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lulz, confused??

so yeah, SOMEONE'S 21 TODAY!! )

Anyway, so yes, today I turn 21!! Not officially until 2:22 in the afternoon (it'll be 2:22 on 9/22/09. Maybe I should play the lottery with some 9s and 2s, jeez), but still, YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY IT'S MY BIRTHDAY YAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!! Oh, and also, a very happy birthday to all my birthday twins, of course (because, okay, there are WAAAAAY too many to list, even with just the people that are of special interest to me)!!
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Hey, so, turns out the summer is just as hectic as school times!!

For good reason, though - my cousin got married on Sunday (technically, my second cousin, but we've lived about 10 minutes away from them for, like, 20-odd years, so they're pretty much my immediate family)! And, to make matters more exciting, she got married to one of my parents' (and her parents', as a result) really good friends' son. So, while there was technically a "bride's side" and a "groom's side", everyone knew everyone, and it was just good times all around. We had to help get everything ready (because, since we're brown, we had to have about a million different events), so it was craaaazy hectic, and the weather decided to be craaaazy humid all the while, but it was still, overall, good times.
Oh, and it's a tradition for everyone to get mehndi(/henna) put on their hands (supposed to be auspicious), so my left hand currently looks like this. It's fading fast, though, which is making me sad. :(

Also, because of the wedding, my brother, sister-in-law and my nephews flew in from San Francisco!! So they're here for a while now, which is great, but which also gives me no time, because I usually spend my days running around after some nephew (well, actually running around after the 2-year-old, metaphorically running around after the 3-month-old). It's fun, I mean, and I love these kids to death, but it doesn't exactly give you a lot of free time.

I've also been listening to my new favorite band, Parachute, of course! They're going to be playing a show in NY on Saturday, which I was going to go to, but it turns out I can't, because I have to nephew-sit the whole weekend (ironically enough, because my brother and sister-in-law are going up to NY to visit some friends). BUT, I would stroooongly urge all of you nearby to go check them out, because they are AWESOME, and you will love it. I promise.

Anyway, bedtime beckons now, so I must away. Hopefully I'll be able to snag more internet time, but until then, I'm at least grabbing enough time to be able to keep up with my flist, so keep on keeping on with all your wonderful posting, kidlets!! ♥♥
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So, just got back from seeing Cobra Starship!!! \o/


Anyway, in addition to being mostly dead (but thrilled!), I smell, SO BADLY. Like, TMI, maybe, sorry, but it's not even ME, mostly, just that everyone there was SO FRICKIN' SWEATY, like that wave of people really was made of water, and they'd all just gone swimming in it. And generally I'd back off of people's sweat and stank, but I was SO DETERMINED to not let those weemos completely own the floor, so I was fighting my way through the B.O. like nobody's business. And so, yes, now I have to go take a shower (my sweat, I don't mind so much!! But the 40-odd people who got THEIR sweat all over me?? Yeah, that I mind). And then do homework, and then sleeeeeeeep, glorious sleeeep (\o/ !!!). WISH ME LUCK ON THIS GLORIOUS ADVENTURE, GUYS.
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So hey, something that is decidedly not awesome is the end of the semester. Like, finals, okay, maaaaybe I understand, but what is UP with all these last minute essays and projects and shit?? COME ONNNNN, COLLEGE, JUST LET US GO ON BREAK ALREADY.

Something else not awesome is how I seem to be getting sick. LOSE. :(((

BUT, there is also awesome!! And that is how I am now officially going to see Cobra Starship on their headlining tour! I have to wait until March, but I'm still, srsly, SO EXCITED.
here are some reasons why!! )


Oh, also! I can (kind of, sort of, really, really, REALLY badly) play the beginning of "I Write Sins, Not Tragedies" on the guitar (which is still HUGE, because the guitar confuses the CRAP out of me. Like, normal people's fingers do not go like that!! WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE.)!! So yeah, that is also awesome, I guess. Uhhh.
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Okay, I know you guys (especially you non-bandom kids!) are about to punch me out for posting so much, but I have MORE TO SHARE!!
And this is it: The Academy Is... is AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING in concert. Like, we saw them on the Honda Civic Tour, but we were so far away, and getting yelled at by security for most of the time, and then we had to miss a couple songs so we could get in line to meet them (which was AWESOME, and I don't regret it AT ALL, but still), but this was just totally different.
The venue was smaller, for one, but it was just overall, so fucking high energy. Like, you guys, this was the MOST AMAZING CONCERT OF MY LIFE. TAI... are so INTO IT, omg, it made my LIFE.

