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Soooo it is almost my birthday!
I keep forgetting, though -- I mean, like, I know it's September, now, and I know my birthday is coming up, vaguely, just - it hasn't hit me yet that it's tomorrow. TBH, idk that I'm ready to be 23! I mean, 22 was a pretty good year, and also my lucky number, sooo. ...I will tell you one thing, though, I've been at least partially looking forward to being 23 for a while now, if only so that Blink-182's "What's My Age Again?" will now apply to me. ...what can I say, sometimes I have pretty simple life goals.

Anyway, though, I did do something, for my birthday - [livejournal.com profile] bohemu and I continued our trend of city-hopping by going to Chicago! ...aaaand promptly fell in love.
I mean, I'd heard from everyone (EVERYONE) that I was going to LOVE Chicago, so I went in hopeful, if a little dubious. But, well, PEOPLE WERE RIGHT. I mean, look - just of the cities we've visited, NY and Philly are all right, but a little -- idk, too much NY and Philly, DC was fun, but kind of a shitshow, and Boston was delightful, but - idk, I keep trying to think of a defining moment for it, and I can't? It was my favorite, out of all these, and I def want to go back soon, just - idk, idk. :/

But Chicago? idk, it just - felt comfortable. Like, obvz I'd never been there, and I'm generally suuuuper not a city person, but, like, it felt like I knew Chicago, and could easily live there. Not forever, maybe, but at least for this point in my life - working out my career and my ~relationships~, with friends and Chicago steady at my back.

Oh, because, that's the other thing! I was with [livejournal.com profile] bohemu, obviously, but we also met up with some awesome people, including [livejournal.com profile] goldenguess, [livejournal.com profile] rhombal, and [livejournal.com profile] musictoyourlips. And everyone was uniformly amazing! [livejournal.com profile] bohemu was saying, we DEFINITELY have to go back to Chicago, soon, not only for the things we didn't get to see (including some parts of the things we did get to see! CHICAGO MUSEUMS, Y U SO LARGE), but also because there are good people here, people we loved meeting and want to hang out with again ASAP (...and, ahem, people who, if they should feel the need to visit the East Coast at any point, we would love to have!).

...also, we miss it. chicagooooo, je t'aimeeeee ♥

So, um, yeah. Chicagoooooo<3333, and also I AM ALMOST 23, GAIZ, WHAT IS GOING ONNNNNN.
...and now, if you will excuse me, I am going to partake in some coffee cake, and enjoy my last bits of year 22. ♥
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Hey kids!

So yeah, LJ is sort of falling by the wayside these days...?? But, like.....I miss it. I mean, I myself am not on as often as I used to be, now that I'm: a, actually doing more things IRL, and b, mostly taking in media that doesn't really have fandoms. But, guys - I miss the fandom-related flailing! I miss the memes! I even miss the wank! ....okay, I don't miss the wank that much. But yeah, overall, LJ, WHERE HAVE YOU GOOOOOOOONEEEEEEEEE. :((((

Uh, okay, so now more on what I have been doing!

First, RL. [livejournal.com profile] bohemu and I are going to Chicago for a couple days, in September! So all of you guys who've been to/live in Chicago, suggestion us up! I mean, we have a vague list of things we want to do, but we're always open to suggestions! Especially because neither of us have ever been, right, so we know jack all about the city.
Also, if you do live there, and want to meet up and hang for a bit, we would love that! Just let me know.

Okay, now fandom(-ish).

Number one, and probz most prevalent in my mind rn, I HAVE STARTED WATCHING HAWAII FIVE-0, AND I AM IN LOVE )

...okay. Number two!
So, like I've mentioned a couple times here recently, I've been reading up a storm, these days! And generally I've been going around in a Dresden Files/Temeraire/Discworld loop, but recently I wanted to take a little break from that. And, well, I'd been meaning to reread my copy of The Three Musketeers for a while, so, uh, that's what I'm doing?? )

Thing three, that actually should probz be part b of thing one:

So, uh, after continually feeling like I have a TON of shows I watch, all of which I have seasons upon seasons to catch up on for, I realized the other day, I only actively watch 6 shows, now )

So, uh, yeah, that's it, I guess?? FOR NOW~~
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Hello hello, I have returned!

I am glad to be back, but Seattle was a lot of fun -- hanging with the nephews is always great, even if they are total monkeys (well, they're 2 and 4 years old, WHAT CAN YOU DO).

