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Well, first of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [livejournal.com profile] bohemu!!!<33333 Here is a placeholder for the birthday hug I am going to give you tomorrow, when I see you! ...also, for the AWESOME GAME PARTY TIMEZ that are going to happen, obvz. \o/

And now!

1. I have picked 20 (10 men, 10 women) celebrities that I find attractive.
2. Every day, I will make a poll and you'll have to vote for the celebrity you find the LEAST attractive. It's not a matter of whether you like the person or not. It's all about the hotness.
3. After a day, the poll will be closed and the individual with the most votes will be disqualified.
4. There will be only two (1 guy, 1 girl) winners.

Today we say a sad goodbye to Garrett Hedlund and Liv Tyler! ;__;

your final 6! )
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HEY KIDS. Have a meme!

book meme! )

I probably left out a TON of books I've read/I love, but this was just sort of off the top of my head meme completion, soooo.

...idk, my internet presence has been kind of spotty these days (even on Tumblr! GASP, SHOCK AND HORROR, I know, right), but I miss LJ ~most of all~. So here is me, making an effort!

In rl news, I just sent out an internship application this morning (...yes, just one. LOOK, okay, it took me a MONTH to get this one together; the other ones are GOING TO HAVE TO WAIT)! WISH ME LUCK, OMG.

Also, my family from Seattle (brother, sister-in-law, two nephews) is coming to visit soon, for Thanksgiving! I AM SO PSYCHED, YOU GUYS - like, more than I thought I'd be, even. I mean, obviously I love them all, and love spending time with them, but, like...idk, you know, you just get a little sick of your family, after a while, and the babies are kind of a handful...
But idk, guys, I am SUPER PUMPED. I think it's probably because I've been busier at work, these days, and also, for the past week, my mom's been in India (for my cousin's wedding), so I've been holding down the fort, and IT IS TERRIBLE, EVERYONE NEEDS SOMETHING ALL THE TIME (lulz, Hufflepuff I am not). ...also, I miss my mommy. So I think I'm just really excited for, you know, relaxing at home, with everyone there - like, uh, these days I am mostly just talking to my pets...? - and then, also, like, we generally do exciting things with the kids, like hit up museums/the zoo/aquarium, or bake things, or do arts and craft-y projects, or...idk, fun, low-pressure stuff. Sooooo yeah.

Oh, and, speaking of things I'm excited for, the Quidditch World Cup is this weekend! SO PUMPED, OMG. [livejournal.com profile] bohemu and I went last year, too, and it was AMAZING AND EPIC, and this year promises to be even AMAZINGER AND EPICER (...shhhh). I've already got plans to go, both days, totally obnoxiously decked out in Gryffindor apparel (thaaaank you Pottermore, for VALIDATING MY LIFE \o/), and we are going to watch some awesome games, hear some awesome commentary (HOPEFULLY; the commentators from last year were hilarious, and we will die a little inside if they aren't back this time), listen to some awesome wizrock bands (there are a whoooole bunch playing, but Harry and the Potters have my heart forever), and, you know, probably have some awesome fun-time booze-times at some point.

OH, ALSO! I totally forgot to mention this before, BUT! About...a month ago, I guess?? I got my hair cut! I mean, like, CUT cut - it was around shoulder-length, before, and now it's pixie/boy short. I like it a lot! It's a LOT easier to manage (hello, super-thick, super-curly hair), and I can still do things with it (...well, I mean, less things than before, but still!), without feeling like I HAVE to (...because otherwise, before, it used to just be EATING MY FACE), etc, etc. Plus, now I look a lot cooler, imo.
I will try to remember to take some pictures to show you guys! I mean, I have some pictures of me, since I've had it cut, buuuut they're not great, for showing off my hair. So I will try to take some new ones (NOTE TO SELF: REMEMBER TO DO THIS)!

ummmmm, so yeah! NOW I AM GOING HOME (lulz, I'm currently at work. Not actually working, obviously! WOOPZ).
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Soooo it is almost my birthday!
I keep forgetting, though -- I mean, like, I know it's September, now, and I know my birthday is coming up, vaguely, just - it hasn't hit me yet that it's tomorrow. TBH, idk that I'm ready to be 23! I mean, 22 was a pretty good year, and also my lucky number, sooo. ...I will tell you one thing, though, I've been at least partially looking forward to being 23 for a while now, if only so that Blink-182's "What's My Age Again?" will now apply to me. ...what can I say, sometimes I have pretty simple life goals.

