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Did you miss me? Because I sure missed all of YOU. *TACKLEHUGGGG*

I am SO SORRY I was gone for so long - basically, yes, school was a bitch. But the good news is, now, I am DONE!!!! That's right, college can KISS MY ASS. My last final was yesterday, and graduation is tomorrow!! I CANNAE WAIT, YOU GUYS, seeing as I lost focus, uhh, about halfway through last year, this celebration is LOOOOONG overdue.

And then, starting on Monday, I have an internship, at the Franklin Institute!! I'm the Development Intern, which basically means I get to help make sure the exhibits are developed into the best they can be, by doing focus groups and the like. Also, apparently we work with children from minority groups who go to school in the city, and bring them in for various science-y programs. I am excite!!
So that's Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and then Tuesdays and Thursdays I'm going in to work (well, "work", it's mostly just mucking about in Excel) at my mom's office, like I did this past summer.
I am SO THRILLED to not have to be a student anymore, you don't even KNOW. I mean, yes, I will probably go to grad school sometime in the next year or two, and yes, I'm not going to be doing the most glamorous work in all this, but, like, no more essays?? no more studying for exams??? SIGN ME UP.

Besides this, nothing too exciting has happened to me lately - there have been various little adventures this semester, most of them involving booze, or boys, or both, buuuut you know, COLLEGE, it happens.

Also, I've, apparently, gotten really into webcomics, all of a sudden? I mean, I always used to check [livejournal.com profile] beatonna's stuff, but now I've also found Questionable Content, Girls With Slingshots, Eros Inc, I was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space!!!, Menage a 3, and Curvy (those last two are NSFW, btw). They, seriously, have been making my LIFE. Like, sometimes the only thing that would get me to get my ass in gear and finish whatever assignment I was working on and then go to bed, was the thought that in the morning, there'd be NEW COMICS OMG!!!

What have YOU ALL been up to, though?? There was no way I could check the flist regularly, I'm sorry, but I'm working on getting back into that habit! In the meantime, tell me, you guys, what has been happening while I've been away? NOTHING COULD THRILL ME MORE THAN TO KNOW.
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I was totally going to make this entry in the afternoon, but WHATEVER, IT'S HALLOWEEN NOW. Also I was totally just out partying and so am still a little drunkyyyy!!! WOOOOO.
Actually, going out was a lot of fun...at first, anyway. See, my friend Alison is in the nursing program, right, and it turns out she's met a whole bunch of grad students through it. So, a couple weeks ago, one of her grad student friends invited us to a party they were having, and it was AWESOME, okay. Let me tell you guys, I've never been much of a fan of undergrad frat parties, because they're just noisy and crowded and sweaty and GROSS. Plus, undergrads are DOUCHES. ...and I say this, as one myself!! But so anyway, turns out grad student parties are suuuuper fun - at that one, we totally played boardgames and had a barbecue, but there was also a lot of beer and other assorted draaank, aaaand I totally did two shots and then puked.
So then tonight one of the other grad students (who we met at the previous party, so we knew her, sort of), had a Halloween party, and that was also, AWESOME. It was mostly just, like, chilling with drinks, but Alison's first nursing friend (who had invited us to the previous party) made tequila Jello shots, in limes, and she also made me some drink that was like, rum and apple cider and cinnamon?? IDK, it was deliiiicious. And also, these grad students are so chill!! They're SUPER nice, and even though I puked last time, no one held it against me or anything, and the boy who had peer pressured me into doing those shots (lulz, it's a long story. I'd never done shots before, and also he may or may not have been chatting me up?? THE VERDICT IS STILL OUT), who I thought would be awkward around me, I totally had a great conversation with, in which he told me I made a very natural Batgirl, and should just go around fighting crime all the time.

