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I was randomly browsing LJ, and, y'know people's journals, obvz (as you do! ...or, you do when you're procrastinating, anyway) today, and I just wanted to say, THIS.

OHHHHHH MY GOD YOU GUYS, I CANNOT BRAIN ANYMORE. Dear this 12 page paper I'm supposed to be doing now: I don't CAAAAAAREEEEE. William Shakespeare, I have written more pages about you than I think anyone else EVER, and, okay, ilu, let's be honest, but ENOUGH. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

...of course, "ENOUGH" totally doesn't work, because I only have 8 pages so far and I totally just forgot what the point I was trying to make here in this paragraph was, and dfkhisdDAHUADFIKHDNSDKFJSHNFDDKFJSNFCKDSJZX.

And yes, I know, I am about ten million years behind on comments, I'm about ten million years behind on RL, too (everything but school, I mean. SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL DIE SCHOOL DIEEEEEEEE), and all I've been doing all weekend is slacking on finishing this stupid paper and whining about it on Twitter.

I swear, the only thing keeping me even slightly sane right now is the thought that by Wednesday, this will aaaaalll be over. JUST GET ME TO WEDNESDAY, LIFE, THAT WOULD BE GREAT.
...and also, this. They're from Greek, which is not actually a show I watch...?? But, in my slacking this weekend, I watched a couple of episodes, and, turns out, there're a few characters I actually totally love. If the show was just about them, instead of, y'know, the main characters, I'd probably actually watch all the time. Anyway, so, yes, these two guys' characters are certainly a part of that bunch. I just keep interspersing little segments of that interview with my paper writing, which is fun, because I get to alternate between heart eyes and fits of intense rage.

Anyway, I totally have to get off of LJ now, because I have to finish this paper (HOWWWWWW, I'm totally going to run out of stuff to talk about in about a page and a half), and study for my final tomorrow, and get ready for the interview I have in the morning (wish me luck, guys! It could be my FIRST JOB EVER), and NNNNNRRRRRAAAGGGHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOMG WEDNESDAY WHY ARE YOU SO FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRR
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soooo I've been working on this paper on the gothic in english romanticism for, like, ten million years now. or, okay, well, it's been most of today. I mean, obviously I've been slacking as well, but I feel like I've just been typing and typing and tyyyyyyyypinggggggg. I have 8 and a half pages (out of 12 to 15!), though, so I guess it hasn't been a COMPLETE loss, but still, I swear to god, I have been hitting these keys for, like, longer than I've been ALIVE.

also, I'm writing about my boy samuel taylor coleridge's poetry ("christabel" and "the rime of the ancient mariner"), and mary shelley's frankenstein, so I keep coming across the ghost-nipple story, as I like to call it. at first (uhh, this afternoon), I found it kind of weird, but totally amazing, and now, at 5 in the morning, I am having to prevent myself from just sitting here and laughing and laughing.
oh, here's the paraphrased story, btw, if you don't know it:

Like Walter Scott and John Stoddart, Byron frequently recited "Christabel." He recited the Hutchinson transcript, for example, in July 1816 for John Polidori, Percy Shelley, and Mary Godwin. The recitation--as Polidori records in his diary--is now famous because of the reaction it elicited in Shelley. During the recitation of Geraldine's disrobing in the bedroom scene of Part I, Shelley "ran out of the room... shrieking and putting his hands to his head." After Shelley calmed down, he explained that he "thought of a woman... who had eyes instead of nipples, which taking hold of him, horrified him." Byron's recitation is also important because it inspires Byron, Polidori and Godwin to enter into a competition to write ghost stories that, in the end, sees the production of The Vampyre and the origins of Frankenstein, or, The Modern Prometheus.

