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Merry Christmas, kidlets!! I'm so glad, now, and, really, all year, to know you guys and to be able to have awesome conversations with you all about awesome stuff, even if it all is only over the internets (though I did meet a whole bunch of you IRL this year!! Which was also awesome, obvz, and def a pattern I want to keep up).

Also, thank you so much to everyone who sent me a holiday card (so, uh, [livejournal.com profile] thefreshchuff, [livejournal.com profile] giventofly37, [livejournal.com profile] justspaz, and [livejournal.com profile] bohemu)!! They are all lovely, and rn being proudly displayed with all our other Christmas decorations (and then they'll go up to my room, and be displayed there!).

My biggest gift this year was probz tickets to Coldplay's summer tour next year, from my mom (which I was totally going to get her, because she loves them, but they were too expensive for me), but I also got a couple books (Flora's Dare, by Ysabeu S. Wilce, The Brief History of the Dead, by Kevin Brockmeier, and the first trade of Fables, which I am exciiiiiiited about, because I def need to pick up my comics reading again), Maroon 5's sophomore album (I still haven't decided whether I want their most recent one or not), and one of those reusable coffee mugs that looks like a paper Starbucks one or something, you know the ones?? ...also, I got, like, lotion and body wash and socks, but that's not as exciting. Oh, and a pair of boots, but I don't love them, though I do need a pair of tall brown boots, so I think I'm gonna go exchange them, or something. Oh, and Whale Rider! Which I've always sort of meant to see, because as far as I know, it's about: a, a girl being AWESOME, and b, WHALES, whiiiiich are both two of my favorite things. So.

Anyway, I hope you all are having a wonderful day, whether you celebrate or not!! <333333
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Soooo it is almost my birthday!
I keep forgetting, though -- I mean, like, I know it's September, now, and I know my birthday is coming up, vaguely, just - it hasn't hit me yet that it's tomorrow. TBH, idk that I'm ready to be 23! I mean, 22 was a pretty good year, and also my lucky number, sooo. ...I will tell you one thing, though, I've been at least partially looking forward to being 23 for a while now, if only so that Blink-182's "What's My Age Again?" will now apply to me. ...what can I say, sometimes I have pretty simple life goals.

Anyway, though, I did do something, for my birthday - [livejournal.com profile] bohemu and I continued our trend of city-hopping by going to Chicago! ...aaaand promptly fell in love.
I mean, I'd heard from everyone (EVERYONE) that I was going to LOVE Chicago, so I went in hopeful, if a little dubious. But, well, PEOPLE WERE RIGHT. I mean, look - just of the cities we've visited, NY and Philly are all right, but a little -- idk, too much NY and Philly, DC was fun, but kind of a shitshow, and Boston was delightful, but - idk, I keep trying to think of a defining moment for it, and I can't? It was my favorite, out of all these, and I def want to go back soon, just - idk, idk. :/

But Chicago? idk, it just - felt comfortable. Like, obvz I'd never been there, and I'm generally suuuuper not a city person, but, like, it felt like I knew Chicago, and could easily live there. Not forever, maybe, but at least for this point in my life - working out my career and my ~relationships~, with friends and Chicago steady at my back.

Oh, because, that's the other thing! I was with [livejournal.com profile] bohemu, obviously, but we also met up with some awesome people, including [livejournal.com profile] goldenguess, [livejournal.com profile] rhombal, and [livejournal.com profile] musictoyourlips. And everyone was uniformly amazing! [livejournal.com profile] bohemu was saying, we DEFINITELY have to go back to Chicago, soon, not only for the things we didn't get to see (including some parts of the things we did get to see! CHICAGO MUSEUMS, Y U SO LARGE), but also because there are good people here, people we loved meeting and want to hang out with again ASAP (...and, ahem, people who, if they should feel the need to visit the East Coast at any point, we would love to have!).

