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So, things are good, and things are bad.

The bad things are - I still don't have my own computer, and sharing with my family is a pain, I have a bajillion things due very soon, and, yeah, very little time to do them in, and...well, school's not over yet (I always burn out around this point in the semester - it's the reason why summer sessions, which are only six weeks, work so much better for me).

But the good things are - I'm sort of decided on a major, minor, and career path (Greek&Roman classics, English, and librarian, respectively, and, while this is all still EXTREMELY subject to change, it's still pretty huge), and - Panic(!) at the Disco. Panic(!) was very nearly on the bad list, though, and for reasons why, as well as reasons why it ultimately isn't, I give you a story, entitled, 'Panic(!) at the Disco...and me'. )

And now, my thoughts on Pretty. Odd., track by track. )

...THE END. Holy balls, this is a monster of a post. THANK YOU, AND GOODNIGHT.
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Today is a one [livejournal.com profile] boheme06's birthday!! And, as such, I am here to say, HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LIAAAAAAA!!!! I hope you are having the MOST GLORIOUS BIRTHDAY EVER!! ♥ x infinity!

Because I am probably the least subtle person ever, you probably know you have a JWalk picspam coming, BUT FIRST! Okay, so, the picspam isn't that big, and you've probably seen most of the pictures already (...actually, now that I'm looking at it again, mostly just that second one), so you have another part to your present - and here it is, your very own mini!mix!!! )

Aaaand now, Part 2 - A Collection of Pictures, Featuring Jonathan Jacob Walker (and Some Other Ridiculous Boys)! )
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Sometimes I get so sick of all the wank and shit in fandom. In bandom, as long as you stay within your own little corner of the interwebz, I've found, it's generally okay, but trying to venture out into the rest of the big bad internets generally turns out to be a mistake. Sometimes it gets to the point where I just think I might be better off taking a break from it all.

...Sometimes that happens.
And then, sometimes, this and this and this happen, and I realize, I can never leave; I'm so totally besotted with these kids' STUPID FACES.
(I seem to be particularly besotted with this stupid boy's stupid face...) )

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So far winter break has been nothing but fabulous!!
I finished all my Christmas shopping super fast, I passed all my classes - and well, too - and my friends are all getting on break themselves and coming hooooome!! PLUS, no school! And, ancient history has decided to showcase its TOTAL AWESOME, meaning maybe now I actually have a life goal! AND IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!!!!! sieghaosdaubsdasd GUYZ, THINGS ARE AMAZING.

case in point! )

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...AKA here is a list, because I'm too lazy to write a real entry:

1. Panic! at the Disco. OKAY NO LOOK, I loved them before, but now I kind of LOVE love them. And I don't even have a good reason! I haven't even finished watching the DVD (by which I mean, I've seen about 10 minutes of it so far), but there are already a million and one things I love about it. The way Brendon immediately goes, "FIRST SHOWER!!11!11!!!", and everyone else is just all, "....."!! The way Ryan laughs at something Bden says at that one point! SpencerSmith!! Ryan never sweats!! Jon Walker!! "I'm gonna get naked, is that cool?"!! The little high-fives they all do!! GOD, I COULD GO ON FOREVER. And just off of this little bit!! UGH, BOYS.
Also this morning, when I was kind of half asleep and half awake, I had this sort of dream(/daydream??) in which Brendon and I switched bodies. It wasn't as much fun as you'd think it might be, though, I was like, "I HAVE TO STUDY FOR FINALS!!!11!! AND I CAN'T SING!!!1!!!", and there was a lot of flailing. At the end, there was a bit where he and I (is that even proper grammar?? idk.) hung out together and giggled and ate marshmallows/threw them at each other, though, that was nice. ...Yeah.

2. Pete/Mikey! idek, guys, I just have become very...enraptured by their ~*~EPIC TALE OF LOVE AND LOSS~*~ lately. I even have an icon now, after swearing to myself I'd never have an icon of Pete Wentz's face!! And, like, a couple of days ago I got really mad at Pete for some dumb reason and pointedly skipped all the Fall Out Boy songs that came up on my iPod's shuffle ("UGH PETE, I HAVE NO INTEREST IN YOUR EMO TODAY), but I HAD to stop and listen to "Bang the Doldrums" (...unless it's about your sekrit love affair with Mikes, omg"). And, guys, this picture hurts my heart. UGH, WHAT THE HELL.