......GUYS. as it IS I'm totally punchy right now, and this is nooooooooot helping, okay.
someone come over here and tell me to keep writing, my god.
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This weekend, I only really did two things. But by gum, they were BIG things!!!:

1. On Saturday (uhhh, pretty much all day), I wrote a 10-page paper. Which, okay, I have never written a paper longer than 5 pages in my LIFE (I mean, there was that time I wrote 12 pages all at once, but that was at least for two different classes!), so I consider this a win! PLUS, I was writing about "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner", right, and, not only did I not whine ONCE about how I hated the poem (which...generally happens), I still love Samuel Taylor Coleridge buckets!! ...I have no idea what happened, you guys, but I think it's safe to say that Sammy T has officially been welcomed into the hall of my Academic Homeboys (um, which also includes Shakespeare, Homer, Darwin, and Gregor Mendel).

2. ........Okay, YES, I have fallen completely into the pit that is High School Musical. I mean, I was sort of there already, but this weekend there were ship manifestos and actually well-done chaptered fics, and LORD KNOWS I CAN'T RESIST THAT.
So, uh, here I am, now! I'm not sure whether or not I'm super excited for HSM3, though. Because, I mean, MORE CRACK, but also, if the rumors I'm hearing are true, and ...am I really spoiler-cutting for High School Musical??? WOW. )
...I have a feeling excitement is going to win out, though, especially because I spent all non-paper parts of my weekend whirling around in the HSM-vortex. But, I mean, REALLY, how can you not totally love THIS??? )
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Uh, so I've been sort of fucking around with CSS and headers and font colors and the like, and so...I have a new layout...?? I'm still sort of getting used to it, myself (and I don't really know if I love it, yet), but I've spent SO LONG these past few days trying out different combinations of shit, aaand getting more and more fed up with it, that right now, this is how it's going to stay, unless I have a huge brainwave or something. So, yes, new layout! Featuring The Academy Is..., v.2 (...right?? And they're on v.3 now...??).

Also (slightly related!), even though I have a paper due tomorrow I haven't even started, and another one due Tuesday that's only sort of half done (yeah, so, what else is new), I've spent all day frantically searching for Butcher/Tomrad fic, to NO AVAIL. Come on, fandom, the world needs it!! Just think about what you have to work with!! The ridiculous-real-boy-ness (the handholding!!!)! The angst (Butcher was the one who actually fired Tom, y??)! The pretty (WHAT, I am not made of STONE)! COME ONNNNNNNNNAELKFJDHNSDKJLDHJNSDKFL
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okay, so I am possibly the world's biggest procrastinator, putting everything off until the very last minute and all, BUT, let it just be known, please, that today I typed 12 pages of essay, which is more than I have done in one day EVER IN MY LIFE. Okay, yes, it was two separate papers, but it was a LOT, okay, the maximum I'm used to writing at one time is 5 pages (and that's only started since I came to college, in high school I only had to write 3 page papers!), and I only slacked off a little (read: four hours, but mostly all at one time! and I only half fell asleep once, guys.)!!

so basically this is just an entry to say that I'm proud of myself, although I would be prouder if I had managed to get this shit done in a timely fashion, so I could be asleep right now and not wondering if it's really worth it to sleep two hours before I have to get up for school anyway. but, details.

but, so, yeah. whatever, this is pointless, but I feel like JD right now. SCHOOL IS MY DR. COX, GUYS. it looks good, and it can be awesome and hot, and all I want to do is make it happy, but it is also emotionally distant!! and bitchy. and calls me girls' names...?? sure. but I DID go, "how you like me nowwwwww????" at the computer screen when I finished essaying, so.

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So guess what totally ISN'T helping me study for the insane exam I have soon, or write the three papers I have due this week (and, by the way, SERIOUSLY, universe?? SERIOUSLY?????? >:|)??

...Well, lots of things.

For one, I am a procrastinator!
Two, I still don't have my laptop back, and am slowly going crazysdfiaudsjksaidhhbsafd (I have access to computers, right, but I NEED MY LAPTOP BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK :((((()
And three, I've been sitting here all evening watching random Queer as Folk shit (and by 'shit' I mean 'clips and ridonk music videos on youtube'), and getting progressively more depressed (because by 'Queer as Folk' I mean 'Brian and Michael's Grand, Sweeping, but Ultimately Disappointingly Unfulfilled Love Story').

