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...I guess I have things to say?

Um, okay, let's start with Buffy this time. I finished s3! )

Finishing S3 actually took a little longer than anticipated, though, because in the middle, my parents and I flew out to Seattle to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and little nephews! Because my nephews have their birthdays so close together (if you'll recall), we just had a joint birthday party for both of them - at the Pacific Science Center (and dinosaur themed!). It was pretty great, and the whole trip was a lot of fun (and...featured a lot of Legos, idek), but ultimately we were only out there for about 5 days. But it's okay, though, since they're going to come over to the East Coast to visit, in May! So, y'know, EXCITE.

Otherwise the only other big thing going on rn is my working at the zoo! Which, I am pleased to report, I am getting more confident in as I get more knowledgeable about How Things Work There. I even handled some mealworms bare-handed yesterday (lulz, this sounds so dumb, but, remember, WORMS ARE THE WORST) - though it def helped that I was feeding them to a little African Hedgehog (named Sonic. TRUE STORY) crawling around on my lap.

But the other, more important, imo, part of doing this internship is, I'm learning about what parts of behind-the-scenes work I like, and what parts I don't as much, and how I can use this experience to further build my plans for the future. ...actually, it's kind of funny, my interviewer, at the beginning of all this, said basically the same thing - and she also said that I could do the Animal Care internship (obviously), but it also sounded like I'd want to consider working in the Education department. Aaaaand I GUESS SHE KNEW WHAT SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT, because guess what internship I want to do next (this current one ends in March, but we were told that we could either stay on, in the position, or transfer to another internship, and a lot of people end up doing one or the other)!!

Read more... )

And, uh, also, I was looking around the internets, to see what kind of experience various people got before getting their current Animal Care positions, and, um...you need a lot...?? Which makes sense, I mean, they're not just going to let you take care of wild animals right off the bat, but, like - I majored in English, you guys; even just from a What Am I More Currently Prepared For standpoint...Iiiiii'm going with education (...I feel like I should disclaim here, though, I still don't want to be a school teacher!! WORKING IN MUSEUMS/ZOOS/AQUARIUMS 4 LYPHE~~).
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Soooo my Seattle family has come and gone, and - while it was pretty crazy, ngl - it was a lot of fun. All the same, I find that generally, just about the time when we're about to part ways anyway, I find myself desperately in need of some quiet. Like, of course I love my nephews and all, and love spending time with them, just - sometimes I DON'T want to be woken up by the sounds of a 2 and 4 year old chasing the cat, and the dog chasing them (in order to give them doggy kisses. Lots and loooots of doggy kisses).

But, so, yeah, now I do have a little break - well, as much of a break as it can be, with a whooooole bunch of stuff I've got to finish up at work (it's mostly boring stuff, like, entering data into Excel spreadsheets, which is why I've been procrastinating), and then Christmas and New Year's coming up, right (I still have no idea what I'm doing for NYE! But I do have a pretty good handle on what I want to get everyone for Christmas, even if I haven't actually bought anything yet. So...that's something).
And then, since one of my nephews' birthdays is in the middle of January, and the other is in the (relative) beginning of February, my parents and I are going to head over to Seattle right in the middle, at the end of January, so we can be there for the babies' combined birthday party (they WERE going to have separate parties, I think, but since they both want a superhero theme anyway...). So that should be fun, if ridiculously cold.

The OTHER fun thing (hopefully) happening in January is this: I start my new internship at the Philadelphia Zoo! \o/
...yeahhh, that was the one application I actually managed to get out, recently (and it was VERY INVOLVED, okay, it was a lot of work), and I had an interview on Friday, and I GOT IT, and I AM PUMPED )

Wow, idk, that was a lot of blathering. ...Basically, I AM EXCITE, YOU GUYS, even though people have already tried to tell me that maybe I should be looking for the kind of Experience that involves sitting at a desk and staring at a computer screen (well, not in so many words, I mean, but -- essentially). FUCK THAT, you guys, I cannot WAIT to be at the Children's Zoo in January in my old sneakers and khaki pants (that...I totally don't own. *mental note to go shopping*) and zoo-issued shirt and nametag, meeting the people who work there and hanging out with the animals (...even the creepy-eyed goats. Though SOMEONE IS GOING TO HAVE TO TELL ME WHY THEIR EYES LOOK LIKE THAT).

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HEY KIDS. Have a meme!

book meme! )

I probably left out a TON of books I've read/I love, but this was just sort of off the top of my head meme completion, soooo.

...idk, my internet presence has been kind of spotty these days (even on Tumblr! GASP, SHOCK AND HORROR, I know, right), but I miss LJ ~most of all~. So here is me, making an effort!

In rl news, I just sent out an internship application this morning (...yes, just one. LOOK, okay, it took me a MONTH to get this one together; the other ones are GOING TO HAVE TO WAIT)! WISH ME LUCK, OMG.

