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SO GUYS I JUST (well, I saw the first part last night, but) WATCHED THE BATTLESTAR GALACTICA MINISERIES/PILOT TV MOVIE/WHATEVER?!?!?,Jxfvhkgsdvhadckbsdmhc


Okay, I will probz think of more things to say right after I post this, buuuuuut for rn I miss Helo, and also Jamie Bamber's bone structure (THE BOY IS JUST PRETTY, WHAT CAN I DO), aaaaand also Katee Sackhoff's abs, HOLY SHIT, DID YOU GUYS SEE THOSE THINGS?!

...what? O-oh, oh, right. YES, SO, back to the watching!!
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...I guess I have things to say?

Um, okay, let's start with Buffy this time. I finished s3! )

Finishing S3 actually took a little longer than anticipated, though, because in the middle, my parents and I flew out to Seattle to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and little nephews! Because my nephews have their birthdays so close together (if you'll recall), we just had a joint birthday party for both of them - at the Pacific Science Center (and dinosaur themed!). It was pretty great, and the whole trip was a lot of fun (and...featured a lot of Legos, idek), but ultimately we were only out there for about 5 days. But it's okay, though, since they're going to come over to the East Coast to visit, in May! So, y'know, EXCITE.

Otherwise the only other big thing going on rn is my working at the zoo! Which, I am pleased to report, I am getting more confident in as I get more knowledgeable about How Things Work There. I even handled some mealworms bare-handed yesterday (lulz, this sounds so dumb, but, remember, WORMS ARE THE WORST) - though it def helped that I was feeding them to a little African Hedgehog (named Sonic. TRUE STORY) crawling around on my lap.

But the other, more important, imo, part of doing this internship is, I'm learning about what parts of behind-the-scenes work I like, and what parts I don't as much, and how I can use this experience to further build my plans for the future. ...actually, it's kind of funny, my interviewer, at the beginning of all this, said basically the same thing - and she also said that I could do the Animal Care internship (obviously), but it also sounded like I'd want to consider working in the Education department. Aaaaand I GUESS SHE KNEW WHAT SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT, because guess what internship I want to do next (this current one ends in March, but we were told that we could either stay on, in the position, or transfer to another internship, and a lot of people end up doing one or the other)!!

Read more... )

And, uh, also, I was looking around the internets, to see what kind of experience various people got before getting their current Animal Care positions, and, um...you need a lot...?? Which makes sense, I mean, they're not just going to let you take care of wild animals right off the bat, but, like - I majored in English, you guys; even just from a What Am I More Currently Prepared For standpoint...Iiiiii'm going with education (...I feel like I should disclaim here, though, I still don't want to be a school teacher!! WORKING IN MUSEUMS/ZOOS/AQUARIUMS 4 LYPHE~~).
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...oh, lulz, actually, first, a note: my dad is watching a rerun of HIMYM on TV rn, and, even though it's not one of my all-time super-favorites (that I've seen a billion times), I can still totally quote whole chunks of it along with the episode, and then get really bummed when I KNOW they've cut out one line or another. And yeahhhh, this is noooot a rare occurance. ..........what can I say, HIMYM is my TV show baby.


...OH, NO, WAIT, first a few more things about the zoo!
Uh, so, today was my second day, right, I was really pleased to see I was right, about me improving at everything, as I get more used to it! I mean, obviously there's still a ways to go, but even today went a lot smoother, because I had even just that one day's worth of knowledge and experience behind me!
...also, today I didn't have to handle worms, so, you know, that helped (I did have to clean up a lot of poop, all told, but that wasn't so bad. Actually, it even became really amusing, because when I was cleaning out the bunny areas, all the bunnies kept hopping up to sniff at me and poke their little bunny noses all over the place. I felt like Snow White, it was great. Turns out, cleaning: 500% cuter with bunnies!).

Also today I got to let the ferrets run around and play with each other, which was ADORABLE. Ferrets: bitey, but super-cute!!

OKAY, NOW. thoughts about buffy s2!! )

....um, so, okay, TIME TO GET TO ALL OF THAT. S3, here I come!!
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So yesterday was my first official day of interning at the Philadelphia Zoo! )

Uhhh, so, yeah, WISH ME CONFIDENCE, I will keep you guys updated on how things go!

