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I can't believe it's already been a year since I last posted this (and exactly a year, too, wow), but:

and, of course:

(and guys, if you're not done yet, you totally get the satisfaction of coming back and celebrating with these songs when you are!! ....lulz, well, I've been anticipating this post for about a week and a half now, anyway.)

I'm still actually hanging out at school while I wait for a train that my mom will be able to pick me up from (once she gets off work, right), but I am DONE braining, most def.
Now is time for sleeping, and random internet-browsing, and actually being able to watch TV, and FUN. Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] boheme06, you can now totally come visit WHENEVER. Come tomorrow! Hell, come today!! Just let me know when you're on your way, and there will be FUN IN THE SUN (now that all the hard work, work is done - everybody, one for all and al- ...okay, okay, I'll stop now)!!!!

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So, this semester, even though it just started, was really nooooot going well. ...I was going to write out this whole thing about everything that was crap, but let's just say - well, it was CRAP. I started feeling myself falling into that rut of apathy I generally only get at the end of a semester, and I really did not have high hopes for the next couple months. But one day, kind of randomly, I decided this was going to be, like, my new theme song:

I tend to do things like this, though, and generally, they reaaally have no bearing on anything at all, much as it pains me to admit. But....somehow, this time it worked?? I don't know, guys, I'm still kind of hesitant to admit it, in case it feels the need to disappear or something, but - life is good right now. I mean, boring, yes (right now, life = school, for realz), and I am TOTALLY still in the running for Most Awkward Person to Ever Awkward (Lia, I almost sent you a text today that said, "OMG I JUST AWKWARDED ALL OVER THE PLACE", lulz) but I'm...kind of rocking it?? IDEK!!

Aaaanyway, so, in the spirit of life being awesome, I figured I'd share some happy music with y'all, that's sort of been my soundtrack for the last couple days. Sooo, onward!! )

Aaaaand now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go write a paper (but I'm totally still feelin' good, what is THAT).
Apr. 26th, 2008 05:53 pm


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It's my brother's old desktop, and it took fucking AAAAAAGES to get working (basically, everything that could go wrong, DID), and transferring even just all my music took foreeeeeeeeverrrrr.

BUT NOW!!! All my surviving stuff is on it, and it has an internet connection, and the speakers work (not very well, but still), and the resolution doesn't make me want to tear my hair out (uhhh, don't ask), and it is here, set up in my room, and AISUHDASIDUHASID I CAN HAS, YOU GUYS, I CAN HAS!!!!!!!!
*sniff* I think this is the happiest day of my life.

I very HIGHLY doubt my brother gave this computer a name, so I am now! And it is Lewis Kingston, after a one Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III. BECAUSE, see, it's been around for a while, and at one point people decided it was kind of lame (in comparison to my brother's new Macbook, I mean, and so this desktop sat in the basement for YEARS), but it's still chuggin' along, albeit with some issues. SO.

*off to frolic in the land of HAVING YR OWN COMPUTER!*
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So far winter break has been nothing but fabulous!!
I finished all my Christmas shopping super fast, I passed all my classes - and well, too - and my friends are all getting on break themselves and coming hooooome!! PLUS, no school! And, ancient history has decided to showcase its TOTAL AWESOME, meaning maybe now I actually have a life goal! AND IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!!!!! sieghaosdaubsdasd GUYZ, THINGS ARE AMAZING.

case in point! )

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[music| Art Brut - My Little Brother]

Observations about Sunday night's Franz concert )

I feel like there was more I had to say, so, ummmm....THIS POST IS OPEN TO EDITING. If I remember something else, I'll add it.

In other news, this morning we took my cat to the vet.

That was fun.
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[mood| excited]

So I just saw "That Thing You Do!".


It WINS, I love it.

I wasn't sure if I'd love it at first, but then, "Guys, Chad fell down." happened, and I proclaimed this movie WINNAR.
The Bass Player is totally the best.

And now I really want to learn how play the drums. Which technically I could do, because my brother used to play them, and so we've actually got a drum set. I should look into that.

This post has no real point, I'm sorry. I'm just excited. :)

Dom&Billeh picspam coming tomorrow, I promise!! Or, er, today, rather, since it's already 1:30 AM.

Guy: When will the records be ready?
Uncle Bob: Luke 21:19.
The Bass Player: In your patience possess ye your souls.
Lenny: Luke? Who's Luke? When will the records be ready?

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[mood| hyper]
[music| The Strokes - Juicebox]

This is freaking me out a lot, actually. I don't know, it's kind of scary!!

My brain is like, "aukfhauhyeo8rheuf8haljmnlkajmf" right now. It is ALL OVER THE PLACE. I think it's because it's my friend's birthday today, so we had cake, and it was ice cream cake with cookies and cream AND chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. It was gooooood, and probably had an insane amount of sugar. I had this whole entry planned out, too, and then my brain kept jumping around and now I don't even know what I was going to say. Uhhh, lemme see.

Oh, okay. So there's this new kid in my school who just moved here from England, and he's pretty cool, except I think he might be regretting moving here, because people come up to him and say, "Hey, you're from England, right?", and then when he says yes, they put on a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE fake British accent and say something stupid that they think is British-y and the kid is just standing there, literally going, "..."

I have all these swing songs stuck in my head, because we're learning swing dancing in school (and I am a beast at it. A BEAST.) and so, yeah. Especially that one that's like, "GO, DADDY-O!!!!!!!", because we listened to it a gazillion times and it's just so goshdarn catchy.

I'm itchy, my hair is itchy. Sometimes I just want to cut it really really short so I can just, like, run my fingers through it in the mornings and go, except then you can't do stuff with it like for parties and stuff. Not that I go to parties that often, but sometimes you want to do something different and pretty with your hair, and you need enough hair to work with. My hair is only shoulder-length right now, so it wouldn't seem like it would get on my nerves, but it does sometimes. Like right now.

Every night right before I go to sleep, I can never actually, you know, fall asleep because I'm so nervous about my driver's license re-test on Thursday. And I know I shouldn't be nervous, because that's probably what messed up my parallel parking last time, but I AM. aaaaaaggggghhhhhhhh why can't I just HAVE my license? I KNOW how to drive, GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

So my friend just texted me to say, "Did you know gothic was a pre-medieval Germanic language spoken by tribes who honored and desired death and darkness?", which I did not know, but also, hello, random. Okay yeah maybe I really shouldn't talk because this whole entry is like randomness on a stick and omg look there's no punctuation in this sentence except for the apostrophes if they count because I can never not put in apostrophes because it bothers me otherwise

Ahaha okay I think you all must think I'm insane by now, soooo. Ending this. Ummm...yeahhhokaybyeeeeee

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So I just saw GoF.



I don't even think I can make an in-depth post about it, I'd end up talking about every single moment.

Just - definitely the best Harry Potter movie so far, and one of my favorite movies now. :)
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So, I finally did it!!!!

And I am no longer just "that random girl who sometimes comments anonymously on people's LJs", but I have a NAME!!!!!!!!!

Haha, I think I am far more excited than is necessary.




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