally tell Spike felt exactly the same way, very, Who Does This Guy Think He Is, and you could just see his irritation building and buiiiiilding, the entire time. omg, you guys, when he finally laid the smackdown on Angel, in the finale, it was SO CATHARTIC, you don't even know.

....soooo yeah, I LOVE SPIKE, but not just for that! Also because he's so nonchalant about everything, but not in an affected way, like Angelus, but in a way where he REALLY DOESN'T CARE, about most things, but you know he's got these select things/people he actually does give a shit about, and he won't hesitate to take action, for them, when needed.

So, uh, yeah, (UPDATED) FAVORITE CHARACTER LIST, in order: Giles, Spike, Willow, Buffy, Kendra (WHY IS SHE GOOOOOONEEEE, JOSS), Oz.
...Xander was going to make the list, early in the season (omg, guys, Halloween soldier!Xander was my FAVORITE; can we just have him all the time??), buuuuuut then he started being his S1 self again, all self-important "nice guy" who's somehow dating one girl (who he has ZERO chemistry with, btw), yet still TOTALLY OBVIOUS about his ~romantic~ feelings for one of his best friends, even though she's already TOLD him there's no chance for them, and at the same time, totally IGNORING his supposed best best friend, who he TOTALLY KNOWS is in love with him. But, like, emotional consideration for any of these girls?? NO, OF COURSE NOT. >:|

...lulz, part of all this comes from the fact that I LOVE Willow, only I feel like she doesn't get appreciated enough, by her friends (...or by the show, in general, really). I mean, at least this season she got stuff to do, but she was still mostly just, like, Willow, the Intelligence Robot, just there for a doe-eyed woobie face when necessary, or a SUPER-UNPLAUSIBLE Research Breakthrough (guys, seriously, how do they let a HIGH SCHOOL JUNIOR TEACH a class she was totally previously in??? ETC, ETC).

I mean, I did enjoy this season more, but by the end of it, all of this was piling up, ngl. Honestly, if I didn't already know some of what's to come, here, I don't know that I'd be that crazy about watching more. I mean, the S2 finale was really persuading, because it was AWESOME, right, but, honestly, most of what's keeping me watching rn is what I know's coming next, and am excited about (more Willow/Oz! some Willow/Xander canoodling! more Spike! ......more Giles, okay!!)

....um, so, okay, TIME TO GET TO ALL OF THAT. S3, here I come!!
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