Also, I wanted to finish season 2 of Buffy last night (all I have left is the two-part season finale), and post about it, but then we had to take my dog to the vet (he's fine, mostly, he just has an ear infection and some tick-related disease [not Lyme, but similar]), and by the time we got home and I finally got to take a shower and get out of my zoo clothes, I was so exhausted I just basically passed out. So tonight, I think! And, as long as I don't fall asleep first, expect another post, because I have ~FEELINGS (...mostly of the, "SHUT UP ANGEL, I HATE YOU" variety, but).

ETA: Oh, also, happy birthday, Jason Segel!! You are one of my very favorite people I don't actually know.<3
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...Happy Friday the 13th?? idk, I know it's not actually a holiday, but it feels like a date we should note. So, you know, NOTING IT.

This past Tuesday I had my internship orientation at the zoo! It wasn't really all THAT exciting, I guess, we just got briefed on a whole bunch of basic stuff (how to sign in and out, our responsibilities and benefits, what to do in case of an emergency, etc, etc), but everyone I met there seems SUPER nice (like, even random zoo employees who ALWAYS stopped just to welcome us new interns and wish us luck or something), and I'm pumped to actually start work next week, in the Children's Zoo. \o/

The only other thing going on, really, is that I've been watching Buffy!! I only just got through s1 last night, but before I proceed, here are some thoughts! )

Uhhh, I think that's it, for now? idk, I WILL PROBABLY RETURN WITH SOME MORE THOUGHTS, LATER.
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....okay, so this is pretty much just c&p'd from a comment I left [livejournal.com profile] bohemu, but I don't really feel like writing it out again ~fancier~, so, you know, WHATEVER.

idkkkkk, I need a show with a kick-ass lady character who's a Gryffindor through and through (SOMEHOW GRYFFINDORS ALWAYS END UP BEING MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS; I WONDER WHY THAT IS), who'll always come through and save your ass, unless, of course, you're trying to Start Something with her, in which case she will not even hesitate to kick your ass six ways from Sunday. She's tough, but still definitely a woman - and I don't mean that in the girly girl sense (though that would be okay, too [see: Lily Aldrin, if HIMYM was more of an actiony show]), but, like, if she wants to hook up with a dude, or have a capital-R Relationship, even, she'll do it, and can def get happiness out of it (as opposed to, like, ladies depicted as man-hating, ladies depicted as only capable of entering into self-destructive relationships, etc, etc).

Also, she has a dude partner/friend, who can either be as Gryffindor-y as her or not, but if not he should probz be a little Hufflepuff-y, to balance her out a little, and either way they need to end up fighting together more often than not. ...and also, I should be able to ship them (IDK IDK, I AM ALL ABOUT THE HET THESE DAYS???? but I still don't feel like having a boy-girl relationship should necessarily mean that the dude is just the action-y one and the girl is just the emotional/brainy one). SO IT WOULD ALSO BE NICE IF THEY COULD HAVE FLIRTY-TYPE BANTER AND ~KNOW EACH OTHER~ BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE AND ALL THAT.



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Hey kids!

So yeah, LJ is sort of falling by the wayside these days...?? But, like.....I miss it. I mean, I myself am not on as often as I used to be, now that I'm: a, actually doing more things IRL, and b, mostly taking in media that doesn't really have fandoms. But, guys - I miss the fandom-related flailing! I miss the memes! I even miss the wank! ....okay, I don't miss the wank that much. But yeah, overall, LJ, WHERE HAVE YOU GOOOOOOOONEEEEEEEEE. :((((

Uh, okay, so now more on what I have been doing!

First, RL. [livejournal.com profile] bohemu and I are going to Chicago for a couple days, in September! So all of you guys who've been to/live in Chicago, suggestion us up! I mean, we have a vague list of things we want to do, but we're always open to suggestions! Especially because neither of us have ever been, right, so we know jack all about the city.
Also, if you do live there, and want to meet up and hang for a bit, we would love that! Just let me know.

Okay, now fandom(-ish).

Number one, and probz most prevalent in my mind rn, I HAVE STARTED WATCHING HAWAII FIVE-0, AND I AM IN LOVE )

...okay. Number two!
So, like I've mentioned a couple times here recently, I've been reading up a storm, these days! And generally I've been going around in a Dresden Files/Temeraire/Discworld loop, but recently I wanted to take a little break from that. And, well, I'd been meaning to reread my copy of The Three Musketeers for a while, so, uh, that's what I'm doing?? )

Thing three, that actually should probz be part b of thing one:

So, uh, after continually feeling like I have a TON of shows I watch, all of which I have seasons upon seasons to catch up on for, I realized the other day, I only actively watch 6 shows, now )

So, uh, yeah, that's it, I guess?? FOR NOW~~
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...but then, like, which of my entries ISN'T.