...also, we miss it. chicagooooo, je t'aimeeeee ♥

So, um, yeah. Chicagoooooo<3333, and also I AM ALMOST 23, GAIZ, WHAT IS GOING ONNNNNN.
...and now, if you will excuse me, I am going to partake in some coffee cake, and enjoy my last bits of year 22. ♥
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Uh, yeah, so! Tomorrow morning (early, early tomorrow morning -- I have to wake up at 5:30, ugh), I am heading off to Seattle, to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and two baby nephews (...well, they're 2 and 4, now, but they'll always be babies to me~)!!

...I haaaaaate flying, and it seems a lot easier to just stay here at home and hang around in my pajamas and read and stream things from Netflix, BUT of course I love hanging out with my nephews, so it'll be fun, I can already tell! I think we're mostly just going to be hitting up the museums and the zoo and all that, but also my sister-in-law was appalled when she heard I'd never been camping, so we are apparently going to do that, too!

So, yeah, I will be back -- well, I'll be back next Tuesday (the 28th!) evening, buuuut tbh, it'll probably be the 29th, before I rly get back into the internet swing of things. I mean, I will probably have internet time in Seattle, too, buuuuut certainly nowhere near the amount of time I hang around the interwebz at home. So, uh, until I get back, HAVE FUN, HOLD DOWN THE FORT, DON'T BLOW ANYTHING UP WHILE I'M GONE. And let me know what I miss, too, here and on Tumblr!! BYE KIDS, ILU~~
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The TOTALLY AWESOME personality-based, non-fandom-based, and tl;dr friending meme!

...so now, no matter how your fandoms change, you will always know awesome people!!

......yeaaaaahhh, that's all I got rn. *off to make/eat dinner and stream things off Netflix Instant!*
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Yesterday I was at work, but my mom and I had brought my puppy in, and so during lunch, we took him to the nearby dog park. There weren't that many other dogs there, but it was nice, we ran around, and Baxter def had a lot of fun. And then, for the rest of the day, I could smell the outdoors on me -- you know that smell, all wind and grass and dirt? ...yeah, that, and the sun was shining merrily in through the window, and I was looking at pictures of sundresses online, and listening to some quality tunes, and -- seriously, it was like spring/summer sensory overload, almost, aaaand it was DELIGHTFUL.

So, I thought, why not share all of that with you guys? Obvz I can't give you the outdoor smell or even the sunshine across the interwebz, but what I CAN share with you is the music.

So: here is a mix for all of you, for the spring and summer now and to come; for the kind of days you just want to spend gallivanting outdoors with your friends/family/pets/etc, just running around and having adventures and - just basically living it up, nice-weather-style.

...like, the kind of day you'd have an impromptu scavenger hunt or something, full of a lot of ridiculous hijinks, maybe culminating in finding the nearest playground and climbing all the jungle gym equipment even though you're far too tall for all of it, and then having a swinging contest -- and then getting a little cleaned up and going out with your friends for happy hour specials in the bars' outdoor seating areas, and then...maybe there'd be fireworks, just because I like them. ...oh, and, SUPER ideally, there'd be someone to make out with, as you traipse around in your slightly buzzed state (which is the best phase of drunkenness, let's be honest, because - if you're me, anyway - you're just so happy about everything).

....uhhh, yeah. So anyway! HERE IS THE MUSIC, FOR YOUUUUUUUUU~~ )
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Well, first of all, HAAAAAAY, NEW FRIENDS!!! I'm glad y'all are around, and I hope that I get to know you better soon, this year!!

Second, HAPPY NEW YEAR, kidlets!! As my friend pointed out, this is the last full year before the world ends, so LET'S MAKE IT A GOOD ONE, yeah??

I was out in Philly for NYE (for new friends, that's where I went to college, and where a bunch of my friends still do, so I'm up there a lot, actually), and though we didn't actually do that much, it was fun! We got to watch the fireworks at Penn's Landing (there was a good amount of drunken "Auld Lang Syne" singing, lulz), and then we traipsed up to Chinatown and had delicious sushi and sake bombs (not AS delicious, since I DO actually hate beer, but useful!) and the like.