3. This song. I was flipping channels today, and caught about 5 seconds of it on a commercial, thought, "hey, that sounds vaguely cool", googled and downloaded it, and now have been listening to it ALL DAY. It's so bouncy! I feel like if it were a picture (shut up), it would be this one (AND YES, I KNOW THAT'S ACTUALLY MICHELLE BRANCH, LEAVE ME ALONE). I made a playlist of stuff to listen to while typing up this entry, and I just stuck this song in multiple times, so I could listen to it over and over.


...That's it, I think. And now, if you will excuse me, I have to go catch up on Psych so [livejournal.com profile] boheme06 doesn't punch me in the face.

ETA: Oh wait, there was a meme I was supposed to do, too. OH WELL, expect it next entry!! :D
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Okay, thing the first: I am completely, 500%, in love with Gerard Way.
I mean, I always really liked him, but Frankie was always my favorite MCR boy. AND THEN. I don't even know what HAPPENED, but it's safe to say I have now totally transitioned from being vaguely endeared to Gerard to being totally head-over-heels.
I am so sunk.

Thing the second!
Why is there not (or if there is, WHERE THE FUCK IS IT) P!atD fic in which Ryan has had *~*feelings*~* for Spencer for foreeeeeeeever, but always kept trying to deny them, because it's Spencer, his best friend, and all. Only one day Ryan catches (well, like, he sees them somehow, they may or may not know he's there) Spencer *~*gettin' it on*~* with...someone, I don't really know who yet, and it's, like, the hottest thing Ryan's ever seen. And he feels like he should be embarrassed and guilty about it, but he's not, he just can't stop thinking about the sharp line of Spencer's collarbone against the smooth curve of his neck, and Spencer's fingers splayed gracefully, but with surprising strength against a hip, and Spencer's eyes and Spencer's mouth and...
...huh?? Oh yeah, okay, and then some other stuff happens, idk, I haven't really thought that far ahead yet. Uh.
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I probably shouldn't have waited until the night before my concert to start listening to Santi and Cobra Starship's new album (haha, for, like, two seconds there I blanked on the real name, and could only remember "If the World Is Ending, We're Throwing the Party"), but then how would I be *~*true to myself*~* (myself being the biggest procrastinator ever)??
So anyway, listening to them now, at least. I didn't really like a lot of the CS songs at first, but now that I've heard them a couple times, they're growing on me. "Prostitution Is The World's Oldest Profession (And I, Dear Madame, Am A Professional)" gets major points from me for the title alone, but I also rly like it!! And "The City is at War", and "Guilty Pleasure", and "My Moves Are White (White Hot That Is)", BUT my absolute favorite song on the album has got to be "Damn You Look Good And I'm Drunk (Scandalous)". I mean, seriously?? Seriously, Gabe???? UGH, AMAZING. ♥♥
My favorite song off Santi is probz "Same Blood", mostly because it is awesome, but also because it is William and Gabe's sekrit love song!! BOYFRIENDS, Y'ALL.

Anyway, the main point of this entry is: I totally forgot it was my 2nd LJ-versary this week!! So now, happy belated birthday, LJ o'mine!!
In celebration, comment stats (as we do)!! )
The ones from last year, if you want to compare.

ALSO. Why did no one make me watch Pete's appearance on One Tree Hill before this?? ahahaha, you guys, most awkward thing EVER. Pete (from Fall Out Boy! I love how they keep tacking that on, like they're afraid people will forget), you are a lot of things, but an actor is not one of them!! Like, you guys, I had to watch that all in stages, because I couldn't take more than two minutes of it without cringing in embarrasment. OH, PETER.
Oh, but omg, Franz Ferdinand background music!! I was pleasantly surprised. :D

Oh, and if anyone cares, the sort-of bangs I cut myself the other day!! Or, well, that's what they looked like this morning, anyway.

...Uh, I guess that's it?? OH NO, OKAY, QUESTION TIME. Okay, if you were one member of any or all of the bandom bands, who would you be? Not who do you WANT to be, but, like, who do you think you're most like? I've been thinking about this a lot, for some reason, and for me, this is what I've got:

Panic! - Brendon, probably.
TAI... - Chiz
MCR - Frank, although not as AWESOME
FOB - NO ONE. Okay, maybe Patrick a little bit, but I feel like everyone in this band is more awesome than me, in various ways. Actually, now that I think about it, Fall Out Boy is the one band that, if I met them, I'd be intimidated by every single member. JEEZ, FOB.

I don't know enough about the individuals in GCH and Cobra Starship to pick there, but you can bet I'm gonna work to fix that!

