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Okay, so I KEEP TRYING to organize my thoughts for this big post I want to make, about various TV shows and RL and awesome books, but -- idk, for all my organizing, I think my brain is just all, SDFHIOAOISDHASIFHSDIHFSDHFDI by default, and so I keep getting distracted by things like this:

GUYS. WHERE IS ALL THE DAVID TENNANT/JOHN BARROWMAN LOVE (yes, okay, I am watching Doctor Who now, whatever, whatever, I WILL TALK ABOUT IT IN THE NEXT POST [Captain Jack is amazing<333]).
Like, fic, interview snippets, ANYTHING, EVERYTHING. I mean, there's this (which is AMAZINGGGGG) and this and this and this and THIS, but, like, WHERE IS THE REST OF IT.

And, like, IT DOESN'T EVEN NEED TO BE SLASH (partially because, well, JOHN AND SCOTT<3, how're you going to mess with THAT), I JUST WANT THEM TO BE BFFS ALL THE TIME.
...Actually, what I REALLY want is just a series of fics in which they are ridiculous bros together:

- They're sitting on set, waiting for something or the other to be fixed and ready to go again for the next take, telling ridiculous stories and hilarious obscene jokes to each other and all of the rest of the cast and crew around them (who keep on doing what they're doing, but can't stop themselves from cracking up, and then keeping on having to be like, "BOYS, IF YOU WOULDN'T MIND" sternly but fondly)!

- They're roommates in university together )

........OH GOD, CAN YOU TELL THIS IS MY FAVORITE 'VERSE (for a Halloween party, David goes as Ziggy Stardust (he'd probably have to make John help him, but it would be a FANTASTIC look on him, AMIRITE) and John goes as a cowboy (DON'T TELL ME HE WOULDN'T -- plus, like, I like to think David spends a lot of time teasing him about American things). "I'm going as myself", Scott grouses, but he lets John dress him up as...idk, something, I haven't been able to come up with something suitable yet)??????

- David is a florist (he owns a little corner shop -- it's modest, but he loves what he does, and he's great at it) and John stops in one day to buy flowers (...for Scott?? idk, idk, I LOVE SCOTT, what can I do), they get to bantering. Then, like, OF COURSE John has to stop in again a little while later to thank David for the flowers, they were perfect, yadda yadda yadda, THEY BECOME BFFS.

- ...loooool, actually, most of these AUs just end with "...THEY BECOME BFFS". David and John work at a record store! David is actually an actor, but John is his make-up artist/hair stylist/whatever, something like that! ETC, ETC, AND THEN THEY BECOME BFFS. ...and then, like, David gets married and John is his best man and gives the BEST toast, full of embarrassing stories and ridiculous jokes (and dances with the bride and flirts with her to the point where she's blushing, and David finally has to fake-clear-his-throat really loudly and cut back in again, and John grins and winks lasciviously at both of them and saunters off to find Scott again).

...Okay, wow, this whole post is just, like, one long tangent, but basically the point is, TENNANT AND BARROWMAN BEING BROS, WHERE IS IT, I WANT IT AAAAAAAALLLLLLL.

ETA: OH WAIT, I TOTALLY FORGOT ONE, where they're in Stargate: Atlantis, and John (...who I guess is more Jack, here...??) is one of Sheppard's men and David works with Rodney (OH GOD THE NAMES ARE ALL THE SAME; JUST REALLY WEIRD, OR *~*DESTINY*~*???), and when they get a chance they like to eat lunch together and trade stories about...well, about John and Rodney being John and Rodney, tbh.
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I like how the internets just go dead after about 11 pm. And by "like", I mean AM DISGUSTED AT. What d'you mean, people have LIVES?? Everyone needs to be around to entertain me when I demand it! DANCE, MONKEYS, DANCE!!!

hahahahahaha okay.
Now that I've most likely alienated half of you forever, let's MOVE ON (ps, ILU!!).

Okay, so. Before we get to the fandomy part of this entry, first RL... )

So...idk. Thoughts?? Really, anything would be a super-help, guys.

Okay, now fandom! )

Anyway, so that's it. Back to marathoning, I suppose (s2e3, you're up!)!!
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...I've already started rationalizing it to myself, though it's mostly just things like, "Now he and the Thorpedo can hang out all the time!!" ....DUDE, if both of them show up next time to watch that Phelpsy boy swim, I will literally KEEL OVER AND DIE. DIE, I TELL YOU!!! And I'd be the most excited anyone has probably been about their death, too.

