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As the majority of you are already aware, today is Dean Winchester's birthday!! So, in honor of this momentous occasion, we have picspam!! I know I've used some of these before in my other picspams, buuuut that's okay. Plus, some of them I haven't used (and I'm too lazy to figure out which ones)!!
I was just going to do a Dean!spam (as opposed to, with Jensen as well), but really, what is he without Jensen?? Well, still AMAZING, but maybe not as hot.
The entire contents of my Jensen/Dean picture folder: 85 pictures )

Now with bonus Jayred/Sammycakes!! 21 more pictures. )

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-My plaid, button-down shirt is my favorite shirt ever. I would wear it every day, but my mom would get mad at me. Plus it would start to smell.

-Today I bought this shirt from Target. I love it. I love Target.

-I don't think I told y'all this, but my brother and his wife are going to have a baby boy in January (well, she's going to actually have it, duh, but you know what I mean). He's going to grow up to be an awesome kid, I'm gonna make sure of that.

-I hate being sick. Yay for Nyquil and Dayquil, that's all I can say.

-Yesterday I actually sat down and read a whole book, for the first time in forever. I mean, like, I read part of Melusine, but it's been forever since I actually read a whole book, from cover to cover. The book I read was So You Want To Be A Wizard, by Diane Duane. It's been sitting in my bookshelf here at home forever, but I only read part of it a few years ago and then decided it was too confusing. But you know, it's really not, it's actually really good! And, apparently the start of a whole series, so yay! Plus it has a dragon in it. I love dragons. *points to icon*

-I suck at being a good LJ friend right now, I know. SORRY, YOU GUYS!! I still love you all, and I'll try to shape up and start leaving comments and such again.

-I also suck at being online, SORRY DEZ. :(((((((((

-I have to go back to college tomorrow! I don't waaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. *pout*

-I'm in the middle of watching the episode of ER that JPad was in, and really, I don't know if I can take this anymore. See, baby!Jared is hurt!! And when baby!Jared is hurt, I am hurt. Well, my heart hurts. SHUT UP, IT TOTALLY MAKES SENSE. Anyway, moral of the story is: DO NOT ALLOW JAYRED TO GET HURT, OR I WILL CRY. A LOT.

-I just started using Firefox a couple days ago (because IE made me upgrade to some new, confusing version, so I rebelled! I'm so badass, I know.), and it keeps spellchecking everything I type. INCLUDING comments, and this entry. So, Firefox people, how do I make it stop?? Plz.
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FIRST OF ALL, I would just like to say, I actually went to my 10:05 English class this morning, for the first time in about a month. GO ME. Although, I was a lot like my icon for the large majority of class. Let it be known, coffee is my God. Well, Kripke and coffee, anyway (Kripke with coffee? Kripke/coffee???? HAHAHAHA OMG OTPPPPPPP).

Also! Just because everyone always needs some Padalecki in their lives (ALWAYS.)... )
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Okay. So I'm a Jensen fangirl, you all know that (and if you don't, uh. Where have you been??). Buuuuuut lately I've been watching those Jared-as-Dean-on-Gilmore-Girls clips, and damnit, I want oneeeeeee!!!!!!! A Jared, that is.
I was talking to [livejournal.com profile] lokiie about it...(just fyi, this IS all in caps. SRY!! That's just the way we rollllllllll.) )

Okay, so, yeah, and I keep moping around because there's still what feels like forever before I get to go home for Thanksgiving break (10 days, actually. But it's going soooooooooooooo sloooooooooooooooooowly!!). But you know what makes me feel better?? That's right, Jared Padalecki. So! In honor of my newfound crush on him, and to brighten up all of your days, I present...
Jared Padalecki picspam!! 51 pictures, some I've used before, annnnnnd some I haven't. )
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Is LJ being a buttface for anyone else?? I don't mean with comments, I'm getting all of mine (I think, anyway), but it keeps giving me these stupid error messages.

SO. I was just going to link you here, where [livejournal.com profile] mcee had posted a bunch of youtube clips of Jared's time on Gilmore Girls, because he is the adorablest ever, and Dean/Rory is totally my OTP. Well, my Gilmore Girls OTP, anyway.
BUT THEN!! This post happened, and omggggggggg you all need to get your butts over there, and download, because baby!Jared?? Is making my LIFE. Seriously, like, I was all mopey because I have to last out two more weeks here before I can go home, but then baby!Jared happened, and YOU GUYS, I AM SO FULL OF GLEE. He has GOT to be the most adorable thing ever, I swear, what with his enormous smile, and - well - just his ENORMOUSNESS in general. HE IS SO LARGE, YET A TOTAL PUPPYDOG. I DO NOT UNDERSTAAAAAAAND!! Buuuuuut I love it!! FOREVER AND EVER.

Uhhh, also, does anyone have the 98 Degrees version of "Little Drummer Boy"?? I have it on my computer at home, but for some reason didn't transfer it to my laptop (which is named Jensen, just btw. I don't think I ever told you guys that.), and now I can't find it anywhere. I've been scouring the internet (including [livejournal.com profile] 1great_escape's Holiday Music Post), but TO NO AVAIL. And I really want to listen to it now, too.