The next day a few of us (me, and the friends that actually live there -- we had a couple other friends up for the night, too, but they left pretty early New Years Day. NOT THAT YOU GUYS CARE THIS MUCH, buuuut STILL) sat around and made -- well, I'm hesitant to call them "resolutions", because no one (including me, certainly) ever sticks to their resolutions, buuuut I guess that's what they were, for lack of a better term! So, mine are: to find a job/internship (part of that is people actually HIRING me, buuut I want to get some more applications out, too), meet more new people IRL (potential relationships, maybe, but also just friends!), and eat better (and I don't even mean this in the "I really want to lose three pounds" sort of way, just, I KNOW in college, especially my last year, I was eating allll sorts of junk, allll the time -- also, I'm, like, 99% sure I have PCOS [haven't been officially diagnosed yet, but I KNOW I have a bunch of the symptoms, including the ovarian cysts and the hormone imbalances and whatnot, soooo], and eating low-gi foods apparently really helps with that). Also, I AM going to be on LJ more, now, so, I guess that also counts.

Also, idk yet how much of this is actually going to come to fruition, but one of my friends is really big on snowboarding, and, for Christmas, her parents promised her they'd pay for a place up in the Poconos for her and a bunch of her friends to go up and go winter sporting. I've never been snowboarding or skiing, but it's always been on my list of things to try, sooooo WE'LL SEE HOW THAT GOES.

...uhhhh, idk, I feel like I had more to add, here, but I GUESS NOT. Soooo I will end this now! BYE GUYZ; HAPPY 2011!!
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HELLO, MY CHILDREN!! Yes, I've been gone for a while, excuses excuses, blah blah blah. But the thing I realized today, while typing up a suuuuuuper-extended comment to [livejournal.com profile] boheme06, was:

Aaaaand I'd like to -- well, at least try to come back?? It makes me feel shitty, not keeping in touch with you amazing kids as much.

The thing is, though, I never feel like I have anything interesting to say. Like, all I'm doing is going into work at my mom's office a couple days a week (my internship finished), playing with my cat (my old kitty, Garfield, died a little while back -- we miss him something awful, but I got a cute - but kind of crazy - black shorthair from the shelter a couple weeks ago. His name is Comet, and he likes toy mice, belly rubs [SERIOUSLY], and running around the house like a crazy), and watching random children's television. BUT GUESS WHAT, I guess you're all just going to have to hear about that, now, WON'T YOU. I mean, sometimes I cook dinner, so that's always fun to talk about, and I did just start watching Being Human last night (while I'm nooooot totally sure I love it, yet, I DO love Russell Tovey), soooo there is hope for my fannishness yet...??

The other thing is, every time I check my flist, it's full of people being like, "So, I know I'm not around much", or, y'know, just not posting. So -- who's still here?? Just to get a sense of it, I mean, GOD KNOWS I'm in NO position to bitch people out for stepping back from LJ for a while.

Also, um, I re-did my layout ([livejournal.com profile] splits_thesky!)? And my profile, to match (though I have since actually SEEN Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and...idk, I have some issues with it. I still LOVE Narnia, though!!). And I cleaned up my flist a little, because one of the other reasons I was away from LJ so long was that I kept getting SO BEHIND on my flist, because it was bogged down with all these comms. So mostly I just left/stopped watching a bunch of communities, though I did also defriend a couple of people I just hadn't talked to in FOREVER. If you're one of those people, and you really ARE around, though, PLEASE let me know, because it's not at ALL that I don't want to be friends anymore, I just -- wanted to clean up a bit (seriously, this is the first cut of ANY kind I've ever done, because I never wanted to lose ANYONE).