Also, my family from Seattle (brother, sister-in-law, two nephews) is coming to visit soon, for Thanksgiving! I AM SO PSYCHED, YOU GUYS - like, more than I thought I'd be, even. I mean, obviously I love them all, and love spending time with them, but, like...idk, you know, you just get a little sick of your family, after a while, and the babies are kind of a handful...
But idk, guys, I am SUPER PUMPED. I think it's probably because I've been busier at work, these days, and also, for the past week, my mom's been in India (for my cousin's wedding), so I've been holding down the fort, and IT IS TERRIBLE, EVERYONE NEEDS SOMETHING ALL THE TIME (lulz, Hufflepuff I am not). ...also, I miss my mommy. So I think I'm just really excited for, you know, relaxing at home, with everyone there - like, uh, these days I am mostly just talking to my pets...? - and then, also, like, we generally do exciting things with the kids, like hit up museums/the zoo/aquarium, or bake things, or do arts and craft-y projects, or...idk, fun, low-pressure stuff. Sooooo yeah.

Oh, and, speaking of things I'm excited for, the Quidditch World Cup is this weekend! SO PUMPED, OMG. [livejournal.com profile] bohemu and I went last year, too, and it was AMAZING AND EPIC, and this year promises to be even AMAZINGER AND EPICER (...shhhh). I've already got plans to go, both days, totally obnoxiously decked out in Gryffindor apparel (thaaaank you Pottermore, for VALIDATING MY LIFE \o/), and we are going to watch some awesome games, hear some awesome commentary (HOPEFULLY; the commentators from last year were hilarious, and we will die a little inside if they aren't back this time), listen to some awesome wizrock bands (there are a whoooole bunch playing, but Harry and the Potters have my heart forever), and, you know, probably have some awesome fun-time booze-times at some point.

OH, ALSO! I totally forgot to mention this before, BUT! About...a month ago, I guess?? I got my hair cut! I mean, like, CUT cut - it was around shoulder-length, before, and now it's pixie/boy short. I like it a lot! It's a LOT easier to manage (hello, super-thick, super-curly hair), and I can still do things with it (...well, I mean, less things than before, but still!), without feeling like I HAVE to (...because otherwise, before, it used to just be EATING MY FACE), etc, etc. Plus, now I look a lot cooler, imo.
I will try to remember to take some pictures to show you guys! I mean, I have some pictures of me, since I've had it cut, buuuut they're not great, for showing off my hair. So I will try to take some new ones (NOTE TO SELF: REMEMBER TO DO THIS)!

ummmmm, so yeah! NOW I AM GOING HOME (lulz, I'm currently at work. Not actually working, obviously! WOOPZ).
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Soooo it is almost my birthday!
I keep forgetting, though -- I mean, like, I know it's September, now, and I know my birthday is coming up, vaguely, just - it hasn't hit me yet that it's tomorrow. TBH, idk that I'm ready to be 23! I mean, 22 was a pretty good year, and also my lucky number, sooo. ...I will tell you one thing, though, I've been at least partially looking forward to being 23 for a while now, if only so that Blink-182's "What's My Age Again?" will now apply to me. ...what can I say, sometimes I have pretty simple life goals.

Anyway, though, I did do something, for my birthday - [livejournal.com profile] bohemu and I continued our trend of city-hopping by going to Chicago! ...aaaand promptly fell in love.
I mean, I'd heard from everyone (EVERYONE) that I was going to LOVE Chicago, so I went in hopeful, if a little dubious. But, well, PEOPLE WERE RIGHT. I mean, look - just of the cities we've visited, NY and Philly are all right, but a little -- idk, too much NY and Philly, DC was fun, but kind of a shitshow, and Boston was delightful, but - idk, I keep trying to think of a defining moment for it, and I can't? It was my favorite, out of all these, and I def want to go back soon, just - idk, idk. :/

But Chicago? idk, it just - felt comfortable. Like, obvz I'd never been there, and I'm generally suuuuper not a city person, but, like, it felt like I knew Chicago, and could easily live there. Not forever, maybe, but at least for this point in my life - working out my career and my ~relationships~, with friends and Chicago steady at my back.

Oh, because, that's the other thing! I was with [livejournal.com profile] bohemu, obviously, but we also met up with some awesome people, including [livejournal.com profile] goldenguess, [livejournal.com profile] rhombal, and [livejournal.com profile] musictoyourlips. And everyone was uniformly amazing! [livejournal.com profile] bohemu was saying, we DEFINITELY have to go back to Chicago, soon, not only for the things we didn't get to see (including some parts of the things we did get to see! CHICAGO MUSEUMS, Y U SO LARGE), but also because there are good people here, people we loved meeting and want to hang out with again ASAP (...and, ahem, people who, if they should feel the need to visit the East Coast at any point, we would love to have!).

...also, we miss it. chicagooooo, je t'aimeeeee ♥

So, um, yeah. Chicagoooooo<3333, and also I AM ALMOST 23, GAIZ, WHAT IS GOING ONNNNNN.
...and now, if you will excuse me, I am going to partake in some coffee cake, and enjoy my last bits of year 22. ♥
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Hey kids!

So yeah, LJ is sort of falling by the wayside these days...?? But, like.....I miss it. I mean, I myself am not on as often as I used to be, now that I'm: a, actually doing more things IRL, and b, mostly taking in media that doesn't really have fandoms. But, guys - I miss the fandom-related flailing! I miss the memes! I even miss the wank! ....okay, I don't miss the wank that much. But yeah, overall, LJ, WHERE HAVE YOU GOOOOOOOONEEEEEEEEE. :((((

Uh, okay, so now more on what I have been doing!