Anyway, though, I did do something, for my birthday - [livejournal.com profile] bohemu and I continued our trend of city-hopping by going to Chicago! ...aaaand promptly fell in love.
I mean, I'd heard from everyone (EVERYONE) that I was going to LOVE Chicago, so I went in hopeful, if a little dubious. But, well, PEOPLE WERE RIGHT. I mean, look - just of the cities we've visited, NY and Philly are all right, but a little -- idk, too much NY and Philly, DC was fun, but kind of a shitshow, and Boston was delightful, but - idk, I keep trying to think of a defining moment for it, and I can't? It was my favorite, out of all these, and I def want to go back soon, just - idk, idk. :/

But Chicago? idk, it just - felt comfortable. Like, obvz I'd never been there, and I'm generally suuuuper not a city person, but, like, it felt like I knew Chicago, and could easily live there. Not forever, maybe, but at least for this point in my life - working out my career and my ~relationships~, with friends and Chicago steady at my back.

Oh, because, that's the other thing! I was with [livejournal.com profile] bohemu, obviously, but we also met up with some awesome people, including [livejournal.com profile] goldenguess, [livejournal.com profile] rhombal, and [livejournal.com profile] musictoyourlips. And everyone was uniformly amazing! [livejournal.com profile] bohemu was saying, we DEFINITELY have to go back to Chicago, soon, not only for the things we didn't get to see (including some parts of the things we did get to see! CHICAGO MUSEUMS, Y U SO LARGE), but also because there are good people here, people we loved meeting and want to hang out with again ASAP (...and, ahem, people who, if they should feel the need to visit the East Coast at any point, we would love to have!).

...also, we miss it. chicagooooo, je t'aimeeeee ♥

So, um, yeah. Chicagoooooo<3333, and also I AM ALMOST 23, GAIZ, WHAT IS GOING ONNNNNN.
...and now, if you will excuse me, I am going to partake in some coffee cake, and enjoy my last bits of year 22. ♥
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Hey kids!

So yeah, LJ is sort of falling by the wayside these days...?? But, like.....I miss it. I mean, I myself am not on as often as I used to be, now that I'm: a, actually doing more things IRL, and b, mostly taking in media that doesn't really have fandoms. But, guys - I miss the fandom-related flailing! I miss the memes! I even miss the wank! ....okay, I don't miss the wank that much. But yeah, overall, LJ, WHERE HAVE YOU GOOOOOOOONEEEEEEEEE. :((((

Uh, okay, so now more on what I have been doing!

First, RL. [livejournal.com profile] bohemu and I are going to Chicago for a couple days, in September! So all of you guys who've been to/live in Chicago, suggestion us up! I mean, we have a vague list of things we want to do, but we're always open to suggestions! Especially because neither of us have ever been, right, so we know jack all about the city.
Also, if you do live there, and want to meet up and hang for a bit, we would love that! Just let me know.

Okay, now fandom(-ish).

Number one, and probz most prevalent in my mind rn, I HAVE STARTED WATCHING HAWAII FIVE-0, AND I AM IN LOVE )

...okay. Number two!
So, like I've mentioned a couple times here recently, I've been reading up a storm, these days! And generally I've been going around in a Dresden Files/Temeraire/Discworld loop, but recently I wanted to take a little break from that. And, well, I'd been meaning to reread my copy of The Three Musketeers for a while, so, uh, that's what I'm doing?? )

Thing three, that actually should probz be part b of thing one:

So, uh, after continually feeling like I have a TON of shows I watch, all of which I have seasons upon seasons to catch up on for, I realized the other day, I only actively watch 6 shows, now )

So, uh, yeah, that's it, I guess?? FOR NOW~~
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Actually, for once, my lack of posting wasn't caused by: a, me not being around the internets, or b, me not having anything to say.
The first because, well -- I'm here! I check the flist and Facebook every so often (ever since I cut a bunch of comms I was in from my flist, it moves a loooooooot slower), but mostly I've been pretty much living on Tumblr. Which, uh, by the way, I know I made a post about this before, but, seriously, if you have a Tumblr and we're not following each other, that needs to be rectified IMMEDIATELY.