UGH, WHAT THE HELL. I think I need someone to come over here and slap me. And then, like, stand over me and make sure I do my work.

...Oh, BUT (speaking of procrastinating, har har), you people who watch Grey's Anatomy! Okay, so I accidentally caught an episode yesterday, and...it wasn't that bad...(THAT bad, I said!!)??
I still can't watch the show, mostly because I told myself I wouldn't, but also because I have this very strong desire to punch the title character in the face, BUT, you guys, tell me this - McDreamy/McSteamy, y/y???
I know there was something with cheating (someone was cheating on someone, while they cheated on someone else?? I'm not exactly sure, but THERE WAS CHEATING), but they're BFFs, no?? And getting along now??
Really, all I want (kind of more than LIFE) is for them to be the sort of 'resident-snarky-ass-married-couple', who just walk around the hospital making hilarious, fabulous, slightly bitchy comments at everyone else. Secretly they really love everyone! But they also realize they're all complete morons. Like, REALLY, if they just showed up every episode like this (the ".....why would she ask that??" KILLS ME, every time), I'd TOTALLY consider watching. ...I don't know if I actually WOULD, but I'd consider it!!
Plus, they totally love each other, okay (WHAT IS THIS 'CONTEXT' YOU SPEAK OF?!?!).

HOKAY, TIME TO ACTUALLY GO DO WORK (or, well, attempt to, anyway). ETA: I, uh - typed my name. In three hours. *CRIES*
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Things that make me sad:

1. Essays. (especially ones due tomorrow I haven't even started yet!)

2. My laptop being a buttface and not charging consistently (I think I have to send it in to be fixed, but I keep putting it off. I cannae be separated from my music and pictures for so long!! :()

Things that make me happy:

1. Joe and Patrick

2. Joe and Patrick

3. Pete and Hemmy!

4. Uhh, I mean...Joe and Patrick!!

5. And you guys, o'course!! ALL THE TIME. ♥♥

ETA: Okay, yeah, this makes me sort of ridiculously happy, too. Smiley babies (& HeyChris, ohman)!!!! Man, if I knew that DVD had THIS kind of amazingness on it, I'd have watched it aaaaaages ago (rofl, it's just sort of been sitting on my shelf for MONTHS now. WOOPZ.)!!
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1. YOU GUYS, I OWN JEANS THAT FIT. I took [livejournal.com profile] exsequar's advice (THANKS, BTW), and went to Kohls. Going through the junior's section made me want to punch people in the face, as usual (because, while there were pants that fit, they were all that STUPID LOW RISE. I'm not asking for mom jeans here, guys, I would just like to walk around feeling like my ass isn't constantly hanging out!!), but then my mom was like, "well, why don't you try the regular pplz section", and I DID, and it was AWESOME, and now I have jeans that FIT PERFECTLY (okay, maybe not perfectly, they're a little long, and so I keep stepping on the ends, but STILL), and I will love them until the end of time. Or until they get really obnoxiously ripped and my mom makes me throw them away, whichever.

2. Somewhat relatedly, today I'm wearing my NEW JEANS and my plaid button-down that my family has termed my "cowboy shirt", and my Chuck Taylors, and every time I look down at myself, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of Brendon Urie. I didn't MEAN to channel him today or anything, but I guess it just HAPPENED. Whatever, m'not complaining, it makes me happy everytime I look at my outfit. :D

3. THE WEATHER TODAY WINS FOREVER. I adoooooooore fall clothes, and I got SO EXCITED when I learned it was only going to be 70-some degrees today and I could wear long sleeves.