OH YEAH, that's because, I forgot to tell you guys, I finally got my Batgirl costume together this year!! I've been wanting to do it for yeaaaaars now, and so this year I finally got on top of shit and bought the stuff I needed to buy, and made (lulz, well, made my mom make) the stuff I needed to make, and now I am BATGIRL, and my costume totally got complimented by, like, 10 MILLION people tonight. And then tomorrow I'm going to the Village Parade, in NYC, which, if it's anything like last year, will be the MOST FUN EVERRRRRRR. \o/


My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
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Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

lulz, Lia, there's seriously, like, some little gremlin that sits in this site and just cackles every time we come around, all, "MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAA, IT IS TIME FOR THE SCRATCHED CDSSSSS!!!!"

Also, you guys were, just generally, SUPER MEAN this year, wtf. I CAN HAS MOAR CANDY, PLZ???

OKAY, so anyway, yyyy, I'm back home after partying!! Because, see, some of our friends wanted to meet up and go frat partying, so we had to leave the AWESOME, AWESOME grad party, and then the frat party TOTALLY SUCKED, and so I left. I am still kiiiind of festive, though, so I don't think I'm going to head to sleep just yet. I'll probably just end up watching some eps of Entourage, I bet. WHICH, btw, is AWESOME, so all of you that watch, HANDS UP, so I can talk to you about how awesome it is and also how Kevin Connolly is SUUUUPER DREAMYYYYY (he is my new desktop, now, even, because the dreaminess was SO MUCH).

SOOOOOO, YEAH, totally going now. This post is totally and unnecessarily rambly, huh. I would blame it on the alcohol (god, now that song's going to be stuck in my head forever), but....I get rambly even when I'm sober, soooo. OKAY SO ANYWAY, BYE GUYS, AND HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEN!!!!!!!
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O hay, kids. Uh, I'm baaack, btw!! For those of you not following [livejournal.com profile] saveaplace, well, A, my pictures are up: http://picasaweb.google.com/splitsthesky , and B, London was aMAAAAAAAAAAzing, and I totally want to go back, right this second. This morning, coming in to school, I kept wondering what'd happen if I just jumped up and got off at the next stop, somehow got myself to the airport, and just bought a ticket across the Atlantic right then and there.

Unfortunately, I couldn't (though, man, I wanted to. LONDOOOOOOON<3333333), though, because, oh yes, school. Fall semester started today, and was probably the least stressful semester beginning I've ever had. One, because, I mean, I was just in summer classes two weeks ago, so it's not like I've really been away from this lovely institution, and two, I'm pretty sure I'm at the point where I just don't care anymore. I mean, I don't hate school or anything (other than, y'know, the work and all, lulz), but I'm a senior now, I've been in school almost all my life, and at Temple for four years now, Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters aaaall included, and I've got this shit down so that I don't even worry anymore about whether the outfit I put together in the morning looks cute for a good first impression or if I know where all my classes are, or anything like that. Let me tell you, the night before every year of high school used to be so stressful for me. I went to school with basically the same kids I'd known since kindergarten, but I was always so worried about everything. I have no idea why, now, but it happened. Whereas, today, I just sort of stomped through my day, rocking it, I mean, but also sort of just, "I'm here, I'm getting my shit done. Everyone else, I could not give a crap". You know (not to get too philosophical-y, but), I do feel like I've changed since I've come to college, but it was really less changing and more just working with who I already was. Now I know what I'm doing (uhhh, well, I know what I'm doing here at Temple, anyway, once I graduate I'm going to be lost), I've got a great support team (I used to feel so awkward about having such few friends. Now, I still only have about 3 people I'd consider my BFFs, but they're amazing, and, honestly, they're enough), and, y'know, I'm certainly still failboating my way through life, but now I'm at least learning to work it, I think. So yeah, thanks, college! And okay, fine, I will probably miss you, come next May. ...Although, maybe I won't! I mean, it's not like I'm going to stop being the same person, just because I graduate. IDK, whatever.

