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...I guess I have things to say?

Um, okay, let's start with Buffy this time. I finished s3! )

Finishing S3 actually took a little longer than anticipated, though, because in the middle, my parents and I flew out to Seattle to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and little nephews! Because my nephews have their birthdays so close together (if you'll recall), we just had a joint birthday party for both of them - at the Pacific Science Center (and dinosaur themed!). It was pretty great, and the whole trip was a lot of fun (and...featured a lot of Legos, idek), but ultimately we were only out there for about 5 days. But it's okay, though, since they're going to come over to the East Coast to visit, in May! So, y'know, EXCITE.

Otherwise the only other big thing going on rn is my working at the zoo! Which, I am pleased to report, I am getting more confident in as I get more knowledgeable about How Things Work There. I even handled some mealworms bare-handed yesterday (lulz, this sounds so dumb, but, remember, WORMS ARE THE WORST) - though it def helped that I was feeding them to a little African Hedgehog (named Sonic. TRUE STORY) crawling around on my lap.

But the other, more important, imo, part of doing this internship is, I'm learning about what parts of behind-the-scenes work I like, and what parts I don't as much, and how I can use this experience to further build my plans for the future. ...actually, it's kind of funny, my interviewer, at the beginning of all this, said basically the same thing - and she also said that I could do the Animal Care internship (obviously), but it also sounded like I'd want to consider working in the Education department. Aaaaand I GUESS SHE KNEW WHAT SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT, because guess what internship I want to do next (this current one ends in March, but we were told that we could either stay on, in the position, or transfer to another internship, and a lot of people end up doing one or the other)!!

Read more... )

And, uh, also, I was looking around the internets, to see what kind of experience various people got before getting their current Animal Care positions, and, um...you need a lot...?? Which makes sense, I mean, they're not just going to let you take care of wild animals right off the bat, but, like - I majored in English, you guys; even just from a What Am I More Currently Prepared For standpoint...Iiiiii'm going with education (...I feel like I should disclaim here, though, I still don't want to be a school teacher!! WORKING IN MUSEUMS/ZOOS/AQUARIUMS 4 LYPHE~~).
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...oh, lulz, actually, first, a note: my dad is watching a rerun of HIMYM on TV rn, and, even though it's not one of my all-time super-favorites (that I've seen a billion times), I can still totally quote whole chunks of it along with the episode, and then get really bummed when I KNOW they've cut out one line or another. And yeahhhh, this is noooot a rare occurance. ..........what can I say, HIMYM is my TV show baby.


...OH, NO, WAIT, first a few more things about the zoo!
Uh, so, today was my second day, right, I was really pleased to see I was right, about me improving at everything, as I get more used to it! I mean, obviously there's still a ways to go, but even today went a lot smoother, because I had even just that one day's worth of knowledge and experience behind me!
...also, today I didn't have to handle worms, so, you know, that helped (I did have to clean up a lot of poop, all told, but that wasn't so bad. Actually, it even became really amusing, because when I was cleaning out the bunny areas, all the bunnies kept hopping up to sniff at me and poke their little bunny noses all over the place. I felt like Snow White, it was great. Turns out, cleaning: 500% cuter with bunnies!).

Also today I got to let the ferrets run around and play with each other, which was ADORABLE. Ferrets: bitey, but super-cute!!

OKAY, NOW. thoughts about buffy s2!! )

....um, so, okay, TIME TO GET TO ALL OF THAT. S3, here I come!!
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So yesterday was my first official day of interning at the Philadelphia Zoo! )

Uhhh, so, yeah, WISH ME CONFIDENCE, I will keep you guys updated on how things go!

Also, I wanted to finish season 2 of Buffy last night (all I have left is the two-part season finale), and post about it, but then we had to take my dog to the vet (he's fine, mostly, he just has an ear infection and some tick-related disease [not Lyme, but similar]), and by the time we got home and I finally got to take a shower and get out of my zoo clothes, I was so exhausted I just basically passed out. So tonight, I think! And, as long as I don't fall asleep first, expect another post, because I have ~FEELINGS (...mostly of the, "SHUT UP ANGEL, I HATE YOU" variety, but).