...I guess that's it (OH ALSO IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS, YAAAAAAAAY -- though, my mom has basically told me she hasn't bought me anything this year, because she wasn't feeling anything on my [FOUR PAGE] Amazon wishlist. Buuuut I also want a bike, since she also just donated my old one, so GUESS WHAT I AM GOING TO CLAIM AS A GIFT)?? idk, guys, let's see how long THIS comeback lasts.
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Did you miss me? Because I sure missed all of YOU. *TACKLEHUGGGG*

I am SO SORRY I was gone for so long - basically, yes, school was a bitch. But the good news is, now, I am DONE!!!! That's right, college can KISS MY ASS. My last final was yesterday, and graduation is tomorrow!! I CANNAE WAIT, YOU GUYS, seeing as I lost focus, uhh, about halfway through last year, this celebration is LOOOOONG overdue.

And then, starting on Monday, I have an internship, at the Franklin Institute!! I'm the Development Intern, which basically means I get to help make sure the exhibits are developed into the best they can be, by doing focus groups and the like. Also, apparently we work with children from minority groups who go to school in the city, and bring them in for various science-y programs. I am excite!!
So that's Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and then Tuesdays and Thursdays I'm going in to work (well, "work", it's mostly just mucking about in Excel) at my mom's office, like I did this past summer.
I am SO THRILLED to not have to be a student anymore, you don't even KNOW. I mean, yes, I will probably go to grad school sometime in the next year or two, and yes, I'm not going to be doing the most glamorous work in all this, but, like, no more essays?? no more studying for exams??? SIGN ME UP.

Besides this, nothing too exciting has happened to me lately - there have been various little adventures this semester, most of them involving booze, or boys, or both, buuuut you know, COLLEGE, it happens.

Also, I've, apparently, gotten really into webcomics, all of a sudden? I mean, I always used to check [livejournal.com profile] beatonna's stuff, but now I've also found Questionable Content, Girls With Slingshots, Eros Inc, I was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space!!!, Menage a 3, and Curvy (those last two are NSFW, btw). They, seriously, have been making my LIFE. Like, sometimes the only thing that would get me to get my ass in gear and finish whatever assignment I was working on and then go to bed, was the thought that in the morning, there'd be NEW COMICS OMG!!!

What have YOU ALL been up to, though?? There was no way I could check the flist regularly, I'm sorry, but I'm working on getting back into that habit! In the meantime, tell me, you guys, what has been happening while I've been away? NOTHING COULD THRILL ME MORE THAN TO KNOW.
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Soooo yes, I haven't been around much lately, school was a pain, blah blah blah, excuses excuses.

Whatever, the point NOW is, *~*WINTER BREAK*~*!!!!!!
That's right, I am DONE with this semester like I have been waaaaaaaiting to be since, uh, the day it started, and now it is time for baking (today I made coconut macaroons, which I'd never had before, but turned out to be SUUUUPER simple, and delicious), watching TV, and, y'know, CHRISTMASTIME. This past weekend we got our tree and decorated it, and now we're sloooowly getting the rest of the house set. We have to get it both Christmas-set, and baby-set, because, that's right, my nephews are coming to visit! They're not actually going to get here until the 26th, but then they (and my brother and sister-in-law, obvz) will be here for a month. Sooo I'm excited!!!

Also, I have a new layout!! It's not the best ever, but I wanted a winter-y one, and I've been thinking of making it Narnia-y for a while now. So...ta-da: [livejournal.com profile] splits_thesky!!

How are YOU all doing, my lovelies?? I've been trying to keep up with the flist, but...I missed a bunch, I know. So what's happening, bbz?? I am HERE FOR YOU, now (....until next semester starts, anyway. But we are Not Thinking About That, right now).<3333
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Wait, wait, I'm sorry.

Dear flist, NO ONE decided to make a First of May-related post today?? Generally, there're about FIVE, all in a row. FALLING DOWN ON THE JOB!!

It's totally okay, though, because I realize I've been falling down on the job, too (...the posting job, that is). Right now, though, I'm mainly just trying to make it out of this semester ALIVE.
About a month ago, my semester-attention-span toooootally wore out, and since then my slackerness has just been getting worse and woooorse. Now, at least, though, I only have finals-related stuff to do. I mean, my last day of class isn't until Monday, but I got through all my random, end-of-semester work, so...huzzah??