As for the second point, well, okay. Aside from the normal "work a couple days, puppysit a couple days" routine I've had(/have) going on, the major thing going on in my life has been comic cons!! )

The other exciting thing happening in my life rn is, still, reading. I took a little (...well, a long, really) break from the Temeraire and Discworld series to get to Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, which I'd actually been meaning to read for a while now. I'm still actually working on it (....it's 800 pages, right), but I'm pretty far in! And loving it, tbh - it's a bit of an undertaking, but I think, if you like fantasy books, and haven't read it already, you should def give it a shot; it's really well-written, and well-researched (...like, TREMENDOUSLY) and engaging and compelling and GR8.

Soooo yeah. When I finish that, finally, I'm going to go back to alternating Temeraire and Discworld books, I think, buuuut I might also throw into the mix some of The Dresden Files series. ....HERE IS THE STORY ABOUT THAT: I always vaguely knew of the series/show, but I didn't actually have much idea of what it was about, uuuuntil today when I went searching for random fic on An Archive of Our Own (which, btw, if I haven't mentioned it, is AWESOME and I LOVE IT), found a couple of amazing, scorchingly hot, slashy fics, and then was like, "....if this is what the books are like, I'm SO IN" (aaaaaand ONCE AGAIN, sucked into a fandom with the promise of slash. :3 ).
I just watched the 2-hour, unaired pilot of the TV series, as sort of an introduction, and also to double-check that this was a thing I was interested in, and - well - I'm interested.

....soooooo yeah, that's about it; my life's just been very, "Work! Pets! Con stuff [sewing/crafting, planning, attending]! Reading!", lately. ...SO NOW YOU KNOW.

...also, like, when did it get to be JUNE, you guys, what is THAT. :/
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Okay, thing number one (which is going to be a repeat for some of you, sry abt that), [livejournal.com profile] boheme06 and I saw The Eagle last weekend, which -- okay. ....Well, wait, okay, let me just c&p what she said about it, because that's basically EXACTLY what I was going to say: Listen. If you consider yourself a slasher/fangirl and you don't somehow get around to seeing this movie, you should reconsider your life decisions. I really wanted to see it because I have a love of all things Channing Tatum and the trailer made it look like 300 meets Lord of the Rings. Which it was in terms of completely ridiculous slash moments, but not in terms of great movie-ness. (...except for...I had a love of all things Jamie Bell, instead, going in, buuuuut I HAVE ALSO COME TO LOVE CHANNING, WHAT CAN YOU DO)

Soooo yeah, basically, YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE, because you will LOVE IT. Like, maybe not as an actual movie, but as an AMAZING, HISTORICAL GAY LOVE STORY, YES. Look, aaaaaaall I'm saying is, we, as fangirls, were in fits in the theater, soooo many times, and HAVE NOT STOPPED flailing about it since, basically. ....Also, we were up for FIVE HOURS that night coming up with increasingly cracky AUs, so, you know, there's that.

Now thing number two, HERE ARE SOME THOUGHTS ON TORCHWOOD (...uhh, keeping in mind I've only seen through 1x08, so far).

....because, OBVIOUSLY, you totally wanted to know. )

So, yeah, anyway. I'm going to keep watching, at least through S1, just for the sake of completeness, but -- idk, after that. I kiiiind of just miss David Tennant flailing around and being ~brilliant~, with his little sticky-up hair and rainbow of Chucks and that awesome trench coat I WANT, SO BAD. Sooooo idk, maybe we'll alternate?? IDK IDK GUYZ, WE'LL SEE~
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I have about a million other things to talk about, but THIS GOES FIRST:

[Poll #1677922]

....there's not really any particular REASON for this, it was mostly just born out of my obsessing over a book before the library even got it to me (His Majesty's Dragon, by Naomi Novik), and the ridic conversations I have with [livejournal.com profile] boheme06, and...idk, I'm curious?? IMAGINE YOUR DRAGONS FOR ME, PEOPLE!!