ANYWAY. Speaking of my very good friends, a couple of days ago [livejournal.com profile] boheme06 and I had our anniversary (lulz, well, "anniversary")!! SO. HAAAAAAAAAYY BB, HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY!!!!<333333 *CONFETTI!* I wanted to make a fanmix or something, but I still haven't made it back to my apartment, so...I couldn't. But definitely on it was going to be this song, so, um, there you go.
So basically, Lia, THANK YOU. Thank you for being an awesome friend, for being my twin, for always sticking around to cheer me up when I need it, for laughing with me at the most ridiculous things, until we both totally can't breathe, for completely vindicating my even making an LJ, and for...you know, everything. Like, thanks for not actually being a creepy 40-year-old stalker, because that would have made all those times we've met up reaaally weird, and also, totally confirmed all of my mom's suspicions about the internet. So yes, THANKS, and ILU, and also, we need to get a move on on our Halloween costumes, because it's almost September, and we NEED to rock that parade, hello. :D

...I feel like I had more to say here. IDK - it was my mom's birthday yesterday (HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, MOMMY, even though you will never read this, and also, I totally wished you actually on time yesterday)! I only saw my first full episode of CSI:NY this past weekend, but I also discovered it makes me ridiculously happy (EDDIE CAHILL LOOKS LIKE SEAN MAHER, COME ON. Also, Danny is adorable, and Melina Kanakaredes is rockin' it for the curly-haired chicks!!)! Schuyler Fisk is adorable and I want her to be my girlfriend (and there miiiight be a pimping post about her soon, so watch out for that, maybe)! WOOOOOO.
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Sooo, look who hasn't posted in a while!
Yeah, idk, I have no excuse. It's not even that stuff hasn't been happening, or anything - the closest I can figure is, since I'm not really in a big fandom right now, my Squee Level has gone down. SHOCKING, I KNOW.

But anyway. Back to that 'things happening' bit... )

Anyway, so, part of the reason I'm not-so-much in a big fandom right now is that I haven't caught up on all my big-fandom shows. Lost, SPN, House, Criminal Minds, etc, etc, I AM SO BEHIND. I told myself I was going to use the summer to catch up on at least some part of that, but...so far I've just been watching brand new shows. I got through The Big Bang Theory, and then I really wanted to watch Generation Kill (which is AWESOME, btw, and I would have made an actual post about it, but I don't know that I have any more to say besides "<333333333" or ">:|", depending on who in the show I'm talking to), and then my brain was like, "hey, I always wanted to watch The Middleman!!"
...so, I did. )
I know it sounds sappy and all, but, quite honestly, this whole experience makes me happy and content in a way few other things do. ♥♥♥♥
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I can't believe it's already been a year since I last posted this (and exactly a year, too, wow), but:

and, of course:

(and guys, if you're not done yet, you totally get the satisfaction of coming back and celebrating with these songs when you are!! ....lulz, well, I've been anticipating this post for about a week and a half now, anyway.)

I'm still actually hanging out at school while I wait for a train that my mom will be able to pick me up from (once she gets off work, right), but I am DONE braining, most def.
Now is time for sleeping, and random internet-browsing, and actually being able to watch TV, and FUN. Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] boheme06, you can now totally come visit WHENEVER. Come tomorrow! Hell, come today!! Just let me know when you're on your way, and there will be FUN IN THE SUN (now that all the hard work, work is done - everybody, one for all and al- ...okay, okay, I'll stop now)!!!!

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I was randomly browsing LJ, and, y'know people's journals, obvz (as you do! ...or, you do when you're procrastinating, anyway) today, and I just wanted to say, THIS.

OHHHHHH MY GOD YOU GUYS, I CANNOT BRAIN ANYMORE. Dear this 12 page paper I'm supposed to be doing now: I don't CAAAAAAREEEEE. William Shakespeare, I have written more pages about you than I think anyone else EVER, and, okay, ilu, let's be honest, but ENOUGH. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

...of course, "ENOUGH" totally doesn't work, because I only have 8 pages so far and I totally just forgot what the point I was trying to make here in this paragraph was, and dfkhisdDAHUADFIKHDNSDKFJSHNFDDKFJSNFCKDSJZX.