Okay, that's really it, now. Wow, this was a random entry. Ah well, s'why you love me (right?? RIGHT????)!!
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...AKA, it's not spamming if I told you it was coming (although, technically, this post was supposed to be up 6 hours ago. WOOPZ.)!!

So, okay, things:

1. [livejournal.com profile] boheme06 and I have decided that Pete Wentz is the Chip Skylark we've always wanted!! I mean, THINK ABOUT IT. He has shiny teeth! People commonly think he's a jerk, until they get to know him! He's delicious! (Also, Lia, LOOK, OMGGGGG)
I was thinking maybe this makes Patrick Timmy (he's GOT to have at least one pink hat, come on. Plus, doesn't Chip call Timmy "little dude", or something??), but then I had the urge to cast everyone else, got confused, and stopped.

2. GUYS (which I totally just typoed with a 'z' at the end, hah). Why does no one else find it as hilarious as I do that Ryan Ross's puppy is named Hobo? Like someone here said, it's hobo and Hobo!! HAHAHA, OH RYAN ROSS. ♥♥


4. Okay, so, HALP, PLZ. My friend and I are going to see The Academy Is... and Cobra Starship on Friday, right, so I'm trying to make a list of stuff she needs to know before we go. So far, she knows that Gabe is a weirdo, and William's quite the looker, and a sweetheart (we "met" him on the Honda Civic Tour. We were lame and made shirts, but he said he liked them!). Oh, and she knows the music, of course.
But yeah, additionally, this is what I have so far... )

So, what's missing? If you have any more proof for these points, too, plz share!! I know everything's all unformatted and ugly, but I'm going to be emailing this to her, so it's going to have to do.

5. I'm sleeeeeeeeepy. *rubs eyes*
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In my Poli Sci class, we've just started discussing attitudes towards homosexuality, and I love it. Like, we spent the entirety of today's class listing all the possible objections people could have to homosexuality, and then just basically went through and debunked all of them. IT WAS SO GREAT, YOU GUYS. Plus, now that I have an excuse to write things like, "gay sex is safe sex!!" really big across my paper, I've totally started taking notes again, too. :DDDD

Yesterday, [livejournal.com profile] rain_dances posted this picture featuring Spencer's mom, with the cut tag "SPENCER'S MOM HAS GOT IT GOIN' ON", and then said "Spencer's mom/Ryan Ross = OTP. Seriously.", and I said, "OMG, YESSSSSSSSSSSS." So basically, guys, why is there not more fic featuring Spencer's hot mom?? It could go like this - Spencer's mom comes to visit the boys for...some reason, idk exactly, but Ryan's had this HUGE crush on her all his life, right, so he gets all flustered and awkward, and HILARITY ENSUES. And then, when Spencer's mom leaves, Jon, eyes slightly glazed over, goes, "...that's your mom???"
And Brendon cackles, and Spencer says, "Oh GOD, not AGAIN", but it's too late, Brendon's already broken out into a rousing Spencer-fied version of "Stacy's Mom" ("Spencer can't you see, you're just not the girl for meeeeeeeee..."). And Spencer facepalms, and is like, "I hate you. SO MUCH."
Brendon beams at him. He sidles up to Ryan and says, "Ryan knows what I'm talking about! Right, Ryan? Eh? Eh? Eh?"
Each question is punctuated by a pointed nudge of Ryan's shoulder, and Ryan turns bright red, lets out a tiny squeak, and bolts.
There's silence for a moment, and then Jon adds helpfully, "...That's your MOM."
The dull thunk of his head against the wall, Spencer thinks, makes a nice counterpoint to Brendon's maniacal giggling.


Also, explain this to me, dear flist. I normally never find Brendon Urie hot (fantastically adorable and monkey-faced, yes, but not hot), but every time I watch the "But it's Better if You Do" video, I totally want to jump his bones. It feels so weird - little monkey Bden?? - but HE IS SMOKIN'!!!! And, like, the little smirk he does at the end? AIFHAFIKHSGJSDJDHFGHDSF OMG, MY GIRLY BITS ARE IN FLAMES. I - just - DOES NOT COMPUTE!!
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Last night I had a really complicated dream, most of which I totally don't remember. What I do remember, though, is the part where I hugged Ray Toro and it was the BEST THING EVER. I mean, just - he was so TALL and STURDY and WARM, and I buried my face in his neck and didn't let go for a good 5 minutes. Like I said, I hardly even remember the rest of this dream, but I clearly remember, at that point, thinking, "OH MY GOD, THIS IS THE HAPPIEST MOMENT OF MY ENTIRE LIFE".