First, RL. [livejournal.com profile] bohemu and I are going to Chicago for a couple days, in September! So all of you guys who've been to/live in Chicago, suggestion us up! I mean, we have a vague list of things we want to do, but we're always open to suggestions! Especially because neither of us have ever been, right, so we know jack all about the city.
Also, if you do live there, and want to meet up and hang for a bit, we would love that! Just let me know.

Okay, now fandom(-ish).

Number one, and probz most prevalent in my mind rn, I HAVE STARTED WATCHING HAWAII FIVE-0, AND I AM IN LOVE )

...okay. Number two!
So, like I've mentioned a couple times here recently, I've been reading up a storm, these days! And generally I've been going around in a Dresden Files/Temeraire/Discworld loop, but recently I wanted to take a little break from that. And, well, I'd been meaning to reread my copy of The Three Musketeers for a while, so, uh, that's what I'm doing?? )

Thing three, that actually should probz be part b of thing one:

So, uh, after continually feeling like I have a TON of shows I watch, all of which I have seasons upon seasons to catch up on for, I realized the other day, I only actively watch 6 shows, now )

So, uh, yeah, that's it, I guess?? FOR NOW~~
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Hello hello, I have returned!

I am glad to be back, but Seattle was a lot of fun -- hanging with the nephews is always great, even if they are total monkeys (well, they're 2 and 4 years old, WHAT CAN YOU DO).

Camping was also fun! )

Soooo, yeah. Other than that, I went to a bunch of museums with the kids, ran around a couple parks, pretended to be various animals/dinos/fish, and read a whoooole lot of books (mostly picture books, but I got through a couple of my own, too!). Overall verdict: FUN!

But yeah, I am glad to be back, with my kitty and puppy and continuous internets and TV with more than basic cable (not that there was that much time to watch TV or go online anyway, there, but still)!
Soooo yeah, HELLO! How have all of your weeks been?
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Uh, yeah, so! Tomorrow morning (early, early tomorrow morning -- I have to wake up at 5:30, ugh), I am heading off to Seattle, to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and two baby nephews (...well, they're 2 and 4, now, but they'll always be babies to me~)!!

...I haaaaaate flying, and it seems a lot easier to just stay here at home and hang around in my pajamas and read and stream things from Netflix, BUT of course I love hanging out with my nephews, so it'll be fun, I can already tell! I think we're mostly just going to be hitting up the museums and the zoo and all that, but also my sister-in-law was appalled when she heard I'd never been camping, so we are apparently going to do that, too!

So, yeah, I will be back -- well, I'll be back next Tuesday (the 28th!) evening, buuuut tbh, it'll probably be the 29th, before I rly get back into the internet swing of things. I mean, I will probably have internet time in Seattle, too, buuuuut certainly nowhere near the amount of time I hang around the interwebz at home. So, uh, until I get back, HAVE FUN, HOLD DOWN THE FORT, DON'T BLOW ANYTHING UP WHILE I'M GONE. And let me know what I miss, too, here and on Tumblr!! BYE KIDS, ILU~~
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Sooo yesterday, my puppy was really sleepy and lethargic the whole day - I had to (literally) drag him outside to go pee, and all he wanted to do was keep lying down, even when he saw the cat was around. He ate his breakfast and lunch, but slowly (which is TOTALLY unlike him), and then didn't have much interest in eating his dinner.

So we took him to the vet last night - turns out he had a fever, and was hyper-salivating, which is a sign of nausea. They did an X-ray that showed signs of internal blockage, and so they kept him overnight, on an IV (to keep him hydrated and nourished).

By this morning his fever had gone down, but they X-rayed him again, and since he was still blocked up, they did surgery on him, to clear out his stomach. Turns out they found a lot of food he couldn't digest, and, right where the stomach leads into the small intestine, was a bunch of mulch. ....guys, you should understand, this dog eats EVERYTHING he can get his little mouth on, and so, though we generally try to keep a sharp eye on him when he goes out, I know he does eat mulch, a lot of the time. We sort of just thought it'd pass out in his poop, like the little twigs he also sometimes eats...?? But the vet said the bigger pieces sometimes don't, and I guess it also just built up a little, there.

Right now he was just waking up from the anesthesia, and he's on painkillers and antibiotics and all. They're going to keep him overnight again so that he can recover a little bit, and then he'll probably be okay to come back home tomorrow evening, or Saturday morning, maybe.

But, so, yeah, WORLD'S MOST DIFFICULT DOG strikes again (lulz, I didn't even tell you guys, but a couple weeks ago he swallowed a sock one morning, so THAT was a whole thing, too -- he eventually vomited it up, so he didn't need surgery, but, like, DOG, STOP EATING EVERYTHING)!