4. For my fake-English class, we have to pick a quote every week that relates to the readings, right? And, guess what guys, mine this week is not only a Cobra Starship one, but ALSO from "It's Warmer in the Basement". AND IT TOTEZ FITS!!!! \o/

5. I was showing my friend the Panic! at the Disco primer the other day, and her reactions (WITHOUT ME PROMPTING HER, might I add) were as follows:
~re: Ryan - "Wait, that's a boy????"
~re: Spencer - "Oh, he's totally a hot lesbian."
~re: Jon - "dskfuhakdhaskduhadsj!!!!!!!!" (or, well, the verbal equivalent)
Also, at one point I said, regarding Ryan and his monotone, "He's like a tiny, gay, robot!!", and she, apparently, almost spewed her sip of water all over the room. I CONSIDER THIS A WIN!!!! :DDDDD


7. omg, you guys, it's my birthday on Saturday!! I keep forgetting, and then every time I look at a calendar I have this COMPLETE SHOCK of, "OMG I'M ALMOST 19!!!!!!" It's...weird.
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I'm supposed to be writing a paper right now (actually, technically I'm supposed to be done with it already, but shhh), buuuuuuuuut I don't feel like it. So guess what time it is! THAT'S RIGHT, MEME TIME.

Make a list of all the characters/people in your icons. (Although you may have more than one icon of a single person/character, they only go on the list once.) Alphabetize it. Take the first two people on the list; that's your first pairing. Second two people; second pairing; etc.

This is...weird. )

Well, that killed a good 40 minutes. UGH, TIME FOR MY PAPER NOW. :((((((
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So I'm taking a couple of summer courses right now, one of which is Greek and Roman Mythology. I was just reading the chapter on Dionysus, and came across this gem:

An earthier account linking Dionysus with the afterlife involves his descent into Hades' realm to find Semele and install her on Mount Olympus. Dionysus, who does not know the way to the Underworld, searches for an entrance near Lake Lerna, a supposedly bottomless body of water. When he asks directions from a young man named Prosymnus (or Polymnus), the youth agrees to reveal the path if Dionysus will have sex with him on his return. After ascending from the nether regions, Dionysus finds that Prosymnus has died during his absence. Resolved to keep his promise, however, Dionysus fashions a stick into an appropriately phallic shape, plants it on Prosymnus's grave, and performs the desired sexual act.

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I love how, when I'm up to my eyeballs in work, cuddly men always, somehow, manage to make me feel better. The week before break, I was on a JPad kick, and now?? Well, now it's Robert Sean Leonard. And, see, I have no idea where all this love came from. All I did was consider rereading The Age of Innocence, and now, suddenly, thanks to the intarwebz and the HBO we get up here at college, I'm completely immersed in RSL-love.

Like, okay. Last night I only got 2 hours of sleep because I was up scouring the internet for DPS and RSL-related things, and, although I don't remember exactly what I dreamt about, I know it had a lot to do with this video I watched sometime last night. I woke up with my brain screaming, "ROBERT SEAN LEONARD!!!!!!", and I've had "How To Save a Life" stuck in my head all day.

Probably since I've been half-asleep through all this, though, everything is just sort of melding together. Like, my favorite RSL?? Looks like this, but is named Ted, and wears suspenders and a coat that he puts on swishily on cold, but welcoming, December street corners. And a scarf! A thick, warm, hand-knitted one. And he drinks cocoa. A lot.


ETA: Also, I forgot to mention, I've watched all the DPS clips on youtube a million times over now. This one is one of my favorites, I think. "You look about as stirred up as a cesspool!" And then, "I'm being chased by Walt Whitman!", and his LAUGH, DISUFHDSFKUISDHFSDJGBF I AM A GONER.

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I have a five page "argument mapping" due in less than six hours, for Anthropology, my last thing before I get to go home for a week, and so, I've been up all night (for the second night in a row, just fyi).

You'd think, though, I'd have spent my time in a more productive way than just sitting here eating donuts and watching random clips from The Office on youtube.

...Or maybe you wouldn't, depending on how well you know me.