You guys, the Olympics is EATING MY LIFE. The other day I was telling [livejournal.com profile] boheme06 how I felt like I needed another great fandom, since I've sort of been floating in between 'em lately. But, um, I think this might be it?? I DON'T KNOW, YOU GUYS, but my brain is all 'OLYMPICSOLYMPICSOLYMPICS!!!1!!11!!!1!' all the time now. Like, okay, when I take the train into school (what up, summer classes??), everyone's always reading the paper, right?? I've started peering at the articles people are reading over their shoulders (because I am nothing if not creepy), and then getting irritated when the papers aren't, like, ALL OLYMPICS ALL THE TIME. I actually find myself going "WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE OLYMPICS???/??" a LOT. Uhhh.

And also, um, I have a burning desire for fic (and fanvids, but let's not even go into that). Like, I know, creepy RPF/RPS or whatever, and I know there's some fic, but, uhh, what I really want is some Michael Phelps/Jason Lezak, in which Michael's a huge cuddleslut, and tends to, like, glomp (...wow, it's been a while since I've pulled that out of my vocabulary) his teammates and give them sloppy, ecstatic kisses (on the cheek or on the lips, YOU DECIDE!!) when they win. And secretly, both him and Jason have these huge crushes on each other, but they both think the other doesn't reciprocate (because, like, of the gay thing or the age thing or the married thing), and then there are SHENANIGANS, like when Team USA has their EPIC RELAY WIN (!!!!!), after the medals and all the press and all, and it's just them, they're still super excited and can't stop grinning, and Michael's like, "YOU GUYS", and tackles all of them, and then gets to Jason and is all, "AND YOU", and just plants one on him, good and thoroughly. And when he pulls back, Michael looks incredibly nervous, like this, too, counts for a gold medal. But Jason just grins, slow and lazy, and Michael visibly relaxes, his anxiety melting away. They just stand there for a moment, beaming at each other like idiots, until Cullen says, "God, you guys make me sick". "Disgusting," Garrett chimes in, but they're both smiling, and when Michael cackles and grabs them to waltz around the room, all of them twirl giddily until the dizziness makes them stop.

.....uhhh. Yeah, so.
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...you know, those LJ notifications that all your shiny paid features are almost gone are pretty much the most depressing things ever. :(

ANYWAY. It is now time for something that was actually supposed to be up a couple days ago, my Joe/Patrick fanmix!! HOYEAH.

it doesn't really have a title, but the playlist on itunes is called, 'GINASSFUSS (The Most Great and Tragic Love of Joe Trohman and Patrick Stump)', so let's go with that. )

As you may or may not have noticed, there was no cover art. This is mainly because I have no skill with graphics whatsoever, BUT I wanted to give you guys SOMETHING, so: mini-Joe/Patrick-picspam!!
Some pictures I've posted before, but also some I haven't!! )


Okay, also (THIS POST WILL NEVER END! dun dun DUNNNNNNNN): Butcher/Nate, y/y??
Their bands certainly spend a hell of a lot of time together, right, and they're both drummers, so they can bond over that (they can also bond over the fact that their lead singers are in love - JUST SAYING), and, you know, other things.

I like to imagine they both developed little crushes on one another, and were too shy/scared/in denial to admit anything, but still kind of obsessed over one another constantly.
And then maybe... )

....Okay, finally the end. GOODNIGHT, ALL!! ♥
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In my Poli Sci class, we've just started discussing attitudes towards homosexuality, and I love it. Like, we spent the entirety of today's class listing all the possible objections people could have to homosexuality, and then just basically went through and debunked all of them. IT WAS SO GREAT, YOU GUYS. Plus, now that I have an excuse to write things like, "gay sex is safe sex!!" really big across my paper, I've totally started taking notes again, too. :DDDD