And yes, I know, I am about ten million years behind on comments, I'm about ten million years behind on RL, too (everything but school, I mean. SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL DIE SCHOOL DIEEEEEEEE), and all I've been doing all weekend is slacking on finishing this stupid paper and whining about it on Twitter.

I swear, the only thing keeping me even slightly sane right now is the thought that by Wednesday, this will aaaaalll be over. JUST GET ME TO WEDNESDAY, LIFE, THAT WOULD BE GREAT.
...and also, this. They're from Greek, which is not actually a show I watch...?? But, in my slacking this weekend, I watched a couple of episodes, and, turns out, there're a few characters I actually totally love. If the show was just about them, instead of, y'know, the main characters, I'd probably actually watch all the time. Anyway, so, yes, these two guys' characters are certainly a part of that bunch. I just keep interspersing little segments of that interview with my paper writing, which is fun, because I get to alternate between heart eyes and fits of intense rage.

Anyway, I totally have to get off of LJ now, because I have to finish this paper (HOWWWWWW, I'm totally going to run out of stuff to talk about in about a page and a half), and study for my final tomorrow, and get ready for the interview I have in the morning (wish me luck, guys! It could be my FIRST JOB EVER), and NNNNNRRRRRAAAGGGHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOMG WEDNESDAY WHY ARE YOU SO FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRR
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Wait, wait, I'm sorry.

Dear flist, NO ONE decided to make a First of May-related post today?? Generally, there're about FIVE, all in a row. FALLING DOWN ON THE JOB!!

It's totally okay, though, because I realize I've been falling down on the job, too (...the posting job, that is). Right now, though, I'm mainly just trying to make it out of this semester ALIVE.
About a month ago, my semester-attention-span toooootally wore out, and since then my slackerness has just been getting worse and woooorse. Now, at least, though, I only have finals-related stuff to do. I mean, my last day of class isn't until Monday, but I got through all my random, end-of-semester work, so...huzzah??

Anyway, so, IMMINENT FINALS, AAAAAAAHHHHH!!! I'm back home, though - most probably I'm just going to go in to Philly for my finals, and bring back suitcase-loads of stuff whenever I can (because I'm only taking courses the second half of the summer, so I'll be home at first). It's nice to be back, I gotta say, and not only because my kitty is so warm and snuggly (which, surprise, he IS!).

Oh, also, I've, kind of randomly, been catching up on movies I never saw, and always meant to. IDK, it just sort of happened?? But yeah, so now I've FINALLY seen Fight Club, Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters 2, Clue, Shaun of the Dead, aaaand Hot Fuzz. Mostly, I came out of it with a massive newfound crush on Simon Pegg (<33333333333, omgggg), a strong desire to be a Ghostbuster for Halloween, and saying things like, "...I am Jack's complete lack of surprise", and of course, "Fl-flames...FLAMES, ON THE SIDE OF MY FACE...". Ahhh, GOOD TIMES. :D
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First off, I have a new layout! And actually a new one, this time, not just a re-imagining or whatever of my old one. NEW NEW NEW.
I still liked my old one and all, but I've been wanting a more spring-y/summer-y layout for a while now, but just hadn't been able to figure out what. This week, though, the universe finally aligned, and voila! YAAAAAAAAAY.

Also, iiiin...two hours?? -- roughly -- [livejournal.com profile] boheme06 will be here in Philly!! That's right, she's visiting 'til tomorrow night, and it is going to be AWESOME, let me tell you. We're going to the Franklin Institute, because they have a Narnia exhibit, and even just looking at the pictures makes me excited beyond belief. But it's also UPenn's Spring Fling this weekend (which, I have friends who go there, so we're in), and also, I mean, PHILLY. So it should be goooooood tiiiiimes!!

Aaaaalso, in my Shakespeare class just now, we got to have class outside (where it is GORGEOUS, omg), and spend the entire time acting out a scene (from Coriolanus! In which I was the title character, thankyouverymuch), which allowed me to get all up in the personal space of a very cute boy (lulz, remember this??). AMAZING.