ETA: OH I FORGOT TO SAY. Cobra Starship - The Church of Hot Addiction?? Best song to dance around your room to at 2:30 in the AM. Also, pants? Totally optional. I mean, not like I speak from experience or anything. *shifty*

ETA v.2: DONE!!!! FINALLY. Soooo it's 10:40 AM now, and I have to say, that was the most unnecessarily painful thing I've ever done. Orrrrrrrr, well, maybe tied with that English paper from a while back. Except, I'll say this, English is a lot easier to bullshit than Anthro.
Anyway, I'm done, and now I don't intend on using my brain for a good, solid week (pay attention in class today? hah!). I totally need the recovery time, too: just now in my mapping, I typed "contrictory" and COULDN'T FIGURE OUT FOR THE LONGEST TIME WHY MS WORD WOULDN'T RECOGNIZE IT. Turns out, I meant "contradictory". I also typed "speach" instead of "speech", but the autocorrect caught that one for me.
So happy vacation, you guys!! And for those of you who don't have a break, or who just don't start for a while, happy Friday! Be sure to Cobra Starship dance around, I'll be thinking of y'all as I listen to it/pass out asleep on the bus ride home this afternoon.

ETA v.3: Love me???? *toes dirt*
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I'm totally going to answer all your comments on my last post, but not right now, because it makes me feel more like I'm focusing on homework if I tell myself I'll answer them after I'm done (because what?? I'm not putting off my homework and randomly clicking around on LJ!! NOT AT ALL.)

ANYWAY. A poll! )

Okay, now that THAT'S done. Tiiiiiiiiiime for more work. :((((((((((((((
YOU GUYS. Were Mufasa and Scar really the only males in The Lion King???? Because, okay. Simba is Mufasa's son, obviously. But if Mufasa and Scar were really the only two, that means that every other cub around is the son of one of them, INCLUDING NALA.
Which, EW.



ETA v.2 Oh, but. If Mufasa really had soooooooo many kids, how come Simba was the only special one??? I mean, none of the OTHER cubs got hoisted above crowds of bowing animals set to music that is now currently STUCK IN MY HEAD. And none of the other cubs got the whole, "One day, this will all be yours...EXCEPT FOR THAT BIT OVER THERE, THAT'S FOR YOUR EV0L UNCLE." speech. Hmmm.
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...that's the idea, anyway.

GOAL: To write a 5 page paper for English before 10 AM tomorrow. Maybe fit some sleep in there somewhere too. PWNED, BIATCH (which took me 347328497324 tries to write)!! Although the plan for sleep, sadly, has pwned me. :(

TIME ELAPSED SO FAR: 1 hour, 30 minutes 3 hours 4 hours, 45 minutes 9 hours, 30 minutes (Although, keep in mind that the large majority of that time was not actually spent writing my paper, but trying to make popcorn, braiding my hair/staring at my split ends, and otherwise dancing about avoiding doing actual work.)


NUMBER OF MINTS I HAVE EATEN FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER: 3 4 5 7 (rofl, I just started chewing gum after a while)


NUMBER OF TIMES I HAVE SAID, "GODDAMNIT, I HATE THIS PAPER!!": 1. But ah, the night is still young. This has now been replaced by, "But I don't wanna do thiiiiiiisssss..."
Yes, in case you were wondering, I am a champion whiner.

final edit: Soooooo it's now 7:34 AM, and I'm finally done. THIS SHOULD NOT HAVE TAKEN ME THIS LONG, WTF. Although I'm sort of strangely proud of myself: it's my first all-nighter! lmaoooo what the hell. But no, in high school, I was never up past - 2, I guess? - doing homework (the times I was up until 4 were because of LJ, believe it or not).
But anyway, I'm done. Although I've never had to write a paper longer than 3 pages, so my last two pages are complete garbage. Like, seriously, they're just full of fluff and me saying "however" faaaaaaaar too much. BUT WHATEVER.
So now everyone's waking up around me; I, of course, having gotten a grand total of ZERO hours of sleep, am exhausted, but I don't think it's even worth it to try to go to sleep at this point - I do, after all, have class in roughly two and a half hours. Maybe I'll just go take a shower or something and then wait for all of you to wake up. Ooh, or maybe I'll actually make a point of going down and seeing what the dining hall has to offer in the ways of breakfast!! THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.
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[mood| geeky]
[music| my stomach, i'm hungry]

I just realized how many of my entries start with, "so". To avoid this, I am writing this entry in handy list form!! Exciting stuff.