After almost dying on the floor (and then meeting 4/5 of Cobra Starship - we ran into Alex later, and were awkward and creepy with him, too - EEEEEEE!!!!!), my friend and I just hung out off to the side. It was actually better, because we could see the entire stage, and weren't in danger of, you know, BEING CRUSHED TO DEATH BY 12 YEAR OLDS. But DUDE, it was still the most energetic concert I've ever been to. Like, with Gym Class Heroes, Travie talks a lot, and he's smart and witty, and his comments make the show, and then with Cobra Starship they just want you to fucking dance, and it's so much fun, and with Fall Out Boy you just sort of stare open-mouthed and go, "Oh. My. GODDDDDDDDDD" a lot. But this show was like - like, okay, if the biggest, longest, most insane keyboard smash was an emotion?? It would be how seeing The Academy Is... in concert feels.

William fucking FLINGS himself across the stage, and bounds around and throws mic stands into the air (I kept worrying he'd knock himself out, or something), and the Butcher is INSANE and AMAZING (and totally the MVP of the night, we decided), and pretty much NEVER stopped drumming, and Mike and Sisky and Chiz ROCK OUT and they're all just so INTO IT and they totally give it their all, and - just - SFHKJLASHDUGFHJBKADLAHSIGFEHVSDKMLFJIUHAGYFVHKJLJIFHSGDVHBAJKDS.

OMG, AND STORY! Okay, so at one point Butcher starts playing the beginnings of "Classifieds" (which is my favorite TAI... song EVER, btw), only apparently the mics weren't working properly or something, so William turns around and fucking WINDMILLS his arms at Butcher to let him know. What made this especially hilarious was that William's arms are SO FUCKING LONG (like Gabe's!!), so it was, like, LIMBS EVERYWHERE.
Anyway, so then Butcher and Mike just played randomly for a bit (while Tony ran around frantically trying to fix things, aww ♥), and then they finally started "Classifieds".
It was AMAZING, of course, AND THEN! Around the second chorus, who should appear on stage but Gabe!! He sang with William for a bit, and I was paying attention to that and trying not to pass out from sheer glee, and then I just vaguely see something totally FLAILING at the side of the stage, near Mike, and I turn, and it's RYLAND!!! omg, you guys, it was AMAZING, he was seriously dancing like there's no tomorrow. SKOIJAUOHGDVBHNKJSDLFHUGABDNKJDSHUYHFBSDJKFH!!!!!! And then I looked around some more, and Alex was totally there too, bouncing around Mike and Ryland. So then the Cobra boys head off stage, and TAI... finish the song, only the mics were futzing out a little, and when they finish, William's like, "...that was unexpected." And then he goes, "Tony! Can we fix this, because Mike wants to sing the next song", and Mike GRINNED HUGELY, and I may or may not have swooned a little.
And THEN they played another song that I forget right now, and William's mike cut out at the end, so he decided to, instead, LAUNCH himself into the crowd and flail around there. And so then the song finishes without him, and Butcher's like, "I was trying to sing the end by myself there...it didn't really work, though". So then everyone runs around frantically trying to fix everything, and William's like, "I don't know what I'm going to do if this keeps happening...we might have to just have a fucking party. *turns to Butcher* And you, I think you should sing lead vocals in the next song!!" SFJAKSDLLOJIASUHGBJSKLDJIAHUSBHDJKSLIOIFHSHKJ, GUYS!!!!!!!!!!



...And then we went to this diner, and flipped out some more (and got yelled at for being too loud, hah), and did this with the fries.
And then we got pulled over on the way home. But not even for something cool, just because our lights weren't on enough!! SO.