Anyway, so, IMMINENT FINALS, AAAAAAAHHHHH!!! I'm back home, though - most probably I'm just going to go in to Philly for my finals, and bring back suitcase-loads of stuff whenever I can (because I'm only taking courses the second half of the summer, so I'll be home at first). It's nice to be back, I gotta say, and not only because my kitty is so warm and snuggly (which, surprise, he IS!).

Oh, also, I've, kind of randomly, been catching up on movies I never saw, and always meant to. IDK, it just sort of happened?? But yeah, so now I've FINALLY seen Fight Club, Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters 2, Clue, Shaun of the Dead, aaaand Hot Fuzz. Mostly, I came out of it with a massive newfound crush on Simon Pegg (<33333333333, omgggg), a strong desire to be a Ghostbuster for Halloween, and saying things like, "...I am Jack's complete lack of surprise", and of course, "Fl-flames...FLAMES, ON THE SIDE OF MY FACE...". Ahhh, GOOD TIMES. :D
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Oh hay, I'm back, btw!!

San Francisco was awesome and baby-filled! I spent the large majority of my week helping supervise the nephews, but we also went out to a bunch of cool places, like the totally AWESOME newly-opened museum, and the beach, which was GORGEOUS. Actually, I have some beach pictures I was going to share with y'all, but those'll probably come in a different entry. But they're pretty pretty, if I do say so myself!!

Anyway, so what have you guys been up to?? I read my flist a little bit, but there's no way I can catch up on an entire week's worth of entries. So def let me know what I missed! Or even if nothing super-exciting happened to you, how are you, lovelies?? Good, I hope!

Also, I've been randomly realizing things I miss horribly, but for some reason didn't even realize until now. Like summer - I mean, I love fall and winter and snow and all, but I can't wait for, y'know, flowers, and sunny days and being able to wear pretty skirts and all (the seasons tend to be juuust as long as I need them to be. Like, watch, come August I'll be going on about how much I want crisp leaves and cool breezes and being able to wear boots and jackets and layers). Also, I missed my house something awful (sounds weird, but I've been at my apartment in Philly, and then I was on the west coast last week, right), which I totally didn't realize until a series of random events translated into my staying at home this week (& commuting to school). I totally just sat around and watched Disney Channel this evening, it was glorious (that's the other thing, I miss TV, you guys. I mean, I can download or stream things in my apartment, but it's not quiiite the same as sitting down and watching, with commercials and the ability to channel surf and the inevitability of watching completely RIDICULOUS programming).

Oh, also, I did indeed take Watchmen with me, and managed to finish it in SF! Haven't seen the movie yet, so I'm avoiding all your reviews for now (and everything else, actually - I just never got around to watching the preview when it first came out, and so now it's turned into me actually making an active effort to avoid commercials and all, so it can all be fresh and new for me). But I, hopefully, will be able to make a trek to see it this weekend! EXCITEDFACE. :D

Anyway, so yes, what's going on with you all?? Oh, and happy early St. Patrick's Day, guys!! ♥♥
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Hay, flist, guess what??

That's right, I loooooooooooove you!!<3333333333

Happy Valentine's Day, kiddies! )

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Yeahhh, that's right, I went ALL OUT this year. Possibly, subconciously, to make up for the fact that I made my costume almost entirely out of clothes I already have?? Not that my costume isn't AWESOME, though - because, my friends, I am going as one of these crazy kids (David, if I have to pick, because, um, a, he's my favorite, and b, our hair matches, but I am lacking in the crazy-motivational singing and dancing area!! Also in the Christian Bale area, what's up with THAT). YEAHHH, THAT'S RIGHT. For a costume idea I pretty much only decided on this week, I love it KIND OF A LOT.
So now, trick-or-treat!!:

