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...Happy Friday the 13th?? idk, I know it's not actually a holiday, but it feels like a date we should note. So, you know, NOTING IT.

This past Tuesday I had my internship orientation at the zoo! It wasn't really all THAT exciting, I guess, we just got briefed on a whole bunch of basic stuff (how to sign in and out, our responsibilities and benefits, what to do in case of an emergency, etc, etc), but everyone I met there seems SUPER nice (like, even random zoo employees who ALWAYS stopped just to welcome us new interns and wish us luck or something), and I'm pumped to actually start work next week, in the Children's Zoo. \o/

The only other thing going on, really, is that I've been watching Buffy!! I only just got through s1 last night, but before I proceed,

Okay, so, on the whole, I like it!! I mean, I feel like I don't LOVEEEEE it as much as everyone else seems to, but I've also heard that it gets better every season (at least, until s4), so I have high hopes about watching more!
Also, I mean, I've been taking periodic breaks to check out other shows (White Collar, Leverage, Farscape, Warehouse 13), and, while I've enjoyed other stuff, nothing's really grabbing me long-term, you know?? So rn Buffy is sort of just my default show.

And overall, I mean, I like more things than I dislike! I like Buffy, I like her friends (FAVORITE CHARACTER LIST, in order: Cordelia, Giles, Buffy, Willow), I like the ass-kicking bits and the banter-y bits...I even liked the Master; I thought he was fun, in the supernaturally campy way this show seems to operate.
Actually, it's kind of hard to say why, exactly, I don't totally adore this show - I guess there's just something missing, for me - some depth or heart or something, I would say, if only because I did really love the s1 finale, and, you know, that was CHOCK-FULL of ~emotions.

I thought I didn't like Angel, also, and was a little bummed, because he's SO MUCH of this universe, right, but I do like him, when he's being their team's Resident Vampire, and working with everyone to get them the inside vampire scoop, or whatever. What I still can't stand, though, is him with Buffy. Like, esp at the beginning of the season, when he was all, "I'm BROODY!! and MYSTERIOUS!! And you know you want me, because ALL GIRLS LOVE BROODY, MYSTERIOUS BOYS WHO HAVE THAT BAD BOY FACTOR BUT ALSO NEED YOU TO ~SAVE THEM FROM THEMSELVES!!!". And of course, Buffy got all swoony and ~in love, instead of snarky and awesome, like usual, and I said, GAG GAG GAG GAG VOMIT BARF.

...I gotta say, I'm SUPER-excited for Spike to show up, if only because, from what I understand, he's, like, Angel's complete opposite. ...and also, uh, I've discovered I enjoy James Marsters playing ~fabulously evil Bad Guys; thanks, Torchwood!! so, you know, pumped abt that.

Also, like, if anyone, I ship Buffy with Giles...?? IDK, GUYS, THEY ARE CUTE. She sasses him and teaches him about the Youth Of Today!! He teaches her about...you know, everything in that library! He's sworn to protect her, and does, he'd easily risk his life for her, but also, she'll THROW DOWN with anyone/anything threatening him, and win. SDKHFGSDJHFGADJFYSGDGFY UGHHHH IDK, ALL THE FEELINGSSSSSSS.

uh, ANYWAY. Really, the only character I hated ALL THE TIME was Darla, so I'm SUPER glad that's over with. ugh, idk, she was just so simpering and cloyingly evil, if that makes any sense. Like, she wasn't ever ACTUALLY scary, just SUPER ANNOYING.

Also, I think my favorite episodes so far have all been the ones where you see Buffy's still totally a teenage girl, she just, you know, has these pesky vampires to fight, on the side. So, like, trying out for cheerleading! Going on a date with that cute boy from school! Having to do science homework! Worrying about her parents' divorce! And then, you know, those goddamn vampires are back, and messing with my Normal Teenage Life, TIME TO KICK SOME ASS.
I keep being like, "I like the episodes where it's like Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, only with MORE ASS-KICKING", which, yeah, basically.

Uhhh, I think that's it, for now? idk, I WILL PROBABLY RETURN WITH SOME MORE THOUGHTS, LATER.
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