I kind of miss looking at his dumb puppy face, sooo HERE ARE SOME PICTURES FOR YOUUU (and me, okay, okay). These are all from...about a week ago, I think? )

We took some pictures of my kitty, too, but for some reason they're only on my mom's computer...?? Sooo idk, idk, MAYBE LOOK FOR THOSE LATER.
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Yesterday I was at work, but my mom and I had brought my puppy in, and so during lunch, we took him to the nearby dog park. There weren't that many other dogs there, but it was nice, we ran around, and Baxter def had a lot of fun. And then, for the rest of the day, I could smell the outdoors on me -- you know that smell, all wind and grass and dirt? ...yeah, that, and the sun was shining merrily in through the window, and I was looking at pictures of sundresses online, and listening to some quality tunes, and -- seriously, it was like spring/summer sensory overload, almost, aaaand it was DELIGHTFUL.

So, I thought, why not share all of that with you guys? Obvz I can't give you the outdoor smell or even the sunshine across the interwebz, but what I CAN share with you is the music.

So: here is a mix for all of you, for the spring and summer now and to come; for the kind of days you just want to spend gallivanting outdoors with your friends/family/pets/etc, just running around and having adventures and - just basically living it up, nice-weather-style.

...like, the kind of day you'd have an impromptu scavenger hunt or something, full of a lot of ridiculous hijinks, maybe culminating in finding the nearest playground and climbing all the jungle gym equipment even though you're far too tall for all of it, and then having a swinging contest -- and then getting a little cleaned up and going out with your friends for happy hour specials in the bars' outdoor seating areas, and then...maybe there'd be fireworks, just because I like them. ...oh, and, SUPER ideally, there'd be someone to make out with, as you traipse around in your slightly buzzed state (which is the best phase of drunkenness, let's be honest, because - if you're me, anyway - you're just so happy about everything).

....uhhh, yeah. So anyway! HERE IS THE MUSIC, FOR YOUUUUUUUUU~~ )
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I keep meaning to make this entry, but there's NEVER ENOUGH TIIIIME. But, uh, okay, here, now -

First off, TV:

Being Human 3x01 )

Primeval 4x05 )

Okay, now, thing 2, and the reason why this post has been so long in the making (seriously, I even had to take a couple-hour break in the middle of typing this up) WE GOT A PUPPY.

I know I'd mentioned a couple places that we were planning to get one in the spring, and well, we were - we'd already decided that we wanted a Goldendoodle, and found a good breeder (in Ohio, but they drive the puppies over). So that was happening, and we were waiting, but there was also a litter from this breeder that'd been born around Christmastime, and now all the puppies had been taken, except one. We (well, mostly my mom and I) were spending a lot of time on the site, just out of excitement, and the puppy was just sitting there, looking sad and homeless, aaaand so, being the saps that we are, were like, "...well, there's no harm in just asking what he's like..." Blah blah blah, you guys know the rest, NOW WE HAVE A PUPPY.

He was the smallest in his litter (8th born out of 10), and, because he's mostly Poodle (75%, I think), he's got a curly coat. He and two of his siblings were all black, and because people are ridiculous and don't like black cats and dogs for some insane reason, those three were the last to go. Eventually his other two siblings found a home, though, and just he was left. But NO MORE (so...yeah, now we have a black cat AND a black dog, WHAT UP)!! I don't even know how people couldn't take him, he's adorbz, and SUCH a good boy -- I mean, he's still a puppy, so he likes to chew all the time, and he sometimes has accidents inside, but he LOVES people (he gets SO excited when he sees not just us, but pretty much ANYone, especially kids), and just wants to sit by/on you and chew on his toys. In the past week and a half, since he's been here, he's learned to sit, his name (...sort of), and as of yesterday, he's started walking to the door and standing there when he wants to go out. Also, when he gets tired, he tends to put himself in his crate (where we've been putting him for naps/overnight - he generally sleeps from around 9:30 at night to 6 AM), or to this sheet we've laid out next to it, and just flops down and goes to sleep (though he also likes sleeping in my lap, I'm kind of wary about that, because when he's full grown, he'll be about 50 pounds, and -- well, I'm not sure I really want 50 pounds of dog in my lap).

I don't really have a great picture, yet, but, uh, here, you can have the one the breeder sent us, before we got him, though the flash is a little crazy there.
Oh! Also, because I can't believe I didn't mention this anywhere earlier, his name is Baxter (and my new kitty's name is Comet -- who I don't have a great picture of, either. Ah, difficult-to-photograph pets)!
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Well, first of all, HAAAAAAY, NEW FRIENDS!!! I'm glad y'all are around, and I hope that I get to know you better soon, this year!!

Second, HAPPY NEW YEAR, kidlets!! As my friend pointed out, this is the last full year before the world ends, so LET'S MAKE IT A GOOD ONE, yeah??

I was out in Philly for NYE (for new friends, that's where I went to college, and where a bunch of my friends still do, so I'm up there a lot, actually), and though we didn't actually do that much, it was fun! We got to watch the fireworks at Penn's Landing (there was a good amount of drunken "Auld Lang Syne" singing, lulz), and then we traipsed up to Chinatown and had delicious sushi and sake bombs (not AS delicious, since I DO actually hate beer, but useful!) and the like.

