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I was going to wait and make this post later, but...that means I have to do WORK now, so, uh, no

And it was...okay, I guess. idk, I was thinking about it on the drive home, and, I mean, parts of it were exciting, and parts of it were...not so exciting, but overall, it was just...average.

I had to be there by 8:30, which, because I'm commuting from home, meant I needed to be out the door at 7:00, and up at 6:00. Which, you know, NOT FUN; I was just sort of wandering around in a daze, at first. But luckily the drive up isn't super complicated, so I could manage it easily enough, even with my brain only half on, as it was.

Anyway, so we (there are 4 other interns that come in, on Tuesdays - I'll get to them in a sec) did a whole bunch of different stuff, mostly just helping out the staff/older interns ("older" in terms of how long they've been there, I mean, I'm pretty sure I'm the oldest, age-wise, of all the interns, and the only one who's already graduated college). We were shown how to clean a bunch of outdoor areas, in the morning (for the bunnies, chickens, and ducks), which was basically just, like, raking/shoveling up the dirty bedding and giving them fresh straw or hay, collecting the food dishes and giving everyone fresh water, etc, etc, basic stuff like that.

In the afternoon we did food prep for a whole bunch of animals (we don't get to feed all of them yet, obviously, but we just make their meals), which was SUPER-EXCITING at first, because it's one of the parts of animal care I've been waaaaaaaiting for, but...then.

So I got assigned to make the food for some of the smaller mammals (...the only one I can remember rn is the sugar glider, for some reason), which was easy enough, in parts, where you just had to chop up and weigh out fruits and vegetables and/or some of the ready-made feed the zoo buys. But these animals also eat bugs, right, which meant I also had to stick in their dishes some crickets, mealworms, and superworms. I was a little hesitant about picking up the crickets, at first, but I managed (though it also probably helped that they were already dead), but, okay, worms and maggot-y things and all are one of my WORST FEARS, okay; I can't help it, they just give me the wiggins. And these worms for feeding were most definitely alive, and you need to pick them up one by one, to put them in the food dishes, and --- let's just say, it did not go super well, okay. There was, seriously, about 15 minutes, all told, of me just trying to get myself to reach into the box of worms, and not being able to do it, and then considering asking someone else, and then being like, "NO, I HAVE TO DO IT", and then...just staring in the box again, and not being able to touch them. Lather, rinse, repeat.
Finally one of the older interns suggested wearing a glove, which ended up being what I needed. ...I mean, it was still EXTREMELY GROSS, but at least I didn't have to TOUCH THEM WITH MY FINGERS, and then, you know, after it all I could throw the glove away and not have to spend 20 minutes furiously scrubbing my hands in the sink.

Anyway, so that whole ordeal got me a little shaken up, right, so, when, after that, I got some animal training (which was basically just handling instructions for some of the smaller teaching animals - the staff member demonstrates how to hold the animal, and then gives us a shot), I was still a little jumpy, and, so, uh, that didn't go the best, either. ...I mean, it was fine, I guess, I was able to do what I was supposed to, for the most part (...that chinchilla did NOT want to come out of his cage, okay; he kept running away from me and hiding), but, like, most of the animals aren't big on having hands just sort of come at them, right, so they try to scare you off, by making noise or by nipping (looool, the cockatiel saw me coming and just got his beak open, ready to bite me - it was kind of amusing, once I realized it didn't really hurt), and, jumpy as I already was, right, ......yeah.
I mean, I'll get better at it, as I get more confident, I know that! And it definitely helped that I also got to handle animals like bunnies and chickens and tortoises, and, you know, other things that don't squirm so much when you hold them (the ferrets are a little squirmy, but they're easy enough to pick up, and the hedgehogs most resolutely DO NOT want to be touched, so they just jerk into a tighter and tighter ball every time you try, but once you've got them scooped out and in your hands, they just hang out). idk, rn I just hope that my nervousness didn't give everyone else a bad impression of me, like I can't do this job, or whatever. I just need some practice, is all!

And yeah, I mean, there ARE other new interns, but most of them have interned at the zoo before (in previous years, or in different internship positions), and I'm pretty sure all of them are coming from some sort-of related field, like biology or psychology or something. So they're all used to the handling gross and/or squirmy stuff, you know, whereas I....am used to handling books. Also two of them go to school together, I think, so they're already friends, and this other girl has gotten sort of adopted by one of the other, older interns (he said he has a girlfriend, but she's easily the most conventionally attractive one of all of us, and I have trouble believing that doesn't have anything to do with it). The last, other intern, is - well, okay, she's REALLY attractive, what can I say, but she's also interned here before, so she knows the people and the animals and the workings of the place, and so I can already tell any attempt by me to look cool around her is going to fall horribly flat.
All of these new interns with me are nice enough, though, and even though I'm probably not going to become Forever Friends with any of them, I realized on the way home I'm okay with that, as long as I continue to improve and get a handle on, y'know, my actual work, and I have people outside of the zoo to support me and listen to my blather. Which, you know, I do, so.
Also, like, I'm going in tomorrow, too, where I think there'll be a bunch of different new interns (there's only one kid who I met yesterday who I know also comes in Thursdays, and unfortunately he's also SUPER annoying - like, Sheldon Cooper-lite - but he's easy enough to work with, as long as you can tune out his constant stream of know-it-all factoids), so, you know, maybe second time's a charm...??

Uhhh, so, yeah, WISH ME CONFIDENCE, I will keep you guys updated on how things go!

Also, I wanted to finish season 2 of Buffy last night (all I have left is the two-part season finale), and post about it, but then we had to take my dog to the vet (he's fine, mostly, he just has an ear infection and some tick-related disease [not Lyme, but similar]), and by the time we got home and I finally got to take a shower and get out of my zoo clothes, I was so exhausted I just basically passed out. So tonight, I think! And, as long as I don't fall asleep first, expect another post, because I have ~FEELINGS (...mostly of the, "SHUT UP ANGEL, I HATE YOU" variety, but).

ETA: Oh, also, happy birthday, Jason Segel!! You are one of my very favorite people I don't actually know.<3

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