That's...it for now, I guess?? I mean, MORE TO COME, but for now I am off to read and (eventually!) watch Puppy Bowl (yeaahhhh, my interest in sports is...almost nonexistent)! PUPPIESSSSSSSSSSSS~
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Thaaaat's right, kids - 22 years ago, on this day, September 22, at 2:22 pm (...yeah, I know; there is a REASON 2 is my lucky number), I WAS BORN.
And the world has been a little more amazing ever since (modesty, what is this "modesty" you speak of?)! \o/

I actually kept forgetting it was almost my birthday, because it doesn't feel like it -- like, it doesn't even feel like September, much less almost the end of it. I actually had a dream a couple of nights ago in which I completely forgot my birthday until midnight on the 23, and then was SO distraught and upset that I actually woke up at 3 AM and had to reassure myself that I, in fact, had not actually forgotten my own date of birth.

So, this year I decided I wanted to take a trip to Boston for my birthday, so, this past weekend, that's just what [livejournal.com profile] boheme06 and I did. It was AWESOME - we partied it up at this ridiculous gay bar complete with Jagermeister shots in test tubes and suuuper-muscley male go-go dancers, ate excessive amounts of DELICIOUS food, ran around the aquarium and invented personalities for all (...well, most, anyway) of the animals, and, basically, had a gr8, GR8 time.
And, while this, certainly, doesn't cover EVERYthing awesome we did/saw, I took pictures! So...enjoy those.

For my actual birthday, I'm not doing much, though - I have to go in for my internship, buuuut I told my supervisor I have a doctor's appointment, and so am going to head home an hour early, where my mom has promised to make gyros for dinner, because....well, because I love them.
Then on Friday I'm going to head up to Philly after work, to celebrate/chill with my friend who's there, and then, on Saturday, I think my parents and my brother and I are all going out to dinner somewhere.

....okay, listed all at once like that, it sounds like a LOT. But - idk, all these plans just sort of happened. Also, I still do have to go to work, in the middle of all this!
Buuuut also, WHATEVER, I am only going to be 22 ONCE, right. So, like, why the hell NOT, right.

ANYWAY. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY MY BIRTHDAY (and yes, of course, as always, also Bilbo and Frodo Baggins', and Tom Felton's, and Adam Lazzara's, and Joan Jett's and Scott Baio's and Toni Basil's and Anne of Cleves' [apparently], and AUTUMN's, aaaaand a bunch of other people's, because this parenthetical note is WAY long already)!!!!!!!!
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So, this past weekend, [livejournal.com profile] boheme06 and I went to Washington DC!! It was......interesting, let's just say.

If you're friends with [livejournal.com profile] boheme06, she's written an entry about the entire trip, complete with - well, half of this ridiculously nonsensical, drunky vlog we made (I say "half of" because it was, seriously, just about 30 minutes of us talking about nothing, and giggling. ....and the REALLY sad part is, we're totally like that when we're sober, too).

But, just in case you are feeling the tl;dr, and just want to look at pictures: ta-da!!

...yeahhh, besides that, I'm not sure that there's anything going on with me right now worth noting (hence, the lack of posts lately)! Still working/interning, still behind on almost everything I watch (I am up-to-date on HIMYM, TBBT, and My Boys! But...nothing else), stiiiill mostly just awkwarding all over the place. ...so, you know, pretty much the same.
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lulz, confused??

so yeah, SOMEONE'S 21 TODAY!! )

Anyway, so yes, today I turn 21!! Not officially until 2:22 in the afternoon (it'll be 2:22 on 9/22/09. Maybe I should play the lottery with some 9s and 2s, jeez), but still, YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY IT'S MY BIRTHDAY YAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!! Oh, and also, a very happy birthday to all my birthday twins, of course (because, okay, there are WAAAAAY too many to list, even with just the people that are of special interest to me)!!
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Oh man, you guys, this week has been BUTT. I don't even know why, I just feel like it has taken forEEEEEver.
It's probably mostly because I am SO EXCITED for this weekend. See, it's my birthday this coming Tuesday, right (!!!!), and so this weekend [livejournal.com profile] boheme06 and my other BFF and I are all meeting up for BIRTHDAY SHENANIGANS.