The next day a few of us (me, and the friends that actually live there -- we had a couple other friends up for the night, too, but they left pretty early New Years Day. NOT THAT YOU GUYS CARE THIS MUCH, buuuut STILL) sat around and made -- well, I'm hesitant to call them "resolutions", because no one (including me, certainly) ever sticks to their resolutions, buuuut I guess that's what they were, for lack of a better term! So, mine are: to find a job/internship (part of that is people actually HIRING me, buuut I want to get some more applications out, too), meet more new people IRL (potential relationships, maybe, but also just friends!), and eat better (and I don't even mean this in the "I really want to lose three pounds" sort of way, just, I KNOW in college, especially my last year, I was eating allll sorts of junk, allll the time -- also, I'm, like, 99% sure I have PCOS [haven't been officially diagnosed yet, but I KNOW I have a bunch of the symptoms, including the ovarian cysts and the hormone imbalances and whatnot, soooo], and eating low-gi foods apparently really helps with that). Also, I AM going to be on LJ more, now, so, I guess that also counts.

Also, idk yet how much of this is actually going to come to fruition, but one of my friends is really big on snowboarding, and, for Christmas, her parents promised her they'd pay for a place up in the Poconos for her and a bunch of her friends to go up and go winter sporting. I've never been snowboarding or skiing, but it's always been on my list of things to try, sooooo WE'LL SEE HOW THAT GOES.

...uhhhh, idk, I feel like I had more to add, here, but I GUESS NOT. Soooo I will end this now! BYE GUYZ; HAPPY 2011!!
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Thaaaat's right, kids - 22 years ago, on this day, September 22, at 2:22 pm (...yeah, I know; there is a REASON 2 is my lucky number), I WAS BORN.
And the world has been a little more amazing ever since (modesty, what is this "modesty" you speak of?)! \o/

I actually kept forgetting it was almost my birthday, because it doesn't feel like it -- like, it doesn't even feel like September, much less almost the end of it. I actually had a dream a couple of nights ago in which I completely forgot my birthday until midnight on the 23, and then was SO distraught and upset that I actually woke up at 3 AM and had to reassure myself that I, in fact, had not actually forgotten my own date of birth.

So, this year I decided I wanted to take a trip to Boston for my birthday, so, this past weekend, that's just what [livejournal.com profile] boheme06 and I did. It was AWESOME - we partied it up at this ridiculous gay bar complete with Jagermeister shots in test tubes and suuuper-muscley male go-go dancers, ate excessive amounts of DELICIOUS food, ran around the aquarium and invented personalities for all (...well, most, anyway) of the animals, and, basically, had a gr8, GR8 time.
And, while this, certainly, doesn't cover EVERYthing awesome we did/saw, I took pictures! So...enjoy those.

For my actual birthday, I'm not doing much, though - I have to go in for my internship, buuuut I told my supervisor I have a doctor's appointment, and so am going to head home an hour early, where my mom has promised to make gyros for dinner, because....well, because I love them.
Then on Friday I'm going to head up to Philly after work, to celebrate/chill with my friend who's there, and then, on Saturday, I think my parents and my brother and I are all going out to dinner somewhere.

....okay, listed all at once like that, it sounds like a LOT. But - idk, all these plans just sort of happened. Also, I still do have to go to work, in the middle of all this!
Buuuut also, WHATEVER, I am only going to be 22 ONCE, right. So, like, why the hell NOT, right.

ANYWAY. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY MY BIRTHDAY (and yes, of course, as always, also Bilbo and Frodo Baggins', and Tom Felton's, and Adam Lazzara's, and Joan Jett's and Scott Baio's and Toni Basil's and Anne of Cleves' [apparently], and AUTUMN's, aaaaand a bunch of other people's, because this parenthetical note is WAY long already)!!!!!!!!
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So, this past weekend, [livejournal.com profile] boheme06 and I went to Washington DC!! It was......interesting, let's just say.

If you're friends with [livejournal.com profile] boheme06, she's written an entry about the entire trip, complete with - well, half of this ridiculously nonsensical, drunky vlog we made (I say "half of" because it was, seriously, just about 30 minutes of us talking about nothing, and giggling. ....and the REALLY sad part is, we're totally like that when we're sober, too).

But, just in case you are feeling the tl;dr, and just want to look at pictures: ta-da!!

...yeahhh, besides that, I'm not sure that there's anything going on with me right now worth noting (hence, the lack of posts lately)! Still working/interning, still behind on almost everything I watch (I am up-to-date on HIMYM, TBBT, and My Boys! But...nothing else), stiiiill mostly just awkwarding all over the place. ...so, you know, pretty much the same.
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Okay, so. Generally my mom drops me to the train station on her way to work, from where I catch the train up to Philly for my internship. Today she had a late meeting, though, so I drove myself.
The parking lot at the train station is tiny, and generally fills up SUPER fast - today I actually found a spot, though, so I took it, obviously. It was between an already parked car and a curb, and there wasn't a whole lot of space, but I managed to fit the car in, and I went off to my internship.

When I got back, in the evening, there was a note stuck in my windshield wipers that said, "ASSHOLES. COULD NOT GET IN MY CAR". ....okay, first of all, I fail to see how it is SOLELY MY FAULT that you got blocked in. There is totally a car on the other side of you, hello! Also, the space I had wasn't very big, I did the best I could - it's not like I said, "HAHA! Let me be a total dick and wedge this person here into their spot!!". And also, so, okay, you couldn't get in your driver's side door, fine. This has happened to me before, believe it or not. And you know what I did?? I USED THE OTHER DOOR. It was a little annoying, but it worked, and I totally didn't need to FLIP OUT and be obnoxiously aggressive to a total stranger.