Anyway, so, I've always sort of been a casual viewer of Ugly Betty...?? I remember really trying to start watching (like, properly, from the beginning and all) my sophomore year of college, but...that sort of got away from me, SURPRISE SURPRISE. But I'd watch an episode here or there, and I at least know most of what happens. Especially S2, for some reason; I tend to ALWAYS catch that, in reruns.

So, lately (thanks to reruns, actually) I've been kind of sliding into this show again - I'm trying the episodes actually in order again, thanks to Netflix, and remembering just how much I LOVE Gio, and Betty/Gio, aaaand Freddy Rodriguez (I haven't seen THAT much with him in it, buuuut everything I've seen has been EXCELLENT -- I mean, he's been excellent, anyway, even like in Harsh Times, where he was literally the ONLY THING that prevented my friend and I from turning the movie off, MULTIPLE times, even despite our determination to see Everything Christian Bale Has Been In Ever. ....Seriously, it's a pretty ridiculous movie, LET ME TELL YOU).

....what?? Oh, this entry had a point, that's right, and that point is, BETTY/GIO, GUYSSSSSSSS.
Like, even though I've now SEEN the relevant episodes MULTIPLE times now (well, most of them anyway), I STILL legit kick my feet in glee every time the two of them have a ~~moment~~ together. ...It's gotten to the point where I'm seriously just sitting here rn watching fanvids for them set to Disney love songs; I JUST HAVE A LOT OF ~*FEELINGS*~ ABOUT THESE CRAZY KIDS, OKAY???

ughhhhh the worst part is I can't even EXPLAIN to you why I love them together so much, especially since, when I first started watching, I was CONVINCED Daniel and Betty were going to end up together (...and, though that ship got pushed aside once I discovered Gio....they're still completely in love and adorbz, y/y?? THE ANSWER IS Y). Just -- HE LOOOOOOOOVES HERRRRR, AND HENRY IS A NICE GUY I GUESS, BUT BORING, AND GIO IS SO GOOD FOR BETTY AND HELPS HER BREAK OUT OF HER SHELL AND BE A LITTLE (MORE) CRAZY, AND SHE KEEPS HIM IN CHECK AND SAVES HIM FROM (POTENTIALLY) TURNING INTO A DOUCHE, AND AISDHSDIUFHSDIUFHSDIFISUDJF WHAT ARE THESE FEELINGS IN MY HAAAAAAAAART, HERE ARE SOME VISUALS. )

ughhhh you guyssss I just want them to get married and have adorable kids, and Gio can pick them up from school, and then some combination of Justin&Hilda&Ignacio&Daniel visits, to play, so that when Betty gets home from her awesome high-powered career, they're all running around having a blast (I feel like Daniel and Ignacio would be the type to, like, give horsey-rides and pretend they're attacking tickle monsters and the like, and Hilda and Justin would -- idk, teach them how to be fabulous and sassy), but the kids immediately run over to hug her and tell her all about their day, and Gio gives her a welcome-home kiss and says that the dinner he's made (I mean, he's gotta move up from sandwiches sometime -- plus, Ignacio probably taught him) is almost ready, and then there's a little bit of chaos as everyone's called into action to set the table, and then they all have dinner together and it's a little loud, but also warm and home-y, and Betty and Gio beam at each other across the table because *~*~*EVERYTHING IS PERFECT*~*~*.

....also, as long as we're in this alternate fantasy Ugly Betty universe I've dreamed up, across town, Marc and Cliff are also having dinner together, minus the kids (because, like....can you even IMAGINE Marc with kids?? Thouuuuugh I feel like Cliff would LOVE them), but PLUS EVERY BIT OF THE LOVEEEEEEEEEEE (....I...also ship them, ridiculous amounts. BE GRATEFUL I DIDN'T GET INSPIRED TO RAMBLE ABOUT THAT, TOO, THIS TIME).<3333333333
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Okay, thing number one (which is going to be a repeat for some of you, sry abt that), [livejournal.com profile] boheme06 and I saw The Eagle last weekend, which -- okay. ....Well, wait, okay, let me just c&p what she said about it, because that's basically EXACTLY what I was going to say: Listen. If you consider yourself a slasher/fangirl and you don't somehow get around to seeing this movie, you should reconsider your life decisions. I really wanted to see it because I have a love of all things Channing Tatum and the trailer made it look like 300 meets Lord of the Rings. Which it was in terms of completely ridiculous slash moments, but not in terms of great movie-ness. (...except for...I had a love of all things Jamie Bell, instead, going in, buuuuut I HAVE ALSO COME TO LOVE CHANNING, WHAT CAN YOU DO)