Basically, this weekend is shaping up to be WIN, ALL AROUND. \o/ !!!!
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So, this semester, even though it just started, was really nooooot going well. ...I was going to write out this whole thing about everything that was crap, but let's just say - well, it was CRAP. I started feeling myself falling into that rut of apathy I generally only get at the end of a semester, and I really did not have high hopes for the next couple months. But one day, kind of randomly, I decided this was going to be, like, my new theme song:

I tend to do things like this, though, and generally, they reaaally have no bearing on anything at all, much as it pains me to admit. But....somehow, this time it worked?? I don't know, guys, I'm still kind of hesitant to admit it, in case it feels the need to disappear or something, but - life is good right now. I mean, boring, yes (right now, life = school, for realz), and I am TOTALLY still in the running for Most Awkward Person to Ever Awkward (Lia, I almost sent you a text today that said, "OMG I JUST AWKWARDED ALL OVER THE PLACE", lulz) but I'm...kind of rocking it?? IDEK!!

Aaaanyway, so, in the spirit of life being awesome, I figured I'd share some happy music with y'all, that's sort of been my soundtrack for the last couple days. Sooo, onward!! )

Aaaaand now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go write a paper (but I'm totally still feelin' good, what is THAT).
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Oh god, I think something is wrong with my brain. Completely FAILING at even keeping up a lametastic conversation with a cute (cute, cute, cuuuuteeee) boy should make someone awkward and embarrassed, right?? BUT NOOOOO.
I've been sort of randomly grouchy all day, and just had my Shakespeare class, which was - interesting (the professor keeps wanting us to have discussions, and there are only 9 of us in the class, okay?? An apparently incredibly shy 9 of us. Theeeere was a lot of silence, needless to say!), and then, afterwards, this boy and I were waiting for the elevators, and he started talking to me, and it was going SO WELL at first (uh, for, like, 5 seconds), and then he said something and I said, "Sounds good", aaaand that was the end of the conversation. YOU GUYS, HE WAS SHARING WITH ME (about school, but still), AND I KILLED THE CONVERSATION. I AM A CONVERSATION KILLER!!

DUDE, but even so, my mood totally flipped around just now. Y'all should have seen me right after, I'm pretty sure I was BEAMING. Aaaaaaand then I may have had to power-walk to the bathroom so I could lock myself in a stall and freak out, HAHAHAHA OH GOD WHAT IS GOING ON WITH MY LIFE.
And I have only known this kid for two days, but uggghhhhh you guys he is CUTE and SMART and - and - has GREAT SHOES, OKAY (WHAT IT IS A WEAKNESS), and totally looks like David Archuleta, SHUT UP SHUT UP ALL OF YOU, JUDGING HOUR IS NOW OVER. SDHYGSDFHGASSFJHAAAAAAAHHHHHHH OMG, I AM A GIRL, HERE ARE MY HORMONES.
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soooo I've been working on this paper on the gothic in english romanticism for, like, ten million years now. or, okay, well, it's been most of today. I mean, obviously I've been slacking as well, but I feel like I've just been typing and typing and tyyyyyyyypinggggggg. I have 8 and a half pages (out of 12 to 15!), though, so I guess it hasn't been a COMPLETE loss, but still, I swear to god, I have been hitting these keys for, like, longer than I've been ALIVE.

also, I'm writing about my boy samuel taylor coleridge's poetry ("christabel" and "the rime of the ancient mariner"), and mary shelley's frankenstein, so I keep coming across the ghost-nipple story, as I like to call it. at first (uhh, this afternoon), I found it kind of weird, but totally amazing, and now, at 5 in the morning, I am having to prevent myself from just sitting here and laughing and laughing.
oh, here's the paraphrased story, btw, if you don't know it:

Like Walter Scott and John Stoddart, Byron frequently recited "Christabel." He recited the Hutchinson transcript, for example, in July 1816 for John Polidori, Percy Shelley, and Mary Godwin. The recitation--as Polidori records in his diary--is now famous because of the reaction it elicited in Shelley. During the recitation of Geraldine's disrobing in the bedroom scene of Part I, Shelley "ran out of the room... shrieking and putting his hands to his head." After Shelley calmed down, he explained that he "thought of a woman... who had eyes instead of nipples, which taking hold of him, horrified him." Byron's recitation is also important because it inspires Byron, Polidori and Godwin to enter into a competition to write ghost stories that, in the end, sees the production of The Vampyre and the origins of Frankenstein, or, The Modern Prometheus.