My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
splits_thesky goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as a newsie.
ajk tricks you! You get a wad of paper.
boheme06 tricks you! You get a scratched CD.
britfacexx gives you 8 red-orange grapefruit-flavoured gummy bats.
candidlily gives you 5 milky white evil-flavoured nuggets.
ewanspotter gives you 13 yellow passionfruit-flavoured pieces of bubblegum.
exsequar gives you 15 mottled green spearmint-flavoured gumdrops.
giventofly37 tricks you! You lose 2 pieces of candy!
killmotion tricks you! You get a rock.
perrynqa gives you 13 yellow grape-flavoured pieces of bubblegum.
the_rhianna gives you 1 teal grapefruit-flavoured pieces of chewing gum.
splits_thesky ends up with 53 pieces of candy, a wad of paper, a scratched CD, and a rock.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

...thanks?? Well, the amount of candy I come away with seems to increase every year, so I guess I'm really growin' on you guys!! :DD

I'm SUPER excited about today, because I'm going to New York, for the parade!! I've wanted to go for, like, forEVER, and now, since Halloween is a Friday, I can!! \o/

Okay, so, bed now, I think, or I'll end up sleeping through Halloween (that would be HORRIBLE AND TRAGIC, omggg). Everybody, rock your body, have an awesome Halloween(/October 31st/Frank Iero's birthday)!!
May. 28th, 2008 02:32 pm


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I have returned!!
Seattle was great (and sunny, what up!), if a little hectic (we were 9 adults, 2 babies, and a dog). My nephew continues to be adorable, by the way. He has a whole repertoire of animal sounds he does (I taught him 'frog' while we were there!), and he can identify various body parts. Also, though he can say a couple words, he signs a looooot - and it's kind of great, all us adults were walking around doing his signs for things unconsciously by the end of the week. :D

Anyway, I'm glad to be back, though. So, how have all of you been? What's been going on, both fandom and otherwise?? Fill me in!
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SO, how many of you watch(/have watched, I guess, it's been done for a while) Due South??? I am guessing no one! BUT, you should all start, because it is AMAZING AND I LOVE IT. Also because I just started watching myself and now I have no one to share in my incredible levels of enthusiasm (well, I made [livejournal.com profile] boheme06 watch the pilot, but she is probz off having a life or something - which, WHAT IS THAT, LIA - and so I am back to square one). So, WATCH, CHILDREN!!!! I promise I will love you forever! .....COME OOOOONNNNNNNNNN

Anyway I have to go now because Ace of Cakes is on and OH LOOK it's my imaginary boyfriend (one of them, anyway) Geof. HAY GEOF ILU!!1!!11!!1!
Mar. 8th, 2008 06:43 pm


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So Jensen (my laptop) is back!!
...sort of.
The problem with Windows is fixed, and all my music is still safe (THANK GOD), buuut all my programs are gone (which isn't that bad, I mean, just all my bookmarks and the music I bought on iTunes, I'm pretty sure), aaaand also, all my pictures. Which is like - A LOT. I don't even know - okay, let's see, I have 28 entries here on LJ tagged 'picspam', and majority of those are 50-100 pictures or so, and those are just the ones I've uploaded...sooooooo, yeah. ;_____;
Also, it still won't charge properly - apparently the problem is the jack or something, which is connected to the motherboard, and replacing that would be pretty much just like buying a new computer, price-wise. So now I have to get an external charger, which, I don't even know when that's happening. My mom said I could use my brother's old desktop, though, which I might just do. I'd have to re-install everything and all, but I'd have to do that on Jensen, too, so.
...idek, guys.