ETA: Oh, also, happy birthday, Jason Segel!! You are one of my very favorite people I don't actually know.<3
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Soooo my Seattle family has come and gone, and - while it was pretty crazy, ngl - it was a lot of fun. All the same, I find that generally, just about the time when we're about to part ways anyway, I find myself desperately in need of some quiet. Like, of course I love my nephews and all, and love spending time with them, just - sometimes I DON'T want to be woken up by the sounds of a 2 and 4 year old chasing the cat, and the dog chasing them (in order to give them doggy kisses. Lots and loooots of doggy kisses).

But, so, yeah, now I do have a little break - well, as much of a break as it can be, with a whooooole bunch of stuff I've got to finish up at work (it's mostly boring stuff, like, entering data into Excel spreadsheets, which is why I've been procrastinating), and then Christmas and New Year's coming up, right (I still have no idea what I'm doing for NYE! But I do have a pretty good handle on what I want to get everyone for Christmas, even if I haven't actually bought anything yet. So...that's something).
And then, since one of my nephews' birthdays is in the middle of January, and the other is in the (relative) beginning of February, my parents and I are going to head over to Seattle right in the middle, at the end of January, so we can be there for the babies' combined birthday party (they WERE going to have separate parties, I think, but since they both want a superhero theme anyway...). So that should be fun, if ridiculously cold.

The OTHER fun thing (hopefully) happening in January is this: I start my new internship at the Philadelphia Zoo! \o/
...yeahhh, that was the one application I actually managed to get out, recently (and it was VERY INVOLVED, okay, it was a lot of work), and I had an interview on Friday, and I GOT IT, and I AM PUMPED )

Wow, idk, that was a lot of blathering. ...Basically, I AM EXCITE, YOU GUYS, even though people have already tried to tell me that maybe I should be looking for the kind of Experience that involves sitting at a desk and staring at a computer screen (well, not in so many words, I mean, but -- essentially). FUCK THAT, you guys, I cannot WAIT to be at the Children's Zoo in January in my old sneakers and khaki pants (that...I totally don't own. *mental note to go shopping*) and zoo-issued shirt and nametag, meeting the people who work there and hanging out with the animals (...even the creepy-eyed goats. Though SOMEONE IS GOING TO HAVE TO TELL ME WHY THEIR EYES LOOK LIKE THAT).

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HEY KIDS. Have a meme!

book meme! )

I probably left out a TON of books I've read/I love, but this was just sort of off the top of my head meme completion, soooo.

...idk, my internet presence has been kind of spotty these days (even on Tumblr! GASP, SHOCK AND HORROR, I know, right), but I miss LJ ~most of all~. So here is me, making an effort!

In rl news, I just sent out an internship application this morning (...yes, just one. LOOK, okay, it took me a MONTH to get this one together; the other ones are GOING TO HAVE TO WAIT)! WISH ME LUCK, OMG.

Also, my family from Seattle (brother, sister-in-law, two nephews) is coming to visit soon, for Thanksgiving! I AM SO PSYCHED, YOU GUYS - like, more than I thought I'd be, even. I mean, obviously I love them all, and love spending time with them, but, like...idk, you know, you just get a little sick of your family, after a while, and the babies are kind of a handful...
But idk, guys, I am SUPER PUMPED. I think it's probably because I've been busier at work, these days, and also, for the past week, my mom's been in India (for my cousin's wedding), so I've been holding down the fort, and IT IS TERRIBLE, EVERYONE NEEDS SOMETHING ALL THE TIME (lulz, Hufflepuff I am not). ...also, I miss my mommy. So I think I'm just really excited for, you know, relaxing at home, with everyone there - like, uh, these days I am mostly just talking to my pets...? - and then, also, like, we generally do exciting things with the kids, like hit up museums/the zoo/aquarium, or bake things, or do arts and craft-y projects, or...idk, fun, low-pressure stuff. Sooooo yeah.