......GUYS. as it IS I'm totally punchy right now, and this is nooooooooot helping, okay.
someone come over here and tell me to keep writing, my god.
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Dear Phillies,

So, uh, to say this city is ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY CRAZY about you would kiiiiiind of be the biggest understatement EVER.

the girl trying to focus on math homework (but who is super excited too, she cannot lie)
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....but we're not going to talk about that (ohgodohgodohgod)!!

Instead, here are some other less horrible things:

1. Since I'm at home this weekend, I was able to find and upload pictures of my apartment for y'all! )

2. It is October! Which means, among other things, that it is almost time for Halloween. Which, I mean, isn't even my favorite holiday or anything, but still has me SUPER EXCITED. Candy! Costumes! More candy! WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE.

3. Anyway, so, while I'm actually not anywhere near ready for Halloween (so far, no concrete plans, or costume)...my layout is?? I mean, again, it's pretty much the same as it was, but - differently themed?? Sure. So, my layout, v. HALLOWEEN, featuring everyone's (EVERYONE'S.) good friend Frank Iero!! YAAAAAYYYYYYY

...I - guess that's it?? I feel like I had more to say, but I have no idea what it would be, now. I mean, I have a buttload of work (hence why I'm home for the weekend), and I'm hungry and don't actually know why I'm still up, but none of that is particularly awesome, so we'll leave that all out. ...SO.
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This was going to be one of THOSE posts - you know, the kind where my "angst" and "whining" tags get pulled out, but...it's not anymore. And it's not that I still don't feel the same things I did, um, this morning, but I've sort of just realized that, you know, I'm AWESOME, and people who don't recognize that are just making their lives less so (and also that the average college student is a complete douchebag, and I wouldn't want to associate with those kinds of people anyway, but let's not even go into that).

So, my lovely friends, here is some music for you! That song right there, "The Show", by Lenka is a powerful little ditty - it managed to get my thoughts about things right, make me feel better about it all, and, uh, dance around in my room every time it played.


ETA: Oh, I forgot to say, also good is Trouble is a Friend. Actually, if you listen to both these songs back to back, this one first, you'll pretty much have my day.
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I'm totally supposed to be studying my Latin verbs, not futzing around in my school's tech center, BUT, I just have to say, this is officially one of my favorite ads/campaigns EVER (uh, the others being this and this). And man could I use some of that right now. ....The product, I mean (although, Sebastian is MORE than welcome as well! :D). *sniffles pathetically*
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Soooo I wasn't kidding when I talked about "the endless void that is college". Even just in this first week, I've barely had time to breathe, let alone - well, like, do my homework. Or be online, obvz. Once you go into college, you never come out!! .....or, well, you DO, at the end, but...you know what I mean.

Anyway, my point is, hectic times are upon us. Or, me, anyway. Although, to be fair, not all of this was directly college's fault - the other factor was, I actually went out and found myself an apartment here in Philly! It's about 15 minutes by subway from my campus, compared to the hour it was taking me to commute by train. And it's only a dinky little studio, but it's pretty good for a first apartment, if I do say so myself, and, really, it's all the space I need. Plus, there's a loft-style bed, so that not only frees up floor space, but also, um, is really awesome.

So I've been moving in, recently, and MAAAAAN, was it a process. I'm not quite sure why, either, because both times I've moved into a dorm before, it only took one car trip and then a couple hours setup time, but this took three loooooooong days. I mean, I did have to buy furniture and all (going to IKEA was almost a day in itself, for realz), but - still.