ETA: OH, I FORGOT TO MENTION. After we met Gabe and Ryland, we were just sort of standing there freaking out, and this lady (looked about 40-something??) was like, "*nods to Ryland* Who's that?" So I told her, right. And then there was this pause, and then she goes, "OMG, AND IS THAT GABE OVER THERE?!?!?!!!!11" I SHIT YOU NOT. It was WONDERFUL, y'all. :DDDDDD
Oct. 26th, 2007 07:58 pm

Voice Post

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I probably shouldn't have waited until the night before my concert to start listening to Santi and Cobra Starship's new album (haha, for, like, two seconds there I blanked on the real name, and could only remember "If the World Is Ending, We're Throwing the Party"), but then how would I be *~*true to myself*~* (myself being the biggest procrastinator ever)??
So anyway, listening to them now, at least. I didn't really like a lot of the CS songs at first, but now that I've heard them a couple times, they're growing on me. "Prostitution Is The World's Oldest Profession (And I, Dear Madame, Am A Professional)" gets major points from me for the title alone, but I also rly like it!! And "The City is at War", and "Guilty Pleasure", and "My Moves Are White (White Hot That Is)", BUT my absolute favorite song on the album has got to be "Damn You Look Good And I'm Drunk (Scandalous)". I mean, seriously?? Seriously, Gabe???? UGH, AMAZING. ♥♥
My favorite song off Santi is probz "Same Blood", mostly because it is awesome, but also because it is William and Gabe's sekrit love song!! BOYFRIENDS, Y'ALL.

Anyway, the main point of this entry is: I totally forgot it was my 2nd LJ-versary this week!! So now, happy belated birthday, LJ o'mine!!
In celebration, comment stats (as we do)!! )
The ones from last year, if you want to compare.

ALSO. Why did no one make me watch Pete's appearance on One Tree Hill before this?? ahahaha, you guys, most awkward thing EVER. Pete (from Fall Out Boy! I love how they keep tacking that on, like they're afraid people will forget), you are a lot of things, but an actor is not one of them!! Like, you guys, I had to watch that all in stages, because I couldn't take more than two minutes of it without cringing in embarrasment. OH, PETER.
Oh, but omg, Franz Ferdinand background music!! I was pleasantly surprised. :D

Oh, and if anyone cares, the sort-of bangs I cut myself the other day!! Or, well, that's what they looked like this morning, anyway.

...Uh, I guess that's it?? OH NO, OKAY, QUESTION TIME. Okay, if you were one member of any or all of the bandom bands, who would you be? Not who do you WANT to be, but, like, who do you think you're most like? I've been thinking about this a lot, for some reason, and for me, this is what I've got:

Panic! - Brendon, probably.
TAI... - Chiz
MCR - Frank, although not as AWESOME
FOB - NO ONE. Okay, maybe Patrick a little bit, but I feel like everyone in this band is more awesome than me, in various ways. Actually, now that I think about it, Fall Out Boy is the one band that, if I met them, I'd be intimidated by every single member. JEEZ, FOB.

I don't know enough about the individuals in GCH and Cobra Starship to pick there, but you can bet I'm gonna work to fix that!

Okay, that's really it, now. Wow, this was a random entry. Ah well, s'why you love me (right?? RIGHT????)!!
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...AKA, it's not spamming if I told you it was coming (although, technically, this post was supposed to be up 6 hours ago. WOOPZ.)!!

So, okay, things:

1. [livejournal.com profile] boheme06 and I have decided that Pete Wentz is the Chip Skylark we've always wanted!! I mean, THINK ABOUT IT. He has shiny teeth! People commonly think he's a jerk, until they get to know him! He's delicious! (Also, Lia, LOOK, OMGGGGG)
I was thinking maybe this makes Patrick Timmy (he's GOT to have at least one pink hat, come on. Plus, doesn't Chip call Timmy "little dude", or something??), but then I had the urge to cast everyone else, got confused, and stopped.

2. GUYS (which I totally just typoed with a 'z' at the end, hah). Why does no one else find it as hilarious as I do that Ryan Ross's puppy is named Hobo? Like someone here said, it's hobo and Hobo!! HAHAHA, OH RYAN ROSS. ♥♥


4. Okay, so, HALP, PLZ. My friend and I are going to see The Academy Is... and Cobra Starship on Friday, right, so I'm trying to make a list of stuff she needs to know before we go. So far, she knows that Gabe is a weirdo, and William's quite the looker, and a sweetheart (we "met" him on the Honda Civic Tour. We were lame and made shirts, but he said he liked them!). Oh, and she knows the music, of course.
But yeah, additionally, this is what I have so far... )

So, what's missing? If you have any more proof for these points, too, plz share!! I know everything's all unformatted and ugly, but I'm going to be emailing this to her, so it's going to have to do.

5. I'm sleeeeeeeeepy. *rubs eyes*
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You know what I just realized?
Franz Ferdinand kick-started my music enthusiasm.