Soooo yeah, basically, YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE, because you will LOVE IT. Like, maybe not as an actual movie, but as an AMAZING, HISTORICAL GAY LOVE STORY, YES. Look, aaaaaaall I'm saying is, we, as fangirls, were in fits in the theater, soooo many times, and HAVE NOT STOPPED flailing about it since, basically. ....Also, we were up for FIVE HOURS that night coming up with increasingly cracky AUs, so, you know, there's that.

Now thing number two, HERE ARE SOME THOUGHTS ON TORCHWOOD (...uhh, keeping in mind I've only seen through 1x08, so far).

....because, OBVIOUSLY, you totally wanted to know. )

So, yeah, anyway. I'm going to keep watching, at least through S1, just for the sake of completeness, but -- idk, after that. I kiiiind of just miss David Tennant flailing around and being ~brilliant~, with his little sticky-up hair and rainbow of Chucks and that awesome trench coat I WANT, SO BAD. Sooooo idk, maybe we'll alternate?? IDK IDK GUYZ, WE'LL SEE~
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...and it's most likely not the last one, either, seeing as I only just finished S2 (...well, reboot S2, anyway). But I figured, for various reasons, this was as good a place to stop and discuss my thoughts as any.

So! In we go! )

...I...feel like I had more to say, here, but according to the little notes for writing this entry I made (YES, OKAY, SHUT UP), that's it...??

I'm sure I'll have more things to say as I watch more, and I am SUPER-excited for S3 rn (the, like, two seconds that Catherine Tate and David Tennant were playing off each other in the last ep were AMAZING, so I am EXCITE~ for more)...buuuut, because -- well, because in the middle of S2 I realized how much I missed Jack, and then read around on Wikipedia enough to get obsessive about watching everything in chronological order, I'm going to get through S1 of Torchwood, first. ...I should state, here, that I never meant to watch Torchwood, even now after I got in to DW, partially because I'd heard it gets really terrible down the line, and partially because -- well, because it doesn't have Ten, tbh, but I GUESS IT'S HAPPENING, at least the first season, for now, anyway.

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Okay, so I KEEP TRYING to organize my thoughts for this big post I want to make, about various TV shows and RL and awesome books, but -- idk, for all my organizing, I think my brain is just all, SDFHIOAOISDHASIFHSDIHFSDHFDI by default, and so I keep getting distracted by things like this:

GUYS. WHERE IS ALL THE DAVID TENNANT/JOHN BARROWMAN LOVE (yes, okay, I am watching Doctor Who now, whatever, whatever, I WILL TALK ABOUT IT IN THE NEXT POST [Captain Jack is amazing<333]).
Like, fic, interview snippets, ANYTHING, EVERYTHING. I mean, there's this (which is AMAZINGGGGG) and this and this and this and THIS, but, like, WHERE IS THE REST OF IT.

And, like, IT DOESN'T EVEN NEED TO BE SLASH (partially because, well, JOHN AND SCOTT<3, how're you going to mess with THAT), I JUST WANT THEM TO BE BFFS ALL THE TIME.
...Actually, what I REALLY want is just a series of fics in which they are ridiculous bros together:

- They're sitting on set, waiting for something or the other to be fixed and ready to go again for the next take, telling ridiculous stories and hilarious obscene jokes to each other and all of the rest of the cast and crew around them (who keep on doing what they're doing, but can't stop themselves from cracking up, and then keeping on having to be like, "BOYS, IF YOU WOULDN'T MIND" sternly but fondly)!

- They're roommates in university together )

........OH GOD, CAN YOU TELL THIS IS MY FAVORITE 'VERSE (for a Halloween party, David goes as Ziggy Stardust (he'd probably have to make John help him, but it would be a FANTASTIC look on him, AMIRITE) and John goes as a cowboy (DON'T TELL ME HE WOULDN'T -- plus, like, I like to think David spends a lot of time teasing him about American things). "I'm going as myself", Scott grouses, but he lets John dress him up as...idk, something, I haven't been able to come up with something suitable yet)??????