Also, can we discuss this picture?? Like, HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK. [livejournal.com profile] boheme06 and I were trying to figure it out, and we just ended up going, "...WHAT". So help, flist!

ETA: ALSO, can we (in the 10 minutes I have left before I go to face my doom) discuss how AWESOME Maja Ivarsson is?? I mean, SERIOUSLY, she OWNS. Like, look at this and just TRY to tell me those boys (and William, HAHAHA) aren't completely her bitches. JUST TRY!!
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homg, happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] killmotion!! Even though you are no longer 16 going on 17, you can be innocent as a rose if you WANT. DON'T LET THE SOUND OF MUSIC DICTATE YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!


Okay, so GUYS. Where is the Panic! fic where Jon loses his iPod and so "borrows" Brendon's for a little while (or, like, as long as he can before Bden realizes it's missing and starts bothering everyone about it), and he has it on shuffle, and "Kiss the Girl" from The Little Mermaid starts up (this is in no way influenced by the music on my iPod!! I SWEAR, GUYS.), and Jon chuckles and goes to skip it, but his finger just sort of hovers over the button and he kind of rolls his eyes at himself, and is like, I suppose I can listen to this, I mean, it's not that bad of a song, really, and oh, Spencer's sitting across from him or near him or something, did I mention that, and so anyway, while he's listening to the song, Jon keeps looking over at Spencer and thinking about how much he looooooooooves him and all (YOU KNOW IT), but ultimately he's like, this is stupid, and shakes it off and goes back to listening to Brendon's iPod until Brendon figures out that he has it and tackles him and they wrestle and end up in a giggling heap on the floor, because I enjoy that sort of thing, if you couldn't tell, but then later, "Kiss the Girl" keeps playing in Jon's head whenever he looks at Spencer, and some slightly humorous, slightly awkward events that I haven't totally thought out yet occur because of this, but eventually somehow they end up kissing, but then Jon sort of pulls away, and says, I can't believe my impetus to do this was a fucking crab, and Spencer's like, ......, and then Jon's like, uh, what, I didn't say anything, let's keep kissing, and then they do and it is wonderful, and then maybe eventually Spencer finds out the whole story, and laughs and laughs and laughs, and Jon says, shut up, you love me, and Spencer says, yeah, yeah I do, and then there is more kissing because I love it.
...uh. So yeah guys, WHERE IS IT????? Also, holy fucking run-on, Batman!

As long as I'm being completely self indulgent, what I really want (but MCR style, this time!!) is for Gerard to have a baby girl and for Frank to have a little boy, and then for these kids to, eventually, grow up and fall in love and get married. COME ON GUYS, TELL ME I AM NOT ALONE IN THIS.
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1. YOU GUYS, I OWN JEANS THAT FIT. I took [livejournal.com profile] exsequar's advice (THANKS, BTW), and went to Kohls. Going through the junior's section made me want to punch people in the face, as usual (because, while there were pants that fit, they were all that STUPID LOW RISE. I'm not asking for mom jeans here, guys, I would just like to walk around feeling like my ass isn't constantly hanging out!!), but then my mom was like, "well, why don't you try the regular pplz section", and I DID, and it was AWESOME, and now I have jeans that FIT PERFECTLY (okay, maybe not perfectly, they're a little long, and so I keep stepping on the ends, but STILL), and I will love them until the end of time. Or until they get really obnoxiously ripped and my mom makes me throw them away, whichever.

2. Somewhat relatedly, today I'm wearing my NEW JEANS and my plaid button-down that my family has termed my "cowboy shirt", and my Chuck Taylors, and every time I look down at myself, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of Brendon Urie. I didn't MEAN to channel him today or anything, but I guess it just HAPPENED. Whatever, m'not complaining, it makes me happy everytime I look at my outfit. :D

3. THE WEATHER TODAY WINS FOREVER. I adoooooooore fall clothes, and I got SO EXCITED when I learned it was only going to be 70-some degrees today and I could wear long sleeves.