But whatever, I brushed it off, ripped up the note, and headed home. When I got back, I, mostly jokingly, said to myself, "well, okay, let me just check the car to see that they didn't do any damage to it!!"
....LO AND BEHOLD, I walk around to the passenger's side door to see "ASS" written on my car, twice, in pen.

..........okay, WHAT?????

One, way to TOTALLY OVERREACT. If you really get THIS PISSY about something so small, you are seriously going to have a heart attack soon, or get your face kicked in when you start something unnecessarily with the wrong person.
And two, um, if you could get around to my door, to be a TOTAL DICK, how could you not get to yours??
...Oh, and three, WAY TO BE A DICK.
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Did you miss me? Because I sure missed all of YOU. *TACKLEHUGGGG*

I am SO SORRY I was gone for so long - basically, yes, school was a bitch. But the good news is, now, I am DONE!!!! That's right, college can KISS MY ASS. My last final was yesterday, and graduation is tomorrow!! I CANNAE WAIT, YOU GUYS, seeing as I lost focus, uhh, about halfway through last year, this celebration is LOOOOONG overdue.

And then, starting on Monday, I have an internship, at the Franklin Institute!! I'm the Development Intern, which basically means I get to help make sure the exhibits are developed into the best they can be, by doing focus groups and the like. Also, apparently we work with children from minority groups who go to school in the city, and bring them in for various science-y programs. I am excite!!
So that's Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and then Tuesdays and Thursdays I'm going in to work (well, "work", it's mostly just mucking about in Excel) at my mom's office, like I did this past summer.
I am SO THRILLED to not have to be a student anymore, you don't even KNOW. I mean, yes, I will probably go to grad school sometime in the next year or two, and yes, I'm not going to be doing the most glamorous work in all this, but, like, no more essays?? no more studying for exams??? SIGN ME UP.

Besides this, nothing too exciting has happened to me lately - there have been various little adventures this semester, most of them involving booze, or boys, or both, buuuut you know, COLLEGE, it happens.

Also, I've, apparently, gotten really into webcomics, all of a sudden? I mean, I always used to check [livejournal.com profile] beatonna's stuff, but now I've also found Questionable Content, Girls With Slingshots, Eros Inc, I was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space!!!, Menage a 3, and Curvy (those last two are NSFW, btw). They, seriously, have been making my LIFE. Like, sometimes the only thing that would get me to get my ass in gear and finish whatever assignment I was working on and then go to bed, was the thought that in the morning, there'd be NEW COMICS OMG!!!

What have YOU ALL been up to, though?? There was no way I could check the flist regularly, I'm sorry, but I'm working on getting back into that habit! In the meantime, tell me, you guys, what has been happening while I've been away? NOTHING COULD THRILL ME MORE THAN TO KNOW.
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I was totally going to make this entry in the afternoon, but WHATEVER, IT'S HALLOWEEN NOW. Also I was totally just out partying and so am still a little drunkyyyy!!! WOOOOO.
Actually, going out was a lot of fun...at first, anyway. See, my friend Alison is in the nursing program, right, and it turns out she's met a whole bunch of grad students through it. So, a couple weeks ago, one of her grad student friends invited us to a party they were having, and it was AWESOME, okay. Let me tell you guys, I've never been much of a fan of undergrad frat parties, because they're just noisy and crowded and sweaty and GROSS. Plus, undergrads are DOUCHES. ...and I say this, as one myself!! But so anyway, turns out grad student parties are suuuuper fun - at that one, we totally played boardgames and had a barbecue, but there was also a lot of beer and other assorted draaank, aaaand I totally did two shots and then puked.
So then tonight one of the other grad students (who we met at the previous party, so we knew her, sort of), had a Halloween party, and that was also, AWESOME. It was mostly just, like, chilling with drinks, but Alison's first nursing friend (who had invited us to the previous party) made tequila Jello shots, in limes, and she also made me some drink that was like, rum and apple cider and cinnamon?? IDK, it was deliiiicious. And also, these grad students are so chill!! They're SUPER nice, and even though I puked last time, no one held it against me or anything, and the boy who had peer pressured me into doing those shots (lulz, it's a long story. I'd never done shots before, and also he may or may not have been chatting me up?? THE VERDICT IS STILL OUT), who I thought would be awkward around me, I totally had a great conversation with, in which he told me I made a very natural Batgirl, and should just go around fighting crime all the time.

OH YEAH, that's because, I forgot to tell you guys, I finally got my Batgirl costume together this year!! I've been wanting to do it for yeaaaaars now, and so this year I finally got on top of shit and bought the stuff I needed to buy, and made (lulz, well, made my mom make) the stuff I needed to make, and now I am BATGIRL, and my costume totally got complimented by, like, 10 MILLION people tonight. And then tomorrow I'm going to the Village Parade, in NYC, which, if it's anything like last year, will be the MOST FUN EVERRRRRRR. \o/


My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
splits_thesky goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as BATGIRL!!.
boheme06 tricks you! You get a scratched CD.
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killmotion tricks you! You get a rock.
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velvet_midnight gives you 6 green root beer-flavoured gummy worms.
waterlanding tricks you! You get a wet rag.
xmindthegapx gives you 18 softly glowing apple-flavoured gummy bats.
splits_thesky ends up with 24 pieces of candy, a scratched CD, a broken balloon, a rock, and a wet rag.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

lulz, Lia, there's seriously, like, some little gremlin that sits in this site and just cackles every time we come around, all, "MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAA, IT IS TIME FOR THE SCRATCHED CDSSSSS!!!!"