Like, before, I liked music, sure, but I generally just listened to whatever was on the radio; if you asked me to list some of my favorite bands or something, I'd just go, "The Beatles!!!!" and then fall silent. And I'd only been to one concert (which was the Spice Girls, in fourth grade, for all two of you that don't already know this story). I'd always say that movies were my favorite form of media (yes, this is how I think, shut up).

AND THEN! And then I got into Franz, and I saw them in concert twice, and I bought multiple items of merchandise, and I stuffed my harddrive with music and pictures and interviews, and it all went from there, I guess.
These days, I spend my commutes listening to my iPod, and I pull it out during the day whenever I have even a 5 minute break. My wardrobe is 85% band t-shirts (it's actually kind of sad), and my life now is pretty much defined by concerts. Like, right now, I'm going to see Gym Class Heroes on Saturday, The Academy Is... later this month, and tonight I discovered that Dashboard Confessional's going to be playing at a bunch of places near me next month, and I'm already all, "HOMG I HAVE TO GO!!!1!!!!!!11" And then, you know, I'm teaching myself to play the drums, which, like, whenever I try to teach myself something, it lasts for a day, maybe two. But I've been doing this for almost a month now...?? Which is a RECORD, for me.

I don't know, I guess this isn't really weird, most of you (if not ALL) are more musically inclined than me, it just...feels different. I mean, I still love movies and TV, but these days I find myself getting more excited about music than anything else. Like, when a song I love plays on the radio or something, I actually have a physical reaction (haha, I generally go, "YESSSS!!!!!" with the little fist clench thing - y'all know what I mean, don't front), and then can't stop smiling for a good while afterwards. And I still have pictures of actors stuck all over my walls (no, really, I'll take a picture one day - I have this one wall that's just COVERED), but the piece of decor I love the most these days is my bulletin board, with all my tickets of concerts I've been to (and Fall Out Boy's confetti from the Honda Civic Tour, because half of that came home with me by itself, stuck in my clothing and hair and whatnot). And, like, for YEARS I wanted to be an actress, but now the majority of my daydreams involve me doing something with music.

I HAVE NO IDEA, YOU GUYS. And wow, this got really rambly. Okay, going now, because I really am tired! And I have to wake up in 6 hours, GAG. OKAY BYE GUYZZZZZZZZ ILU

ETA: Aaaaaaand I'm going to see Dashboard again, even though it's a Tuesday and I have a 9:40 class the next day!! HOYEAH. :D
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1. YOU GUYS, I OWN JEANS THAT FIT. I took [livejournal.com profile] exsequar's advice (THANKS, BTW), and went to Kohls. Going through the junior's section made me want to punch people in the face, as usual (because, while there were pants that fit, they were all that STUPID LOW RISE. I'm not asking for mom jeans here, guys, I would just like to walk around feeling like my ass isn't constantly hanging out!!), but then my mom was like, "well, why don't you try the regular pplz section", and I DID, and it was AWESOME, and now I have jeans that FIT PERFECTLY (okay, maybe not perfectly, they're a little long, and so I keep stepping on the ends, but STILL), and I will love them until the end of time. Or until they get really obnoxiously ripped and my mom makes me throw them away, whichever.

2. Somewhat relatedly, today I'm wearing my NEW JEANS and my plaid button-down that my family has termed my "cowboy shirt", and my Chuck Taylors, and every time I look down at myself, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of Brendon Urie. I didn't MEAN to channel him today or anything, but I guess it just HAPPENED. Whatever, m'not complaining, it makes me happy everytime I look at my outfit. :D

3. THE WEATHER TODAY WINS FOREVER. I adoooooooore fall clothes, and I got SO EXCITED when I learned it was only going to be 70-some degrees today and I could wear long sleeves.

4. For my fake-English class, we have to pick a quote every week that relates to the readings, right? And, guess what guys, mine this week is not only a Cobra Starship one, but ALSO from "It's Warmer in the Basement". AND IT TOTEZ FITS!!!! \o/

5. I was showing my friend the Panic! at the Disco primer the other day, and her reactions (WITHOUT ME PROMPTING HER, might I add) were as follows:
~re: Ryan - "Wait, that's a boy????"
~re: Spencer - "Oh, he's totally a hot lesbian."
~re: Jon - "dskfuhakdhaskduhadsj!!!!!!!!" (or, well, the verbal equivalent)
Also, at one point I said, regarding Ryan and his monotone, "He's like a tiny, gay, robot!!", and she, apparently, almost spewed her sip of water all over the room. I CONSIDER THIS A WIN!!!! :DDDDD