- David is a florist (he owns a little corner shop -- it's modest, but he loves what he does, and he's great at it) and John stops in one day to buy flowers (...for Scott?? idk, idk, I LOVE SCOTT, what can I do), they get to bantering. Then, like, OF COURSE John has to stop in again a little while later to thank David for the flowers, they were perfect, yadda yadda yadda, THEY BECOME BFFS.

- ...loooool, actually, most of these AUs just end with "...THEY BECOME BFFS". David and John work at a record store! David is actually an actor, but John is his make-up artist/hair stylist/whatever, something like that! ETC, ETC, AND THEN THEY BECOME BFFS. ...and then, like, David gets married and John is his best man and gives the BEST toast, full of embarrassing stories and ridiculous jokes (and dances with the bride and flirts with her to the point where she's blushing, and David finally has to fake-clear-his-throat really loudly and cut back in again, and John grins and winks lasciviously at both of them and saunters off to find Scott again).

...Okay, wow, this whole post is just, like, one long tangent, but basically the point is, TENNANT AND BARROWMAN BEING BROS, WHERE IS IT, I WANT IT AAAAAAAALLLLLLL.

ETA: OH WAIT, I TOTALLY FORGOT ONE, where they're in Stargate: Atlantis, and John (...who I guess is more Jack, here...??) is one of Sheppard's men and David works with Rodney (OH GOD THE NAMES ARE ALL THE SAME; JUST REALLY WEIRD, OR *~*DESTINY*~*???), and when they get a chance they like to eat lunch together and trade stories about...well, about John and Rodney being John and Rodney, tbh.
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I keep meaning to make this entry, but there's NEVER ENOUGH TIIIIME. But, uh, okay, here, now -

First off, TV:

Being Human 3x01 )

Primeval 4x05 )

Okay, now, thing 2, and the reason why this post has been so long in the making (seriously, I even had to take a couple-hour break in the middle of typing this up) WE GOT A PUPPY.

I know I'd mentioned a couple places that we were planning to get one in the spring, and well, we were - we'd already decided that we wanted a Goldendoodle, and found a good breeder (in Ohio, but they drive the puppies over). So that was happening, and we were waiting, but there was also a litter from this breeder that'd been born around Christmastime, and now all the puppies had been taken, except one. We (well, mostly my mom and I) were spending a lot of time on the site, just out of excitement, and the puppy was just sitting there, looking sad and homeless, aaaand so, being the saps that we are, were like, "...well, there's no harm in just asking what he's like..." Blah blah blah, you guys know the rest, NOW WE HAVE A PUPPY.

He was the smallest in his litter (8th born out of 10), and, because he's mostly Poodle (75%, I think), he's got a curly coat. He and two of his siblings were all black, and because people are ridiculous and don't like black cats and dogs for some insane reason, those three were the last to go. Eventually his other two siblings found a home, though, and just he was left. But NO MORE (so...yeah, now we have a black cat AND a black dog, WHAT UP)!! I don't even know how people couldn't take him, he's adorbz, and SUCH a good boy -- I mean, he's still a puppy, so he likes to chew all the time, and he sometimes has accidents inside, but he LOVES people (he gets SO excited when he sees not just us, but pretty much ANYone, especially kids), and just wants to sit by/on you and chew on his toys. In the past week and a half, since he's been here, he's learned to sit, his name (...sort of), and as of yesterday, he's started walking to the door and standing there when he wants to go out. Also, when he gets tired, he tends to put himself in his crate (where we've been putting him for naps/overnight - he generally sleeps from around 9:30 at night to 6 AM), or to this sheet we've laid out next to it, and just flops down and goes to sleep (though he also likes sleeping in my lap, I'm kind of wary about that, because when he's full grown, he'll be about 50 pounds, and -- well, I'm not sure I really want 50 pounds of dog in my lap).

I don't really have a great picture, yet, but, uh, here, you can have the one the breeder sent us, before we got him, though the flash is a little crazy there.
Oh! Also, because I can't believe I didn't mention this anywhere earlier, his name is Baxter (and my new kitty's name is Comet -- who I don't have a great picture of, either. Ah, difficult-to-photograph pets)!
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...okay, so it's ass o' clock in the morning, and my eyeballs are about to fall out of my head, I'm so tired, BUT, GUYZ, LET'S TALK ABOUT PRIMEVAL.