Also, you guys were, just generally, SUPER MEAN this year, wtf. I CAN HAS MOAR CANDY, PLZ???

OKAY, so anyway, yyyy, I'm back home after partying!! Because, see, some of our friends wanted to meet up and go frat partying, so we had to leave the AWESOME, AWESOME grad party, and then the frat party TOTALLY SUCKED, and so I left. I am still kiiiind of festive, though, so I don't think I'm going to head to sleep just yet. I'll probably just end up watching some eps of Entourage, I bet. WHICH, btw, is AWESOME, so all of you that watch, HANDS UP, so I can talk to you about how awesome it is and also how Kevin Connolly is SUUUUPER DREAMYYYYY (he is my new desktop, now, even, because the dreaminess was SO MUCH).

SOOOOOO, YEAH, totally going now. This post is totally and unnecessarily rambly, huh. I would blame it on the alcohol (god, now that song's going to be stuck in my head forever), but....I get rambly even when I'm sober, soooo. OKAY SO ANYWAY, BYE GUYS, AND HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEN!!!!!!!
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lulz, confused??

so yeah, SOMEONE'S 21 TODAY!! )

Anyway, so yes, today I turn 21!! Not officially until 2:22 in the afternoon (it'll be 2:22 on 9/22/09. Maybe I should play the lottery with some 9s and 2s, jeez), but still, YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY IT'S MY BIRTHDAY YAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!! Oh, and also, a very happy birthday to all my birthday twins, of course (because, okay, there are WAAAAAY too many to list, even with just the people that are of special interest to me)!!
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Oh man, you guys, this week has been BUTT. I don't even know why, I just feel like it has taken forEEEEEver.
It's probably mostly because I am SO EXCITED for this weekend. See, it's my birthday this coming Tuesday, right (!!!!), and so this weekend [livejournal.com profile] boheme06 and my other BFF and I are all meeting up for BIRTHDAY SHENANIGANS.

See, tomorrow we're all going to my house (in NJ - my LJ-less friend - named Alison, just for future reference - is my neighbor there, too, so basically Lia's just coming to visit us), for a SUPER AWESOME BIRTHDAY SLUMBER PARTY. ...every time I tell someone I'm celebrating my 21st birthday by having a slumber party, they look at me like I'm crazy. WHATEVER, I AM CELEBRATING THIS MOMENTOUS STEP IN MY ADULTHOOD BY TOTALLY REGRESSING. And it will be AWESOME, I anticipate. The plan is for huuuuge ice cream sundaes and popcorn and renting really bad movies and mocking them, and thoroughly not sleeping.
Also, party hats. )

ANYWAY. So yeah, then, Saturday, all of us are going to trek up to Philly, to go see The Sounds in concert!!! omg, guys, it is (also) going to be AWESOME. Like, I only have the one album of theirs, but I LOVE it, and also, my girlcrush on Maja Ivarsson is ENORMOUS. She's so sassy!! God, you guys, I expect to LOVE it.
After that, we'll probably snag a whole bunch of blankets and pillows and such (mine, and Alison's - since she lives just down the street from me here in Philly too), and camp out on my apartment floor. I'm even excited about THAT, seriously. YAAAAY BIRTHDAY SHENANIGANS!!

UGHH, guys, I LOVE my birthday. I mean - obvz, because it's my birthday, but also because it kicks off what is, imo, the BEST TIME OF THE YEAR. Like, now we have my birthday, then Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then CHRISTMAS, then New Years, then [livejournal.com profile] boheme06's birthday, and then Alison's birthday. GOOD TIMES, ALL AROUND. \o/
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O hay, kids. Uh, I'm baaack, btw!! For those of you not following [livejournal.com profile] saveaplace, well, A, my pictures are up: http://picasaweb.google.com/splitsthesky , and B, London was aMAAAAAAAAAAzing, and I totally want to go back, right this second. This morning, coming in to school, I kept wondering what'd happen if I just jumped up and got off at the next stop, somehow got myself to the airport, and just bought a ticket across the Atlantic right then and there.