Oh, and, speaking of things I'm excited for, the Quidditch World Cup is this weekend! SO PUMPED, OMG. [livejournal.com profile] bohemu and I went last year, too, and it was AMAZING AND EPIC, and this year promises to be even AMAZINGER AND EPICER (...shhhh). I've already got plans to go, both days, totally obnoxiously decked out in Gryffindor apparel (thaaaank you Pottermore, for VALIDATING MY LIFE \o/), and we are going to watch some awesome games, hear some awesome commentary (HOPEFULLY; the commentators from last year were hilarious, and we will die a little inside if they aren't back this time), listen to some awesome wizrock bands (there are a whoooole bunch playing, but Harry and the Potters have my heart forever), and, you know, probably have some awesome fun-time booze-times at some point.

OH, ALSO! I totally forgot to mention this before, BUT! About...a month ago, I guess?? I got my hair cut! I mean, like, CUT cut - it was around shoulder-length, before, and now it's pixie/boy short. I like it a lot! It's a LOT easier to manage (hello, super-thick, super-curly hair), and I can still do things with it (...well, I mean, less things than before, but still!), without feeling like I HAVE to (...because otherwise, before, it used to just be EATING MY FACE), etc, etc. Plus, now I look a lot cooler, imo.
I will try to remember to take some pictures to show you guys! I mean, I have some pictures of me, since I've had it cut, buuuut they're not great, for showing off my hair. So I will try to take some new ones (NOTE TO SELF: REMEMBER TO DO THIS)!

ummmmm, so yeah! NOW I AM GOING HOME (lulz, I'm currently at work. Not actually working, obviously! WOOPZ).
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Did you miss me? Because I sure missed all of YOU. *TACKLEHUGGGG*

I am SO SORRY I was gone for so long - basically, yes, school was a bitch. But the good news is, now, I am DONE!!!! That's right, college can KISS MY ASS. My last final was yesterday, and graduation is tomorrow!! I CANNAE WAIT, YOU GUYS, seeing as I lost focus, uhh, about halfway through last year, this celebration is LOOOOONG overdue.

And then, starting on Monday, I have an internship, at the Franklin Institute!! I'm the Development Intern, which basically means I get to help make sure the exhibits are developed into the best they can be, by doing focus groups and the like. Also, apparently we work with children from minority groups who go to school in the city, and bring them in for various science-y programs. I am excite!!
So that's Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and then Tuesdays and Thursdays I'm going in to work (well, "work", it's mostly just mucking about in Excel) at my mom's office, like I did this past summer.
I am SO THRILLED to not have to be a student anymore, you don't even KNOW. I mean, yes, I will probably go to grad school sometime in the next year or two, and yes, I'm not going to be doing the most glamorous work in all this, but, like, no more essays?? no more studying for exams??? SIGN ME UP.

Besides this, nothing too exciting has happened to me lately - there have been various little adventures this semester, most of them involving booze, or boys, or both, buuuut you know, COLLEGE, it happens.

Also, I've, apparently, gotten really into webcomics, all of a sudden? I mean, I always used to check [livejournal.com profile] beatonna's stuff, but now I've also found Questionable Content, Girls With Slingshots, Eros Inc, I was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space!!!, Menage a 3, and Curvy (those last two are NSFW, btw). They, seriously, have been making my LIFE. Like, sometimes the only thing that would get me to get my ass in gear and finish whatever assignment I was working on and then go to bed, was the thought that in the morning, there'd be NEW COMICS OMG!!!

What have YOU ALL been up to, though?? There was no way I could check the flist regularly, I'm sorry, but I'm working on getting back into that habit! In the meantime, tell me, you guys, what has been happening while I've been away? NOTHING COULD THRILL ME MORE THAN TO KNOW.


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