4. For my fake-English class, we have to pick a quote every week that relates to the readings, right? And, guess what guys, mine this week is not only a Cobra Starship one, but ALSO from "It's Warmer in the Basement". AND IT TOTEZ FITS!!!! \o/

5. I was showing my friend the Panic! at the Disco primer the other day, and her reactions (WITHOUT ME PROMPTING HER, might I add) were as follows:
~re: Ryan - "Wait, that's a boy????"
~re: Spencer - "Oh, he's totally a hot lesbian."
~re: Jon - "dskfuhakdhaskduhadsj!!!!!!!!" (or, well, the verbal equivalent)
Also, at one point I said, regarding Ryan and his monotone, "He's like a tiny, gay, robot!!", and she, apparently, almost spewed her sip of water all over the room. I CONSIDER THIS A WIN!!!! :DDDDD


7. omg, you guys, it's my birthday on Saturday!! I keep forgetting, and then every time I look at a calendar I have this COMPLETE SHOCK of, "OMG I'M ALMOST 19!!!!!!" It's...weird.
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So guys, tell me everything you know about college parties!
See, because my friend who goes to UPenn called me today, and was like, "Hey, so apparently there's going to be a performance of some Shakespeare tomorrow on campus, do you want to come?? Oh, and look, it's A Midsummer Night's Dream." I ADOOOOOORE Shakespeare, and Midsummer's miiiiight just be my favorite of his works. And I love hanging out with my friend, obvz, so I'm going! But it's going to end too late for me to catch a non-shady train home, so I'm just going to stay over at her dorm. "That's great," she said, "oh, and hey, there's this party a bunch of my friends and I were going to go to, now you can totally come too!" So I guess I'm going to that, too?? UH. I mean, it'll be with my friend, and her roommate who I've met before, and is totally nice, but I've never been to a college party, you guys. I'm not exactly the party type, see. My friend knows this, and knows I don't drink and all, but...idk, I get the feeling this is going to be Awkward McAwkwardkins. So, um, I would just sort of like to know what I'm in for...??

ANYWAY, MOVING ON. This was supposed to be, like, my personal canon for Panic! at the Disco, or something, because I'm weird like that, but along the way it kind of turned into this fic-ish thing?? idk, guys, there is a reason I don't write fic. )

Uh, the end??? I don't even know, you guys. Why is Brendon such a two-year-old?? Why do I use "so" in pretty much every single sentence?? How is it that I spent two days writing (and crossing out, and rewriting - srsly, it's four handwritten pages, front and back) this, and I still haven't started my essay on the Illiad that's due tomorrow?? And wait, what happened to the Jon/Brendon I was feelin' so hard before??
Although, the one thing in this I will never apologize for is making Spencer laugh so much. SMILE LIKE AN ANGEL, Y'ALL.
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1. My ringtone (for my new cell phone!! YAAAAAY) is now Cobra Starship's "The Ballad of Big Poppa and Diamond Girl", because it is only my favorite Cobra Starship song EVER. And the ringtone for my voicemail is "The Take Over, The Break's Over", because come on, FALL OUT BOY.

2. The VMAs, apparently, although I failed and did not watch them. But still!

3. SPENCER SMITH'S STUPID - EVERYTHING. I mean this in the same vein as "Brendon Urie's stupid FACE" or "UGH JONWALKER STOP BEING SO ADORABLE", fyi. Just, you guys, SPENCER. I have no idea how this happened, either, I was all content to flail over JWalk, and now - just - SPENCER. Spencer and his stupid hair and his stupid smile and his stupid hips and his stupid beard and his stupid red underwear and his stupid drumming that totally motivated me to start teaching myself to play the drums again and his stupid face in my icon that I totally copied and took a picture of to put as a background for my phone. Yeah.


5. I totally had to watch this twice to actually understand what Spencer was saying, because I just kept zoning out and staring at Jon and his dumb vegetables. HOW SO CUTE, JWALK????


7. There is a REASON he's my favorite member of FOB, y'all.


9. The making of "I'm Not Okay"!! part 1, part 2, part 3. I MEAN, REALLY. <3333333


11. "IT'S FOR THE HAMSTER THAT I'M GONNA GET!!!" And shenanigans, you guys!! SHENANIGANS.