More specifically, let's talk about the first two seasons of Primeval, since that's what I just finished, and how it should officially be subtitled The Story of Nick Cutter and Stephen Hart's Big Gay Love. )

I am looking forward to S3, though, mooooostly because of Ben Mansfield...?? WHAT, SHUT UP. ...also I kiiiind of already ship Becker/Connor like burning, SO WE'LL SEE HOW THAT GOES.
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spoilers! )

uhhhhhh okay I was going to add more, here, buuuut I think that's enough blathering for now. I will just leave you with this:


I have to admit, I was kind of powering through this, because I just, randomly, got the urge to watch Primeval...?? idk idk, it's, like, British Science Fiction Comedy-Dramas with Really Short Seasons time over here rn. I was going to watch Spaced, after this, because I keep meaning to and never quite get around to it, but -- Primeval first it is, I guess.
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...Bueller? Bueller???

Well, okay, YOU ALL SHOULD, because it is AWESOME and wonderfully character-driven and also has plots you actually care about that sometimes scare you and sometimes make you emotional and also sometimes make you giggle and have to pause the episode so you can make heart-hands at your screen and repeat, "I LOVE THEMMMMMM" a million times. .....WHAT.

Ughhh idk how to sell this except to say it's kind of like Supernatural (or...like SPN was, in any case, because...I kind of stopped watching)?? ...except for, like, more British-y and less incest-y. Because I KNOW most (...maybe ALL...??) of you love(/have loved at some point) Supernatural. Being Human is, basically, about a werewolf, a vampire, and a ghost who share an apartment?? BUT OTHER STUFF HAPPENS TOO, I PROMISE, I JUST CAN'T TELL YOU BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE ~SPOILERS~. ...they ARE really cute when they're just being OT3-y in their apartment, though.

Also, I have been marathoning this shit for a couple days now, and when I say marathoning I mean MARATHONING, like, I basically swallowed the first season in less than a day, aaaand now I'm watching it whenever I have a spare moment. THAT MAY NOT SOUND LIKE A LOT, buuuuut for someone who isn't watching ANYTHING these days (seriously, I'm even behind on HIMYM, now -- though I AM going to remedy that, soon), me actually not only watching this, but watching it obsessively is a PRETTY BIG DEAL. Like, the episodes are an hour long, but it goes by like NOTHING, because you are SO sucked into the plot and the characters and DSOFHSODFHAOSIDHSIFD IT IS SO GREAT EVERYBODY WAAAAAAAAAAAATCH. ...also, the cast is all really attractive??


....UGGHHHHHH YOU GUYS IDEKKKK, reading over this, this is, like, the worst conversion post ever, and I SWEAR I was going to talk about other things in this post, too (like the snow, holy shit, what is up with THAT, weather), aaaand then I started typing and allllll the crazy fell out.

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HELLO, MY CHILDREN!! Yes, I've been gone for a while, excuses excuses, blah blah blah. But the thing I realized today, while typing up a suuuuuuper-extended comment to [livejournal.com profile] boheme06, was:

Aaaaand I'd like to -- well, at least try to come back?? It makes me feel shitty, not keeping in touch with you amazing kids as much.

The thing is, though, I never feel like I have anything interesting to say. Like, all I'm doing is going into work at my mom's office a couple days a week (my internship finished), playing with my cat (my old kitty, Garfield, died a little while back -- we miss him something awful, but I got a cute - but kind of crazy - black shorthair from the shelter a couple weeks ago. His name is Comet, and he likes toy mice, belly rubs [SERIOUSLY], and running around the house like a crazy), and watching random children's television. BUT GUESS WHAT, I guess you're all just going to have to hear about that, now, WON'T YOU. I mean, sometimes I cook dinner, so that's always fun to talk about, and I did just start watching Being Human last night (while I'm nooooot totally sure I love it, yet, I DO love Russell Tovey), soooo there is hope for my fannishness yet...??

The other thing is, every time I check my flist, it's full of people being like, "So, I know I'm not around much", or, y'know, just not posting. So -- who's still here?? Just to get a sense of it, I mean, GOD KNOWS I'm in NO position to bitch people out for stepping back from LJ for a while.

Also, um, I re-did my layout ([livejournal.com profile] splits_thesky!)? And my profile, to match (though I have since actually SEEN Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and...idk, I have some issues with it. I still LOVE Narnia, though!!). And I cleaned up my flist a little, because one of the other reasons I was away from LJ so long was that I kept getting SO BEHIND on my flist, because it was bogged down with all these comms. So mostly I just left/stopped watching a bunch of communities, though I did also defriend a couple of people I just hadn't talked to in FOREVER. If you're one of those people, and you really ARE around, though, PLEASE let me know, because it's not at ALL that I don't want to be friends anymore, I just -- wanted to clean up a bit (seriously, this is the first cut of ANY kind I've ever done, because I never wanted to lose ANYONE).