ETA v.2: Ooooooooookay, so, not getting my comment notification emails anymore. >:|
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Supernatural S2E5 )

And okay, a couple other things.

One, apparently Jensen was on The Megan Mullally Show today, buuuuuuuuut only on some channels???? So for everyone watching on TBS, it's going to air tomorrow.

Also, the Winchesters are the best Ghostbusters EVER.

Annnnnnnnd, apparently this was a SPN promo in the UK or something?? I'm not sure from when, but I AM sure you NEED TO WATCH IT. Because - because, HAY JAYRED, YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THE ADORABLE PUPPY. WHERE DO YOU GET OFF (hahahaha omg look who's 12 years old here) BEING SEXY?????????

ETA: hahahahaha omg, this group of frat boys just stopped by to give me an invite to their party tomorrow. I was like, "...uhh." and just sort of stood there until they left. lmaoooo, I WIN at being social, I know.
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Okay, so I just put this all together as a comment for [livejournal.com profile] lokiie, aaaaaaaand then I figured, hey! Why not share the linky goodness with the rest of my flist??
So here I am.

All high-quality SPN squee-material!!

In which Jayred talks about Jensen and sounds verreh verreh Texan.

In which Jayred gives dating advice, from the same interview.

In which Jensen smirks while Jared describes Dean, the boys fangirl the Impala, and Jared and Jensen talk about their weapons and finish each other's sentences. There's a bit that repeats twice, I think, but just roll with it.

In which the interviewer lady is like, "LOOK, FANGIRLS!!!!!" and Jensen goes, "uhhh...it's...very weird...I don't know how to handle that...I feel funny now.", Jensen and Jared flirt nonstop (JARED GIVES JENSEN A NECK RUB.), they are both perfect gentlemen, and Jared is adorable beyond belief.

In which Jared is on the Ellen DeGeneres show, and wears a COWBOY HAT. Isn't that enough?? Oh, and he also brings her a sandwich, gives us his really thick Southern accent, and makes a enormous number of adorable comments, including, but not limited to, "Oh God, okay, well, I'd better call set and tell them I'm dead."

In which Jared wusses out on the set of House of Wax, and talks about his pores. Also, Chad Michael Murray makes a cameo and talks about how much of a badass he is.

In which Dean says "bitch" ALL THE FUCKING TIME. (courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] __rini!!)

In which...aw, hell. PALEYS PART ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are 10 parts, I think?? BUT WORTH IT.

Okay, that's it. For now, anyway.
Oct. 8th, 2006 12:53 am

aw, crap.

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Happy (now belated) Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] britfacexx and [livejournal.com profile] lovesacliche!!!!

I'm so SO sorry I didn't make a post earlier - I meant to, if that means anything. :/
But despite my suckyness, I hope you both had FANTAAAAAAAAASTIC days (and continue to have fantastic years)!!!! ♥♥

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[mood| excited]
[music| Kansas - Carry On My Wayward Son]


I tried to be Dean-esque this morning and drink my coffee black, but seriously? It's disgusting. SRY DEAN!! But hey, at least I'm wearing my manly plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and my manly watch!! And my ring, which is not so manly, but whatever.

A small, unofficial, celebratory picspam!! )

LESS THAN FOUR HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ETA: loooooooooooooooool Emma Watson, you buttface.
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[mood| lonely]
[music| Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Wererabbit on TV]

Winchester time!! Although, I don't have any Jeffrey Dean Morgan pictures at the moment, so my apologies if you were looking forward to that. SRY. :(((((((((((((((

45 pictures: 22 JAckles/Dean, 16 Jayred/Sam, 7 both )

Oh, and p.s. you guys - I just got my last.fm working on this new computer, so you can add me over there, too. :)
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[mood| apathetic]
[music| something simmering on the stove. hey, alliteration!]

Summer is so boring. Boring boring boring. I've decided I'm going to try and teach myself to play the drums with my brother's old set, but so far all I can do is sit there and hit the bass drum a lot. Besides that, all I do is sit around watching Supernatural and refreshing my flist. la la la la I am so booooooooooooooooooooored. I need to have a party or something.

The back of my jaw (like behind all my teeth, in the gum area) has started hurting recently. If I chew something on that side of my mouth, or brush over there, it's even more horrible. My mom said it might be my wisdom teeth growing in, but I don't know. How do you tell? It doesn't neccesarily feel like there's a tooth coming up there, and I can't see anything there, but you never know, I guess.

Also, Happy Birthday, Jared Padalecki! You are adorable, and I love you for it.
Also this picture makes me laugh and laugh. I have no idea why, either. It's just a high quality photo.

ETA: I forgot to say: Over the past few weeks, I've developed this really weird eating schedule. I don't get at ALL hungry until about 5 (and if I try to eat something, I never finish it, because I just feel full), at which point the hunger kicks in full throttle and I'm continually hungry until I go to sleep. I'm such a weirdo, srsly.


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