See, tomorrow we're all going to my house (in NJ - my LJ-less friend - named Alison, just for future reference - is my neighbor there, too, so basically Lia's just coming to visit us), for a SUPER AWESOME BIRTHDAY SLUMBER PARTY. ...every time I tell someone I'm celebrating my 21st birthday by having a slumber party, they look at me like I'm crazy. WHATEVER, I AM CELEBRATING THIS MOMENTOUS STEP IN MY ADULTHOOD BY TOTALLY REGRESSING. And it will be AWESOME, I anticipate. The plan is for huuuuge ice cream sundaes and popcorn and renting really bad movies and mocking them, and thoroughly not sleeping.
Also, party hats. )

ANYWAY. So yeah, then, Saturday, all of us are going to trek up to Philly, to go see The Sounds in concert!!! omg, guys, it is (also) going to be AWESOME. Like, I only have the one album of theirs, but I LOVE it, and also, my girlcrush on Maja Ivarsson is ENORMOUS. She's so sassy!! God, you guys, I expect to LOVE it.
After that, we'll probably snag a whole bunch of blankets and pillows and such (mine, and Alison's - since she lives just down the street from me here in Philly too), and camp out on my apartment floor. I'm even excited about THAT, seriously. YAAAAY BIRTHDAY SHENANIGANS!!

UGHH, guys, I LOVE my birthday. I mean - obvz, because it's my birthday, but also because it kicks off what is, imo, the BEST TIME OF THE YEAR. Like, now we have my birthday, then Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then CHRISTMAS, then New Years, then [livejournal.com profile] boheme06's birthday, and then Alison's birthday. GOOD TIMES, ALL AROUND. \o/
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O hay, kids. Uh, I'm baaack, btw!! For those of you not following [livejournal.com profile] saveaplace, well, A, my pictures are up: http://picasaweb.google.com/splitsthesky , and B, London was aMAAAAAAAAAAzing, and I totally want to go back, right this second. This morning, coming in to school, I kept wondering what'd happen if I just jumped up and got off at the next stop, somehow got myself to the airport, and just bought a ticket across the Atlantic right then and there.

Unfortunately, I couldn't (though, man, I wanted to. LONDOOOOOOON<3333333), though, because, oh yes, school. Fall semester started today, and was probably the least stressful semester beginning I've ever had. One, because, I mean, I was just in summer classes two weeks ago, so it's not like I've really been away from this lovely institution, and two, I'm pretty sure I'm at the point where I just don't care anymore. I mean, I don't hate school or anything (other than, y'know, the work and all, lulz), but I'm a senior now, I've been in school almost all my life, and at Temple for four years now, Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters aaaall included, and I've got this shit down so that I don't even worry anymore about whether the outfit I put together in the morning looks cute for a good first impression or if I know where all my classes are, or anything like that. Let me tell you, the night before every year of high school used to be so stressful for me. I went to school with basically the same kids I'd known since kindergarten, but I was always so worried about everything. I have no idea why, now, but it happened. Whereas, today, I just sort of stomped through my day, rocking it, I mean, but also sort of just, "I'm here, I'm getting my shit done. Everyone else, I could not give a crap". You know (not to get too philosophical-y, but), I do feel like I've changed since I've come to college, but it was really less changing and more just working with who I already was. Now I know what I'm doing (uhhh, well, I know what I'm doing here at Temple, anyway, once I graduate I'm going to be lost), I've got a great support team (I used to feel so awkward about having such few friends. Now, I still only have about 3 people I'd consider my BFFs, but they're amazing, and, honestly, they're enough), and, y'know, I'm certainly still failboating my way through life, but now I'm at least learning to work it, I think. So yeah, thanks, college! And okay, fine, I will probably miss you, come next May. ...Although, maybe I won't! I mean, it's not like I'm going to stop being the same person, just because I graduate. IDK, whatever.