...I guess that's it (OH ALSO IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS, YAAAAAAAAY -- though, my mom has basically told me she hasn't bought me anything this year, because she wasn't feeling anything on my [FOUR PAGE] Amazon wishlist. Buuuut I also want a bike, since she also just donated my old one, so GUESS WHAT I AM GOING TO CLAIM AS A GIFT)?? idk, guys, let's see how long THIS comeback lasts.
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I was totally going to make this entry in the afternoon, but WHATEVER, IT'S HALLOWEEN NOW. Also I was totally just out partying and so am still a little drunkyyyy!!! WOOOOO.
Actually, going out was a lot of fun...at first, anyway. See, my friend Alison is in the nursing program, right, and it turns out she's met a whole bunch of grad students through it. So, a couple weeks ago, one of her grad student friends invited us to a party they were having, and it was AWESOME, okay. Let me tell you guys, I've never been much of a fan of undergrad frat parties, because they're just noisy and crowded and sweaty and GROSS. Plus, undergrads are DOUCHES. ...and I say this, as one myself!! But so anyway, turns out grad student parties are suuuuper fun - at that one, we totally played boardgames and had a barbecue, but there was also a lot of beer and other assorted draaank, aaaand I totally did two shots and then puked.
So then tonight one of the other grad students (who we met at the previous party, so we knew her, sort of), had a Halloween party, and that was also, AWESOME. It was mostly just, like, chilling with drinks, but Alison's first nursing friend (who had invited us to the previous party) made tequila Jello shots, in limes, and she also made me some drink that was like, rum and apple cider and cinnamon?? IDK, it was deliiiicious. And also, these grad students are so chill!! They're SUPER nice, and even though I puked last time, no one held it against me or anything, and the boy who had peer pressured me into doing those shots (lulz, it's a long story. I'd never done shots before, and also he may or may not have been chatting me up?? THE VERDICT IS STILL OUT), who I thought would be awkward around me, I totally had a great conversation with, in which he told me I made a very natural Batgirl, and should just go around fighting crime all the time.

OH YEAH, that's because, I forgot to tell you guys, I finally got my Batgirl costume together this year!! I've been wanting to do it for yeaaaaars now, and so this year I finally got on top of shit and bought the stuff I needed to buy, and made (lulz, well, made my mom make) the stuff I needed to make, and now I am BATGIRL, and my costume totally got complimented by, like, 10 MILLION people tonight. And then tomorrow I'm going to the Village Parade, in NYC, which, if it's anything like last year, will be the MOST FUN EVERRRRRRR. \o/


My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
splits_thesky goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as BATGIRL!!.
boheme06 tricks you! You get a scratched CD.
bubbles83 gives you 1 mauve peach-flavoured wafers.
ewanspotter gives you 9 yellow passionfruit-flavoured pieces of bubblegum.
fledmusic tricks you! You get a broken balloon.
giventofly37 tricks you! You lose 9 pieces of candy!
killmotion tricks you! You get a rock.
thefreshchuff tricks you! You lose 1 pieces of candy!
velvet_midnight gives you 6 green root beer-flavoured gummy worms.
waterlanding tricks you! You get a wet rag.
xmindthegapx gives you 18 softly glowing apple-flavoured gummy bats.
splits_thesky ends up with 24 pieces of candy, a scratched CD, a broken balloon, a rock, and a wet rag.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

lulz, Lia, there's seriously, like, some little gremlin that sits in this site and just cackles every time we come around, all, "MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAA, IT IS TIME FOR THE SCRATCHED CDSSSSS!!!!"

Also, you guys were, just generally, SUPER MEAN this year, wtf. I CAN HAS MOAR CANDY, PLZ???

OKAY, so anyway, yyyy, I'm back home after partying!! Because, see, some of our friends wanted to meet up and go frat partying, so we had to leave the AWESOME, AWESOME grad party, and then the frat party TOTALLY SUCKED, and so I left. I am still kiiiind of festive, though, so I don't think I'm going to head to sleep just yet. I'll probably just end up watching some eps of Entourage, I bet. WHICH, btw, is AWESOME, so all of you that watch, HANDS UP, so I can talk to you about how awesome it is and also how Kevin Connolly is SUUUUPER DREAMYYYYY (he is my new desktop, now, even, because the dreaminess was SO MUCH).