I love how this just degenerated into a mess of keyboard smashing and glee. But, I MEAN. HOW SO PRECIOUS, BOYS????????
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1. THIS PICTURE, YOU GUYS. SDOFHSDFIUAHDAISHDASJKD OMG, JWALK. I don't even know what to do. Every time I look at that picture, my toes curl and I go, "hiiiiii, jon walker", in this total, 'I am a 5 year old girl with an ENORMOUS crush' voice. But I CANNOT HELP IT!! I mean, seriously, JON WALKER. (somewhat relatedly, and I'm not saying that this would ever happen, but I figured out that if Jon married Spencer and took his last name, his name would be Jon Jacob Smith. All that's missing is a Jingleheimer!! YES, THIS IS WHAT I THINK ABOUT IN MY SPARE TIME.) Oh, and the family and I went out to P.F. Chang's for dinner tonight, and while we were there, for a split second, I could have sworn one of the waiters looked like JWalk. He totally didn't, but I got all excited and slopped garlic sauce across half the table (hey, I never said I was smooth).

2. I'm not exactly sure why, but this picture makes me ridiculously happy.

3. Another thing today that made me ridiculously happy was hearing new (well, new for the radio) Fall Out Boy on the radio! Actually, it was kind of funny, because initially I wasn't paying attention, just talking to my mom about something. And at the back of my mind, something just went, "I HEAR PATRICK" (my PStump senses were tingling, if you will), and I literally SNAPPED to attention so I could figure out what song it was. It turned out to be "I'm Like a Lawyer With the Way I'm Always Trying to Get You Off (Me & You)", which is also kind of interesting, because every time I decide I love a FOB song, it debuts on the radio. I mean, I love all their songs, but every time I'm all, "omg, I srsly, srsly heart this song! It might even be my new favorite!!", it debuts on the radio soon after. Seriously, EVERY TIME. I'll just say now, if the next one turns out to be "Hum Hallelujah", send help, because someone's wiretapping my brain. Well, either that or FOB and I are just on the same wavelength.

4. I'm not even going to pretend like this isn't the best thing I've ever seen. It's a little problematic, because it causes you (if you're me) to walk around all day going, "riding!!", giggling insanely to yourself, but I can live with that, because it is just SO GREAT.

5. You all need to check out [livejournal.com profile] band_princesses, because it is seriously, AMAZING. I mean, really, bandom + Disney: how can you resist??

6. In conclusion, Ryan Ross's rose vest.
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GUYZ GUESS WHAT, PATRICK STUMP AND I ARE HAT TWINZZZ. Well, sort of, I (as of only a few hours ago) own this one, but if you squint, it looks kind of like this one. Right?? RIGHT???? Whatever, this is totally just an excuse to show you all how cute PStump is. LOOKIT HIS ADORABLENESS!!!!! CUTE AS A BUTTON.

Also I have no idea why, but I've had Panic! at the Disco on the brain all day. I mean, I love Panic!, but, like, until a couple days ago I didn't even know who Spencer and JWalk were. FOR EXAMPLE. And I know the popular ship is Brendon/Ryan, and I totally get that, but for some reason I keep wanting to ship Brendon/Jon...?? IDK, YOU GUYS, IT JUST SORT OF HAPPENED.

esufyhqwoidhaifahsdiuoasdh. SEE, a couple weeks ago, I just liked listening to Fall Out Boy & co., and now I'm all, "Brendon/Jon! Gabe/William! Patrick/Pete (but I still think Pete is a douche, HAHA there is a REASON I have now added 'having unpopular bandom opinions' to my eljay interests)!" AND, although I have been functioning fine with my two William Beckett icons for MONTHS now, I couldn't resist uploading more bandom icons just now. Now I have Billiam AND Gabe AND PStump AND Jon/Brendon!!


Also my mom has these slightly emo glasses (they don't look emo on HER, but you know what I mean), and I just tried them on and I looked vaguely like Mikey Way, HAHA MY LIFE.
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So HEY GUYS, today is Ryan Ross's 21st birthday!! I find this hilarious, because:
1. it's also my mom's birthday
2. it's RYRO.

Seriously, like, I've been sort of vaguely listening to Panic! at the Disco for a while now, and while I enjoyed the music and Brendon Urie, Ryro always kind of freaked me out. He's older than me, and (arguably) a guy, but HE LOOKS LIKE A 12 YEAR OLD GIRL. Plus, he does his own makeup!!

But now that I know a little more about bandom, I've kind of become endeared to him...?? I mean, don't get me wrong, he's still freaky (and there's no way in HELL I can slash him with anyone, because my brain just goes, "AAAAHHHH PEDOPHILIA RUN AWAAAAAY!!!!!!"), but his ridiculousness is pretty much exactly the same kind of ridiculous all of bandom is. And how can you not love bandom's ridiculousness (it enables wonderful things like this, for one)??

So yeah, happy birthday Ryro (and my mom!)!! You are a weirdo, but I kind of love it.


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