ANYWAY. Speaking of my very good friends, a couple of days ago [livejournal.com profile] boheme06 and I had our anniversary (lulz, well, "anniversary")!! SO. HAAAAAAAAAYY BB, HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY!!!!<333333 *CONFETTI!* I wanted to make a fanmix or something, but I still haven't made it back to my apartment, so...I couldn't. But definitely on it was going to be this song, so, um, there you go.
So basically, Lia, THANK YOU. Thank you for being an awesome friend, for being my twin, for always sticking around to cheer me up when I need it, for laughing with me at the most ridiculous things, until we both totally can't breathe, for completely vindicating my even making an LJ, and for...you know, everything. Like, thanks for not actually being a creepy 40-year-old stalker, because that would have made all those times we've met up reaaally weird, and also, totally confirmed all of my mom's suspicions about the internet. So yes, THANKS, and ILU, and also, we need to get a move on on our Halloween costumes, because it's almost September, and we NEED to rock that parade, hello. :D

...I feel like I had more to say here. IDK - it was my mom's birthday yesterday (HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, MOMMY, even though you will never read this, and also, I totally wished you actually on time yesterday)! I only saw my first full episode of CSI:NY this past weekend, but I also discovered it makes me ridiculously happy (EDDIE CAHILL LOOKS LIKE SEAN MAHER, COME ON. Also, Danny is adorable, and Melina Kanakaredes is rockin' it for the curly-haired chicks!!)! Schuyler Fisk is adorable and I want her to be my girlfriend (and there miiiight be a pimping post about her soon, so watch out for that, maybe)! WOOOOOO.
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First off, I have a new layout! And actually a new one, this time, not just a re-imagining or whatever of my old one. NEW NEW NEW.
I still liked my old one and all, but I've been wanting a more spring-y/summer-y layout for a while now, but just hadn't been able to figure out what. This week, though, the universe finally aligned, and voila! YAAAAAAAAAY.

Also, iiiin...two hours?? -- roughly -- [livejournal.com profile] boheme06 will be here in Philly!! That's right, she's visiting 'til tomorrow night, and it is going to be AWESOME, let me tell you. We're going to the Franklin Institute, because they have a Narnia exhibit, and even just looking at the pictures makes me excited beyond belief. But it's also UPenn's Spring Fling this weekend (which, I have friends who go there, so we're in), and also, I mean, PHILLY. So it should be goooooood tiiiiimes!!

Aaaaalso, in my Shakespeare class just now, we got to have class outside (where it is GORGEOUS, omg), and spend the entire time acting out a scene (from Coriolanus! In which I was the title character, thankyouverymuch), which allowed me to get all up in the personal space of a very cute boy (lulz, remember this??). AMAZING.

Basically, this weekend is shaping up to be WIN, ALL AROUND. \o/ !!!!
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So today happens to be a one [livejournal.com profile] boheme06's birthday!!!! *CONFETTI CONFETTI*
And - oh, what's that?? You don't say. Lia, I think some people want to help me deliver a message... )
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I keep forgetting to post about this, for some reason, but I now have a new layout (...well, new version of my layout, anyway)!! Featuring, this time, a cap from My Chemical Romance's video for "The Ghost of You". But, at the same time, it should be noted, it's not really an MCR layout. It's supposed to, instead, encompass the love for the 1940's I've been feeling lately.

Originally, I wanted to have a Band of Brothers layout, and was working towards that, until last weekend, when I was home (and so, was watching copious amounts of TV), I saw the video for "Lovebug", by the Jonas Brothers (and, during my watching of Angels in the Outfield, which is not only a Disney movie [and a really great one, at that, which I totally had forgotten], but also stars Neal McDonough, also of BoB.) So then I said to myself, "Hey self, why don't you make a Lovebug layout, instead??" So I tried that, buuuut it kind of failed (ask [livejournal.com profile] boheme06, if you want - I spent a looooot of time whining to her about this, lulz).
Anyway, so then I realized that the "The Ghost of You" video ALSO takes place in the same period, and, yeah, it is also something I love, and so I gave it a go. ET VOILA!!