Yesterday, [livejournal.com profile] rain_dances posted this picture featuring Spencer's mom, with the cut tag "SPENCER'S MOM HAS GOT IT GOIN' ON", and then said "Spencer's mom/Ryan Ross = OTP. Seriously.", and I said, "OMG, YESSSSSSSSSSSS." So basically, guys, why is there not more fic featuring Spencer's hot mom?? It could go like this - Spencer's mom comes to visit the boys for...some reason, idk exactly, but Ryan's had this HUGE crush on her all his life, right, so he gets all flustered and awkward, and HILARITY ENSUES. And then, when Spencer's mom leaves, Jon, eyes slightly glazed over, goes, "...that's your mom???"
And Brendon cackles, and Spencer says, "Oh GOD, not AGAIN", but it's too late, Brendon's already broken out into a rousing Spencer-fied version of "Stacy's Mom" ("Spencer can't you see, you're just not the girl for meeeeeeeee..."). And Spencer facepalms, and is like, "I hate you. SO MUCH."
Brendon beams at him. He sidles up to Ryan and says, "Ryan knows what I'm talking about! Right, Ryan? Eh? Eh? Eh?"
Each question is punctuated by a pointed nudge of Ryan's shoulder, and Ryan turns bright red, lets out a tiny squeak, and bolts.
There's silence for a moment, and then Jon adds helpfully, "...That's your MOM."
The dull thunk of his head against the wall, Spencer thinks, makes a nice counterpoint to Brendon's maniacal giggling.


Also, explain this to me, dear flist. I normally never find Brendon Urie hot (fantastically adorable and monkey-faced, yes, but not hot), but every time I watch the "But it's Better if You Do" video, I totally want to jump his bones. It feels so weird - little monkey Bden?? - but HE IS SMOKIN'!!!! And, like, the little smirk he does at the end? AIFHAFIKHSGJSDJDHFGHDSF OMG, MY GIRLY BITS ARE IN FLAMES. I - just - DOES NOT COMPUTE!!
Oct. 5th, 2007 06:00 pm

hokay then

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HAY GUYZ. I'm now entering my fifth hour of sitting in my school's Tech Center doing absolutely nothing. See, I have to go see this play in the evening for my Theater class, and so I can NEVER GO HOME!!!!!! Or, not until it finishes (around 10), anyway. Ah, the joys of not living on campus.

SO ANYWAY. Since I am suffering (my short attention span is not prepared to deal with this sort of thing!), I've decided you all must suffer with me. And the best way I can think of achieving that is by making you read my writing!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA.

So yeah, remember when I was contemplating Pete Wentz turning into a kitten?? Weeeeell, I kind of wrote 1,700 words of it.

let's just...ignore all the huge mistakes and innacuracies, shall we? )

...Um, yay??
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homg, happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] killmotion!! Even though you are no longer 16 going on 17, you can be innocent as a rose if you WANT. DON'T LET THE SOUND OF MUSIC DICTATE YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!


Okay, so GUYS. Where is the Panic! fic where Jon loses his iPod and so "borrows" Brendon's for a little while (or, like, as long as he can before Bden realizes it's missing and starts bothering everyone about it), and he has it on shuffle, and "Kiss the Girl" from The Little Mermaid starts up (this is in no way influenced by the music on my iPod!! I SWEAR, GUYS.), and Jon chuckles and goes to skip it, but his finger just sort of hovers over the button and he kind of rolls his eyes at himself, and is like, I suppose I can listen to this, I mean, it's not that bad of a song, really, and oh, Spencer's sitting across from him or near him or something, did I mention that, and so anyway, while he's listening to the song, Jon keeps looking over at Spencer and thinking about how much he looooooooooves him and all (YOU KNOW IT), but ultimately he's like, this is stupid, and shakes it off and goes back to listening to Brendon's iPod until Brendon figures out that he has it and tackles him and they wrestle and end up in a giggling heap on the floor, because I enjoy that sort of thing, if you couldn't tell, but then later, "Kiss the Girl" keeps playing in Jon's head whenever he looks at Spencer, and some slightly humorous, slightly awkward events that I haven't totally thought out yet occur because of this, but eventually somehow they end up kissing, but then Jon sort of pulls away, and says, I can't believe my impetus to do this was a fucking crab, and Spencer's like, ......, and then Jon's like, uh, what, I didn't say anything, let's keep kissing, and then they do and it is wonderful, and then maybe eventually Spencer finds out the whole story, and laughs and laughs and laughs, and Jon says, shut up, you love me, and Spencer says, yeah, yeah I do, and then there is more kissing because I love it.
...uh. So yeah guys, WHERE IS IT????? Also, holy fucking run-on, Batman!