But I'm here, now! Everything's set up - except for the internet (it's wireless, but there's no adapter for the router, sooo I have to do some running around tomorrow) - but as soon as my mom and I finished assembling things and she left, I was sort of just at a loss of things to do. I gotta say, as someone who's been living at home for the last year, it's a little weird not to constantly have someone to talk to (even if it IS my cat, lulz). But then I called my BFF (who I'm neighbors with at home, and, actually, has an apartment only a block and a half away, too), and found I could steal someone else's internet (WHAT, it's only for today! I SWEAR.), and now I'm better, yeah. It's still a little weird not to be heading back to New Jersey to sleep, but I guess I'll get used to it. And, anyway, it's not like I'm living in Siberia, or something - if I'm really falling apart, I can always just hop on the train and head home.

So I guess that's it, for now. I really should be doing some homework or something (especially because I have no TV - because cable was the only thing not included in the lease, and I am cheap), buuuut it's not due until Tuesday and I'm lazy. :D But, idk, I'll figure out SOMETHING.
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So, school starts tomorrow, joy. I'm totally not ready, having spent these last two weeks since my summer courses ended just, basically, lying around and being a bum. But, as I am this, like, perpetual student, I figure getting back into the swing of things shouldn't be too bad. IDK, we'll see, I guess - right now I'm just crossing my fingers that I don't completely die of work.

Anyway, before I slip back into the endless void that is college, I did mention that I have some more Olympics stuff to share, and SO I DO! )

Uhhh, that's it. I mean, for now, anyway, because it seems like the interwebz are right there with me in the refusal to accept that the Olympics are over. Maybe if we just don't shut up about them, it'll be like we really didn't have to wait at all!!!! *delusional*
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DONE, AND DONE. \o/ !!!!!!!!!

And now, I am off to eat/nap (I had to wake up at 5 this morning, gag)/watch How I Met Your Mother (and, sidenote to you guys who watch: Ted/Marshall/Lily, y/y?? ...and I have a buttload of proof, so that's mostly a rhetorical question. Even more than it was when I just wasn't giving you another option, I mean. :D)!! WOOOOOOOOOOO.
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So, things are good, and things are bad.

The bad things are - I still don't have my own computer, and sharing with my family is a pain, I have a bajillion things due very soon, and, yeah, very little time to do them in, and...well, school's not over yet (I always burn out around this point in the semester - it's the reason why summer sessions, which are only six weeks, work so much better for me).

But the good things are - I'm sort of decided on a major, minor, and career path (Greek&Roman classics, English, and librarian, respectively, and, while this is all still EXTREMELY subject to change, it's still pretty huge), and - Panic(!) at the Disco. Panic(!) was very nearly on the bad list, though, and for reasons why, as well as reasons why it ultimately isn't, I give you a story, entitled, 'Panic(!) at the Disco...and me'. )

And now, my thoughts on Pretty. Odd., track by track. )

...THE END. Holy balls, this is a monster of a post. THANK YOU, AND GOODNIGHT.
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okay, so I am possibly the world's biggest procrastinator, putting everything off until the very last minute and all, BUT, let it just be known, please, that today I typed 12 pages of essay, which is more than I have done in one day EVER IN MY LIFE. Okay, yes, it was two separate papers, but it was a LOT, okay, the maximum I'm used to writing at one time is 5 pages (and that's only started since I came to college, in high school I only had to write 3 page papers!), and I only slacked off a little (read: four hours, but mostly all at one time! and I only half fell asleep once, guys.)!!

so basically this is just an entry to say that I'm proud of myself, although I would be prouder if I had managed to get this shit done in a timely fashion, so I could be asleep right now and not wondering if it's really worth it to sleep two hours before I have to get up for school anyway. but, details.

but, so, yeah. whatever, this is pointless, but I feel like JD right now. SCHOOL IS MY DR. COX, GUYS. it looks good, and it can be awesome and hot, and all I want to do is make it happy, but it is also emotionally distant!! and bitchy. and calls me girls' names...?? sure. but I DID go, "how you like me nowwwwww????" at the computer screen when I finished essaying, so.



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