-I cannot wait to go to college. Before, I wasn't so excited about it, because I knew I'd have to leave my friends and everything. Buuuuut high school has pretty much screwed me over, so.

-My shiny, brand-new Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Box Set is the best thing ever. I've spent pretty much all weekend watching the movies (with cast commentary!) and then all the special features on the appendices. I actually haven't gotten to RotK yet, because there's just so much stuff on the first two. I love it all, though, so I'm not complaining.

-I may or may not have a huge newfound crush on Rick Porras as a result of watching all the documentaries.

-I also may or may not have a huge newfound crush on Daniel Falconer (one of the senior designers and sculptors at Weta Workshop, if you didn't know) because of this.

-I reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaallllllly want to work at Weta now, I think it'd be the most kick-ass thing in the world.

-My cat is the laziest bum on the planet, but I love him, because as I watch LotR, he sits next to me and purrs and is just generally a big furry ball of love.

-I am a huge loser. I mean, I didn't just realize this, but it was reinforced this weekend. See, as homework, we had to write a sound poem - describing it and using words with cool sounds and whatever. My poem is about the battle at Helm's Deep. Or, the build-up to it, anyway, because if I actually wrote about the whole battle, my poem would be a million pages long.

-In conclusion,
Hey ho! to the pub I go
To heal my heart and drown my woe.
Rain may fall and wind may blow,
But there still be many miles to go!
Sweet is the sound of the pouring rain
and the stream that falls from hill to plain
Better than rain or rippling brook
Is a mug of beer inside this Took!
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[mood| frustrated]
[music| I like how my launchcast radio decides to taunt me by playing LotR soundtrack music]

So I'm supposed to be writing an essay right now - a criticism of a criticism of Beowulf. The only problem is, I can't find a criticism. Not even one. I was originally looking for the one Tolkien wrote (for almost an hour, too), but at this point I'll take anything. Not that there's anything to take, apparently. I've found reviews and bibliographies of criticisms, but no actual criticisms.

Okay, still no criticism, but:
Top 10 Problems of Dating Beowulf. From some professor, somewhere. *vague* )
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Sooo. I'm supposed to be reading Crime and Punishment and writing a journal entry about it. Um.

I definitely wrote,
"Wow, Dunya must be one hell of a hottie" in my entry.

Then I erased it, told my friend about it, got laughed at, and kept writing.

Aaand just now, I brilliantly came up with,
"Someone also needs to tell Svidrigailov that the way to a woman’s heart is not by standing over her delirious brother in the middle of the night, because that's just freaky."

Let's hope it doesn't crash and burn with my Lit teacher, because I'm not going to take that last bit out.

...Okay, maybe the freaky part.
Nov. 3rd, 2005 12:25 am

i'm cold.

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Ummm so I didn't actually add to my halloween entry. OH WELL.

Anyway. The point of this post is: [livejournal.com profile] voodoo_in_tx made a super fantabulous post about how lots of people have been feeling depressed lately, and what to do to help fix it. It is wonderful, particularly to me because a LOT of my friends seem to be going through this as well. Do read it; even if you're not feeling particularly down, it is still full of nice things to do. :)

I am tired. It seems like these days I can never make myself go to sleep before midnight. Which isn't that late, actually, but the only getting 6 hours of sleep catches up with you eventually.
But today I was actually doing homework, not just sitting around listening to music and refreshing my f-list. *pats self on the back* Although, if I was REALLY being productive, I would have finished my work as soon as I got home today.
Okay, so maybe I'm not that productive.

Okay, I think it's time for bed, if only because I've been watching my mood!kitty sleep for, like, the past 10 minutes, and it makes me even more tired. So! I am off to sleep, like the little kitty.


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