Unfortunately, I couldn't (though, man, I wanted to. LONDOOOOOOON<3333333), though, because, oh yes, school. Fall semester started today, and was probably the least stressful semester beginning I've ever had. One, because, I mean, I was just in summer classes two weeks ago, so it's not like I've really been away from this lovely institution, and two, I'm pretty sure I'm at the point where I just don't care anymore. I mean, I don't hate school or anything (other than, y'know, the work and all, lulz), but I'm a senior now, I've been in school almost all my life, and at Temple for four years now, Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters aaaall included, and I've got this shit down so that I don't even worry anymore about whether the outfit I put together in the morning looks cute for a good first impression or if I know where all my classes are, or anything like that. Let me tell you, the night before every year of high school used to be so stressful for me. I went to school with basically the same kids I'd known since kindergarten, but I was always so worried about everything. I have no idea why, now, but it happened. Whereas, today, I just sort of stomped through my day, rocking it, I mean, but also sort of just, "I'm here, I'm getting my shit done. Everyone else, I could not give a crap". You know (not to get too philosophical-y, but), I do feel like I've changed since I've come to college, but it was really less changing and more just working with who I already was. Now I know what I'm doing (uhhh, well, I know what I'm doing here at Temple, anyway, once I graduate I'm going to be lost), I've got a great support team (I used to feel so awkward about having such few friends. Now, I still only have about 3 people I'd consider my BFFs, but they're amazing, and, honestly, they're enough), and, y'know, I'm certainly still failboating my way through life, but now I'm at least learning to work it, I think. So yeah, thanks, college! And okay, fine, I will probably miss you, come next May. ...Although, maybe I won't! I mean, it's not like I'm going to stop being the same person, just because I graduate. IDK, whatever.

ANYWAY. Speaking of my very good friends, a couple of days ago [livejournal.com profile] boheme06 and I had our anniversary (lulz, well, "anniversary")!! SO. HAAAAAAAAAYY BB, HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY!!!!<333333 *CONFETTI!* I wanted to make a fanmix or something, but I still haven't made it back to my apartment, so...I couldn't. But definitely on it was going to be this song, so, um, there you go.
So basically, Lia, THANK YOU. Thank you for being an awesome friend, for being my twin, for always sticking around to cheer me up when I need it, for laughing with me at the most ridiculous things, until we both totally can't breathe, for completely vindicating my even making an LJ, and for...you know, everything. Like, thanks for not actually being a creepy 40-year-old stalker, because that would have made all those times we've met up reaaally weird, and also, totally confirmed all of my mom's suspicions about the internet. So yes, THANKS, and ILU, and also, we need to get a move on on our Halloween costumes, because it's almost September, and we NEED to rock that parade, hello. :D

...I feel like I had more to say here. IDK - it was my mom's birthday yesterday (HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, MOMMY, even though you will never read this, and also, I totally wished you actually on time yesterday)! I only saw my first full episode of CSI:NY this past weekend, but I also discovered it makes me ridiculously happy (EDDIE CAHILL LOOKS LIKE SEAN MAHER, COME ON. Also, Danny is adorable, and Melina Kanakaredes is rockin' it for the curly-haired chicks!!)! Schuyler Fisk is adorable and I want her to be my girlfriend (and there miiiight be a pimping post about her soon, so watch out for that, maybe)! WOOOOOO.
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God, I have been FAILING at LJ lately. I know I keep saying that, but...I am. I remember when I used to have to fight myself from posting, like, 5 times a day, and now it's just, like - once a month. IF that.
So, uh, sorry about that (idk, school = my life, these days, and also...I never have anything exciting to say. PERHAPS THE TWO ARE RELATED)!!

ANYWAY, the point of this entry is, I am going to fail at LJ some more, because tomorrow, I am getting on a plane and GOING TO LONDON. ...wait, let me repeat. I AM GOING TO LONDON.
....other than TOTALLY ROCK IT, I mean. But yeah, SUPER EXCITED, but also SUPER NERVOUS. What if this totally sucks, guys?? YOU GUYS, IT CAN'T SUCK. No pressure, though, London, NONE AT ALL, it's not like I've been waiting my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE to go. ....OH WAIT.

aaaahhhhh whatever whatever I will totally be fine you guys, I am just freaking out over nothing, and half of it is excited freaking out anyway. But yeah, still, my brain right now is in a pretty constant state of "AAAAAAHHHHH LONDONNNNNNNN"

So yeah, leaving tomorrow, back on the 27th, blah blah blah, HIATUS TIME. Oh, except not, totally. So my family&friends and all have kept being like, "SO, ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE A BLOG?? HUH? HUH?? ARE YOU?? AAAAAAAAAAAREEEEEEE YOUUUUU??????".
So, uh, I did: [livejournal.com profile] saveaplace!!

That is going to be my travel blog from now on, I think (hopefully that means I will actually TRAVEL a lot, after this - I'm 99% sure I'm still going to be able to go backpacking across Europe next year, at any rate, so THAT should be exciting). The thing is, idk how often I'll actually be able to update it?? There're apparently computers in the hostel I'm staying at, but I'm not sure how many, how busy they'll be, how much time I'll have, etc, etc. So...I'll try to keep it up?? But NO GUARANTEES.
Oh also, you all are a smart bunch, you don't need me to tell you this, but just in case - if you DO end up hanging around [livejournal.com profile] saveaplace, just keep in mind, my family and non-fandomy friends (who mostly all know I already have an LJ, just...not what I do on it) are probz going to be reading that, mostly?? So CUT THE PRON TALK, GUYZ. ...I know you guys are all totally fine upstanding citizens, though, this is just precautionary.

Anyway yes, LEAVING ON A JET PLAAAAAANE tomorrow!! Which means I should probz get some sleep now, for realz. See y'all on the flip side (whether that ends up being across the Atlantic, or here, when I return)!! Oh, and also, AAAAAAHHHHH LONDONNNNNNNN


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