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...oh, lulz, actually, first, a note: my dad is watching a rerun of HIMYM on TV rn, and, even though it's not one of my all-time super-favorites (that I've seen a billion times), I can still totally quote whole chunks of it along with the episode, and then get really bummed when I KNOW they've cut out one line or another. And yeahhhh, this is noooot a rare occurance. ..........what can I say, HIMYM is my TV show baby.


...OH, NO, WAIT, first a few more things about the zoo!
Uh, so, today was my second day, right, I was really pleased to see I was right, about me improving at everything, as I get more used to it! I mean, obviously there's still a ways to go, but even today went a lot smoother, because I had even just that one day's worth of knowledge and experience behind me!
...also, today I didn't have to handle worms, so, you know, that helped (I did have to clean up a lot of poop, all told, but that wasn't so bad. Actually, it even became really amusing, because when I was cleaning out the bunny areas, all the bunnies kept hopping up to sniff at me and poke their little bunny noses all over the place. I felt like Snow White, it was great. Turns out, cleaning: 500% cuter with bunnies!).

Also today I got to let the ferrets run around and play with each other, which was ADORABLE. Ferrets: bitey, but super-cute!!

OKAY, NOW. thoughts about buffy s2!! )

....um, so, okay, TIME TO GET TO ALL OF THAT. S3, here I come!!
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I like how the internets just go dead after about 11 pm. And by "like", I mean AM DISGUSTED AT. What d'you mean, people have LIVES?? Everyone needs to be around to entertain me when I demand it! DANCE, MONKEYS, DANCE!!!

hahahahahaha okay.
Now that I've most likely alienated half of you forever, let's MOVE ON (ps, ILU!!).

Okay, so. Before we get to the fandomy part of this entry, first RL... )

So...idk. Thoughts?? Really, anything would be a super-help, guys.

Okay, now fandom! )

Anyway, so that's it. Back to marathoning, I suppose (s2e3, you're up!)!!
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So, it's finally time for something I've been meaning to post for a while now, but been to lazy to actually get around to! And what is that, you ask?? WELL.

So guess what, I love How I Met Your Mother! And, though, I adore everyone on the show, I've pretty much always been a passenger on the Good Ship Ted/Lily/Marshall. And so, after a mad marathon of episodes, complete with much "DSKUHJSODIFUJSAD OT3!!!1!!1!!11!!" flailing to [livejournal.com profile] boheme06, I was so overcome with love that I had to...well, make a fanmix.

and OH LOOK, here it is! )

And, now, if you want to also explore the other portion of HIMYM love and AWESOMENESS, [livejournal.com profile] boheme06 made a Robin/Barney mix!! Check it out, guys, because it is AMAZING. ♥♥


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