I'm kind of proud of the finished product, because it represents all of these attempts, at once. See, it's from the "The Ghost of You" video, obviously, but it also has the same immediate themes of the "Lovebug" video - the couple happy and dancing together, until the guy has to go off and fight in World War II. And, this specific guy is, apparently, in the 101st, which, guess what, so were the guys of Band of Brothers!! SEE HOW CRAFTY I AM.

Anyway, so yeah: [livejournal.com profile] splits_thesky

Oh, also, new default icon! From, after much deliberation of this same sort (only with a different conclusion!), Band of Brothers.
Jul. 30th, 2008 08:42 pm


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1. Because [livejournal.com profile] boheme06 is THE BEST, OMG, she made cover art for my HIMYM fanmix, so now that it is there, you should all check it out, okay, if for no other reason than this is my first fanmix that has had cover art, guys, it is all VERY EXCITING!!
Also, I realized that, in the sort of 'other' category, I forgot to include this:

Marshall: Wow...you're here, and not in stall two!
Ted: Yeah, so?
Marshall: ...I may have made some wildly inappropriate homoerotic comments to a gentleman wearing your shoes!

So, um, there you go.

2. When I get around to actually watching Friday Night Lights (it is ON THE LIST!!), oh god, I am going to CRY AND CRY AND CRY. I mean, I'd heard about Taylor Kitsch's hot, angsty brooding, but NO ONE TOLD ME he just keeps hot, angsty brooding about his boyfriend BFF boyfriend, all with the planning to wait loyally while his man plays ball, and then have the ranch ready for the two of them to own, and the OH MY GOD PAIN when Street gets hurt!! Sitting alone in the locker room, in the dark, rewatching it and crying and BREAKING MY HEART, and being ASDUHFAKSHFDSDJF SO EMOTIONALLY BROKEN he blames himself for the accident, and takes it upon himself to defend his man's honor by throwing glass at people's heads, and can't even go see Street in the hospital because of his IMMENSE MAN-PAIN ASKLDHASFIYASDYGSDF, and THEN finally going, and both of them CRYING and HOLDING HANDS, and ASIFHASODHFDUHGDSA oh hello, what are these things on my face, I think they are called MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF TEARS. And that's all BEFORE they break up and the man-pain reaches EPIC levels, and screencaps like this cause PAIN IN MY SOUL AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHASJKFHDASIUDADSFAS dudes, I am all choked up RIGHT NOW, and I haven't even seen a single episode, okay. ;___;
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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!! Or, uh, Happy Thanksgiving, Americans!! Happy...November 22nd, everyone else. Uhhhhhhh.


So I don't know how many of you watch Dancing with the Stars, but [livejournal.com profile] boheme06 just showed this to me, and I MUST SHARE. Okay, so, if you were to pick, what would be one of the LAST artists you'd pick to tango to? What's that?? Fall Out Boy, you say??? WELL.

I JUST ABOUT PISSED MYSELF, GUYS. I was like, "yeah, yeah, Disney, kids, judges, yeah yea- OH MY GOD WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE". For REAL.

Also, I am currently in the process of organizing all my Bandom memories! It's taking a little bit of time, seeing as I have, you know, a couple hundred things to sort through, but it's happening!! Very soon I will actually be able to re-find things, instead of just being like, "I KNOW I SAW THIS ONCE BUT NOW IT SEEMS TO HAVE DISAPPEARED INTO THE ETHER ADFIHSDFJHSUDHBFKJSDJF". The amount of categories I have is kind of crazy, though. It's almost as long as all the rest of my memories combined!!!!
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early morning insanity is always the best kind )
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I'm supposed to be asleep, because I have to wake up early tommorrow so I can take a test I'm totally not ready for in Psych. BUT! I would just like to take this opportunity to say, [livejournal.com profile] boheme06 is my hero, for realz.

So, remember that cracked-out discovery of OMG LEO/MATT OTP I made not too long ago?? Well, so, today we were discussing it, sort of, and I showed her this picture, and GUESS WHAT SHE DID. That's right, she wrote a - a - fic-drabbley thing. ANYWAY, WHATEVER, GO READ IT, IT WINS FOREVER.

And THEN, we were discussing Titanic and the fact that she's never seen it, aaaaaand the following discussion occured: )

Also, we have discovered that fandom is Ferris Bueller. Um, yeah.



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