SOOOOOO, YEAH, totally going now. This post is totally and unnecessarily rambly, huh. I would blame it on the alcohol (god, now that song's going to be stuck in my head forever), but....I get rambly even when I'm sober, soooo. OKAY SO ANYWAY, BYE GUYS, AND HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEN!!!!!!!
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O hay, kids. Uh, I'm baaack, btw!! For those of you not following [livejournal.com profile] saveaplace, well, A, my pictures are up: http://picasaweb.google.com/splitsthesky , and B, London was aMAAAAAAAAAAzing, and I totally want to go back, right this second. This morning, coming in to school, I kept wondering what'd happen if I just jumped up and got off at the next stop, somehow got myself to the airport, and just bought a ticket across the Atlantic right then and there.

Unfortunately, I couldn't (though, man, I wanted to. LONDOOOOOOON<3333333), though, because, oh yes, school. Fall semester started today, and was probably the least stressful semester beginning I've ever had. One, because, I mean, I was just in summer classes two weeks ago, so it's not like I've really been away from this lovely institution, and two, I'm pretty sure I'm at the point where I just don't care anymore. I mean, I don't hate school or anything (other than, y'know, the work and all, lulz), but I'm a senior now, I've been in school almost all my life, and at Temple for four years now, Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters aaaall included, and I've got this shit down so that I don't even worry anymore about whether the outfit I put together in the morning looks cute for a good first impression or if I know where all my classes are, or anything like that. Let me tell you, the night before every year of high school used to be so stressful for me. I went to school with basically the same kids I'd known since kindergarten, but I was always so worried about everything. I have no idea why, now, but it happened. Whereas, today, I just sort of stomped through my day, rocking it, I mean, but also sort of just, "I'm here, I'm getting my shit done. Everyone else, I could not give a crap". You know (not to get too philosophical-y, but), I do feel like I've changed since I've come to college, but it was really less changing and more just working with who I already was. Now I know what I'm doing (uhhh, well, I know what I'm doing here at Temple, anyway, once I graduate I'm going to be lost), I've got a great support team (I used to feel so awkward about having such few friends. Now, I still only have about 3 people I'd consider my BFFs, but they're amazing, and, honestly, they're enough), and, y'know, I'm certainly still failboating my way through life, but now I'm at least learning to work it, I think. So yeah, thanks, college! And okay, fine, I will probably miss you, come next May. ...Although, maybe I won't! I mean, it's not like I'm going to stop being the same person, just because I graduate. IDK, whatever.

ANYWAY. Speaking of my very good friends, a couple of days ago [livejournal.com profile] boheme06 and I had our anniversary (lulz, well, "anniversary")!! SO. HAAAAAAAAAYY BB, HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY!!!!<333333 *CONFETTI!* I wanted to make a fanmix or something, but I still haven't made it back to my apartment, so...I couldn't. But definitely on it was going to be this song, so, um, there you go.
So basically, Lia, THANK YOU. Thank you for being an awesome friend, for being my twin, for always sticking around to cheer me up when I need it, for laughing with me at the most ridiculous things, until we both totally can't breathe, for completely vindicating my even making an LJ, and for...you know, everything. Like, thanks for not actually being a creepy 40-year-old stalker, because that would have made all those times we've met up reaaally weird, and also, totally confirmed all of my mom's suspicions about the internet. So yes, THANKS, and ILU, and also, we need to get a move on on our Halloween costumes, because it's almost September, and we NEED to rock that parade, hello. :D

...I feel like I had more to say here. IDK - it was my mom's birthday yesterday (HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, MOMMY, even though you will never read this, and also, I totally wished you actually on time yesterday)! I only saw my first full episode of CSI:NY this past weekend, but I also discovered it makes me ridiculously happy (EDDIE CAHILL LOOKS LIKE SEAN MAHER, COME ON. Also, Danny is adorable, and Melina Kanakaredes is rockin' it for the curly-haired chicks!!)! Schuyler Fisk is adorable and I want her to be my girlfriend (and there miiiight be a pimping post about her soon, so watch out for that, maybe)! WOOOOOO.
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I was just going to share this on Twitter, but I really think EVERYONE on my flist should see it:

Comedians not being able to stop cracking up at their own bits is, like, ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS EVER, and then here you've got, ALSO, a couple of Scotsmen I love (whatever, haters to the left, I love Craig Ferguson), especially when they're together. AMAZING.<3333 :DDD


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