7. omg, you guys, it's my birthday on Saturday!! I keep forgetting, and then every time I look at a calendar I have this COMPLETE SHOCK of, "OMG I'M ALMOST 19!!!!!!" It's...weird.
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I can't believe NO ONE on my flist has posted about this:

Spice Girls reunite for world tour

I am SO EXCITED, you guys. For the, like, two of you I haven't already told this to, the Spice Girls were my first concert ever. Geri had already left, and I only had lawn seats, but it was still SO GREAT. I remember, I made my mom buy me a t-shirt and a poster, both of which I kept for an embarrasingly long time. But anyway!
I think you have to register to get a chance to buy tickets or something...?? DEAR GOD I HOPE I GET TO GO.
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So hay guys, I've been noticing this - phenomenon occurring lately. Which is, people with generally "good", non-embarrassing, sometimes even slightly pretentious taste in music, have been getting into Fall Out Boy. It generally happens the same way, one of their friends plays them some FOB songs, they really like them but try to resist, because it's, you know, Fall Out Boy, but always end up succumbing.

And so, my questionable taste in music would like to say, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, and also I am going to see Fall Out Boy and The Academy Is... and Cobra Starship in concert this summer, and it is going to be AWESOME and YOU KNOW IT.

Also, someone posted a picture of Pete Wentz the other day, and a bunch of the commenters didn't know who he was, and I was all, "Wait, WHAT, in what universe do people not know who Pete Wentz is", and now I can't decide whether I am really pathetic or if the people who don't know who he is are just living under a rock.
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So, Stars on Ice... )

Um, I think that's it. I was going to whine at you about how half the kids in there NEVER SHUT UP, buuuut I'm too lazy to now. So SORRY, GUYS.
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This morning, I was sitting on the edge of my chair and tilting it forward (which I do a lot), when suddenly it slipped and fell over, and I fell off. That alone would've been bad enough, but the arm of my chair has one end of my laptop lock on it, so it also sent my laptop crashing down to the ground. And, the laptop's power cord runs along my desk, behind this huge pile of stuff. The cord got yanked forward as my laptop fell, and that pile of stuff all toppled over as well, right into my recycling and garbage cans. It was all very loud, and very painful. Just fyi.

Also, omg, I just realized I'm going to miss SPN this week!! Because there's a Dashboard Confessional and Brand New concert here that day. And, yes, I like Dashboard Confessional. Yeah, yeah, I know, emoness and whatever, but I've always had a soft spot for Chris Carrabba. No idea why, but I do. Enough of one that, when I found out who was playing this concert, I shrieked, "DASHBOARD!!!!!!!" at an embarrassingly loud volume.
...Shut up, all of you.

Anyway, the point is, please don't spoil me! I'll probably watch it on Friday, and I know you guys are generally good with spoiler-cuts and all, but just in case. Because I do also know, this is the episode my flist exploded over when they read the spoilers. So yeah, please, guys.

And because I'm avoiding doing work: memes!!

From [livejournal.com profile] virtuistic, Comment and I'll give you a letter; then, list 10 things you love that begin with that letter. After, post this in your journal, and give out some letters of your own.
My letter was M... )

From a bunch of people, The 2006 Year in Review Meme! )

Also from a bunch of people, and because I just bought myself a year's worth of paid account time and extra userpics:
Look at your LJ userpics list. If you have fewer than 50 icons, pick every fifth one. If you have between fifty and seventy-five icons, pick every seventh one. If you have over seventy-five icons, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than ten, pick all of 'em. List each one in your LJ, and tell everyone exactly why you have it, why it's interesting to you, what significance it has.
Read more... )

And one for you!
Look at my userpics. Based on those icons, answer the following questions:

1. Which icon do you associate with me?
2. Which icon is your favorite?
3. Which icons is your least favorite?
4. Which icon would you like to see me use more often?
5. One that you don't understand?
6. Can you make 2 of my icons converse?
7. When you comment, use your favorite icon and tell me why you love it.

...I still don't want to work. Maybe I'll go get some dinner, or something.
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[music| Art Brut - My Little Brother]

Observations about Sunday night's Franz concert )

I feel like there was more I had to say, so, ummmm....THIS POST IS OPEN TO EDITING. If I remember something else, I'll add it.

In other news, this morning we took my cat to the vet.

That was fun.


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