As long as I'm being completely self indulgent, what I really want (but MCR style, this time!!) is for Gerard to have a baby girl and for Frank to have a little boy, and then for these kids to, eventually, grow up and fall in love and get married. COME ON GUYS, TELL ME I AM NOT ALONE IN THIS.
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So guys, tell me everything you know about college parties!
See, because my friend who goes to UPenn called me today, and was like, "Hey, so apparently there's going to be a performance of some Shakespeare tomorrow on campus, do you want to come?? Oh, and look, it's A Midsummer Night's Dream." I ADOOOOOORE Shakespeare, and Midsummer's miiiiight just be my favorite of his works. And I love hanging out with my friend, obvz, so I'm going! But it's going to end too late for me to catch a non-shady train home, so I'm just going to stay over at her dorm. "That's great," she said, "oh, and hey, there's this party a bunch of my friends and I were going to go to, now you can totally come too!" So I guess I'm going to that, too?? UH. I mean, it'll be with my friend, and her roommate who I've met before, and is totally nice, but I've never been to a college party, you guys. I'm not exactly the party type, see. My friend knows this, and knows I don't drink and all, but...idk, I get the feeling this is going to be Awkward McAwkwardkins. So, um, I would just sort of like to know what I'm in for...??

ANYWAY, MOVING ON. This was supposed to be, like, my personal canon for Panic! at the Disco, or something, because I'm weird like that, but along the way it kind of turned into this fic-ish thing?? idk, guys, there is a reason I don't write fic. )

Uh, the end??? I don't even know, you guys. Why is Brendon such a two-year-old?? Why do I use "so" in pretty much every single sentence?? How is it that I spent two days writing (and crossing out, and rewriting - srsly, it's four handwritten pages, front and back) this, and I still haven't started my essay on the Illiad that's due tomorrow?? And wait, what happened to the Jon/Brendon I was feelin' so hard before??
Although, the one thing in this I will never apologize for is making Spencer laugh so much. SMILE LIKE AN ANGEL, Y'ALL.
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So, flist. I couldn't help but notice that most of you seem...less than happy that today is Valentine's Day. And, while I understand why you might be feeling this way, you should know, no matter your romantic status today, there's someone who loves you. Who is that, you ask?? Well, me, of course. I know I say this a lot, but I mean it. You guys are amazing, and I love you all lots. I do only know a couple of you in rl, but I've met so many of the best people here on LJ, and seriously, I wouldn't trade you guys for the world.

So I'm asking you, oh flist of mine, will you be my (collective) valentine??
Don't worry, I'm not empty handed, either, I come bearing gifts!! Well, gift. But I'd like to think it's a good one, seeing as I've spent the last week working on (and getting progressively more excited about) it. And, uh, let me just say, even if you don't care about my gift's - backstory, I still love you bunches, and that's all that really counts here.

Okay, so, remember this?? Well.

She's coming back from walking the dogs that Wednesday when she sees it, leaning proudly against her front door. She picks it up, brow furrowing in confusion until she lifts off the single rose attached on the side, and sees the lable. "TO KYOKO, WITH LOVE", it proclaims, in handwriting she's long since grown to recognize, and she giggles as she lets herself into the house, dogs' leashes in one hand, rose and mixtape in the other.
you guys, majority of the songs under here are not my fault. )

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In 2007, splits_thesky resolves to...
Cut down to ten ties a day.
Take lovelymolecules fangirling.
Eat more backstreet boys.
Apply for a new procrastination.
Drink four glasses of psych every day.
Spend less time on deanpwnsjesspwnslogan.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Also, I was rewatching Narnia a while back (with the cast commentary on, but still), and when it ended, I seriously got so depressed. At first I thought it was just that I was bored, but then, okay, it struck me. )

ETA: Oh my God, did any of you watch Zoom when you were little?? :(((((((((((((((

ETA v.2: Okay, so I was going to sleep. But then, while brushing my teeth, I had the sudden urge to write. Just - something, anything. So I sat down with a pen and one of my gazillion notebooks, and just basically wrote what randomly popped into my brain. Um, this was the result. )

And that, my friends, is why I am not a writer. Or a comedian.


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