I'm sorry I haven't been commenting much on your entries, but it's actually really hard keeping up with the flist without a computer (which I have been, though!)
So yeah, I've been experiencing what life's like not online 24/7, and okay, real life is WEEEEIRD. Last week I went to see The Bravery in concert and very, VERY nearly almost punched out this horrible, bitchy girl! I went to my first frat party (and spent most of it hiding from creepy guys)! I went to a sex shop (what, we were bored, I didn't buy anything)! A few days ago, some lady at the train station paid me for my parking spot! Actually, more strange people have randomly talked to me recently than possibly ever in my life! I got to experience fangirling from the outside (well, sort of, my BFF and I went to see Cobra Starship Thursday night, and stood up in the balcony area with all the moms - and let me tell you, I am SO GLAD we weren't down in that pit with all the 12 year-olds, it was INSANE)! And today it has, seriously, been pouring ALL DAY, aaand now it's like a frickin' wind tunnel out there!
...Oh, and I got to smell Alex Suarez (who smells amaaaaazing, btw), during which he said, "I feel like a stripper!!", and shimmied in my face. True story!
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San Fran was sunny and awesome! My nephew turned one with a fabulous Winnie-the-Pooh themed birthday party (mostly I say "fabulous" because I mainly organized it, lolz)! He was kinda sick most of the time we were there, but still always cheerful! So that was great, except for now I have a fever. Which sucks. But it's nothing some Tylenol can't fix!

Also, classes start tomorrow. I'm not really looking forward to waking up early, especially since I'm still on California time, but hopefully my classes will be fun...??? CROSS YOUR FINGERS.

Anyway, that's it. What'd I miss? Update me on your lives! ♥
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So guess who is now officially on winter break?? That's right, ME.
I kind of look like a zombie, because finals stuff leads to a lack of sleep, and I'm just now eating my first meal of the day, BUT now I have a whole MONTH off, and it is GLORIOUSSSSSSSSSSSS.

And then! I came home and checked the mail, and SURPRISE, I had some! Which, let me tell you, is kind of a big deal, I never get mail (well, unless it's my school being like, "PLZ DELIVER UR CASH MONIES"). And it was not only just mail, but flist Christmas cards!! So, THANK YOUUU, [livejournal.com profile] bubbles83 and [livejournal.com profile] britfacexx, your cards are ADORABLE (and now up on my bulletin board, replacing my finals schedule!!), and ilu both bunches and bunches. ♥♥♥♥

And now, in celebration, and because I've been meaning to do this for a while now, have some holiday muzaks!! )

...And now, if you will excuse me, I am off to dance around my room, and then sleep for a million years. YAY BREAK!!!!
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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!! Or, uh, Happy Thanksgiving, Americans!! Happy...November 22nd, everyone else. Uhhhhhhh.


So I don't know how many of you watch Dancing with the Stars, but [livejournal.com profile] boheme06 just showed this to me, and I MUST SHARE. Okay, so, if you were to pick, what would be one of the LAST artists you'd pick to tango to? What's that?? Fall Out Boy, you say??? WELL.

I JUST ABOUT PISSED MYSELF, GUYS. I was like, "yeah, yeah, Disney, kids, judges, yeah yea- OH MY GOD WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE". For REAL.

Also, I am currently in the process of organizing all my Bandom memories! It's taking a little bit of time, seeing as I have, you know, a couple hundred things to sort through, but it's happening!! Very soon I will actually be able to re-find things, instead of just being like, "I KNOW I SAW THIS ONCE BUT NOW IT SEEMS TO HAVE DISAPPEARED INTO THE ETHER ADFIHSDFJHSUDHBFKJSDJF". The amount of categories I have is kind of crazy, though. It's almost as long as all the rest of my memories combined!!!!
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Things that make me sad:

1. Essays. (especially ones due tomorrow I haven't even started yet!)

2. My laptop being a buttface and not charging consistently (I think I have to send it in to be fixed, but I keep putting it off. I cannae be separated from my music and pictures for so long!! :()

Things that make me happy:

1. Joe and Patrick

2. Joe and Patrick

3. Pete and Hemmy!

4. Uhh, I mean...Joe and Patrick!!

5. And you guys, o'course!! ALL THE TIME. ♥♥

ETA: Okay, yeah, this makes me sort of ridiculously happy, too. Smiley babies (& HeyChris, ohman)!!!! Man, if I knew that DVD had THIS kind of amazingness on it, I'd have watched it aaaaaages ago (rofl, it's just sort of been sitting on my shelf for MONTHS now. WOOPZ.)!!


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