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...Happy Friday the 13th?? idk, I know it's not actually a holiday, but it feels like a date we should note. So, you know, NOTING IT.

This past Tuesday I had my internship orientation at the zoo! It wasn't really all THAT exciting, I guess, we just got briefed on a whole bunch of basic stuff (how to sign in and out, our responsibilities and benefits, what to do in case of an emergency, etc, etc), but everyone I met there seems SUPER nice (like, even random zoo employees who ALWAYS stopped just to welcome us new interns and wish us luck or something), and I'm pumped to actually start work next week, in the Children's Zoo. \o/

The only other thing going on, really, is that I've been watching Buffy!! I only just got through s1 last night, but before I proceed, here are some thoughts! )

Uhhh, I think that's it, for now? idk, I WILL PROBABLY RETURN WITH SOME MORE THOUGHTS, LATER.
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So on my myspace I'm basically just friends with a bunch of bands. One of them is called hellogoodbye, and they're pretty damn awesome. So anyway. They just posted this bulletin about how people are like, "OH YOU'RE ON MTV YOU SOLD OUT" and everything. And I feel the need to share this with you, because I couldn't agree more with them. So, yeah. Here goes.

Cut for length, I guess )


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