Camping was also fun! )

Soooo, yeah. Other than that, I went to a bunch of museums with the kids, ran around a couple parks, pretended to be various animals/dinos/fish, and read a whoooole lot of books (mostly picture books, but I got through a couple of my own, too!). Overall verdict: FUN!

But yeah, I am glad to be back, with my kitty and puppy and continuous internets and TV with more than basic cable (not that there was that much time to watch TV or go online anyway, there, but still)!
Soooo yeah, HELLO! How have all of your weeks been?
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Uh, yeah, so! Tomorrow morning (early, early tomorrow morning -- I have to wake up at 5:30, ugh), I am heading off to Seattle, to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and two baby nephews (...well, they're 2 and 4, now, but they'll always be babies to me~)!!

...I haaaaaate flying, and it seems a lot easier to just stay here at home and hang around in my pajamas and read and stream things from Netflix, BUT of course I love hanging out with my nephews, so it'll be fun, I can already tell! I think we're mostly just going to be hitting up the museums and the zoo and all that, but also my sister-in-law was appalled when she heard I'd never been camping, so we are apparently going to do that, too!

So, yeah, I will be back -- well, I'll be back next Tuesday (the 28th!) evening, buuuut tbh, it'll probably be the 29th, before I rly get back into the internet swing of things. I mean, I will probably have internet time in Seattle, too, buuuuut certainly nowhere near the amount of time I hang around the interwebz at home. So, uh, until I get back, HAVE FUN, HOLD DOWN THE FORT, DON'T BLOW ANYTHING UP WHILE I'M GONE. And let me know what I miss, too, here and on Tumblr!! BYE KIDS, ILU~~
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The TOTALLY AWESOME personality-based, non-fandom-based, and tl;dr friending meme!

...so now, no matter how your fandoms change, you will always know awesome people!!

......yeaaaaahhh, that's all I got rn. *off to make/eat dinner and stream things off Netflix Instant!*
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Actually, for once, my lack of posting wasn't caused by: a, me not being around the internets, or b, me not having anything to say.
The first because, well -- I'm here! I check the flist and Facebook every so often (ever since I cut a bunch of comms I was in from my flist, it moves a loooooooot slower), but mostly I've been pretty much living on Tumblr. Which, uh, by the way, I know I made a post about this before, but, seriously, if you have a Tumblr and we're not following each other, that needs to be rectified IMMEDIATELY.

As for the second point, well, okay. Aside from the normal "work a couple days, puppysit a couple days" routine I've had(/have) going on, the major thing going on in my life has been comic cons!! )

The other exciting thing happening in my life rn is, still, reading. I took a little (...well, a long, really) break from the Temeraire and Discworld series to get to Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, which I'd actually been meaning to read for a while now. I'm still actually working on it (....it's 800 pages, right), but I'm pretty far in! And loving it, tbh - it's a bit of an undertaking, but I think, if you like fantasy books, and haven't read it already, you should def give it a shot; it's really well-written, and well-researched (...like, TREMENDOUSLY) and engaging and compelling and GR8.

Soooo yeah. When I finish that, finally, I'm going to go back to alternating Temeraire and Discworld books, I think, buuuut I might also throw into the mix some of The Dresden Files series. ....HERE IS THE STORY ABOUT THAT: I always vaguely knew of the series/show, but I didn't actually have much idea of what it was about, uuuuntil today when I went searching for random fic on An Archive of Our Own (which, btw, if I haven't mentioned it, is AWESOME and I LOVE IT), found a couple of amazing, scorchingly hot, slashy fics, and then was like, "....if this is what the books are like, I'm SO IN" (aaaaaand ONCE AGAIN, sucked into a fandom with the promise of slash. :3 ).
I just watched the 2-hour, unaired pilot of the TV series, as sort of an introduction, and also to double-check that this was a thing I was interested in, and - well - I'm interested.

....soooooo yeah, that's about it; my life's just been very, "Work! Pets! Con stuff [sewing/crafting, planning, attending]! Reading!", lately. ...SO NOW YOU KNOW.

...also, like, when did it get to be JUNE, you guys, what is THAT. :/
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Okay, SO, I heard of these books, right, the Temeraire series, by Naomi Novik, and how they were about DRAGONS IN THE NAPOLEONIC WARS, basically, and, well, those are two of my favorite things (...uh, dragons and history, that is. Oh, and stories about wars, NUMBER THREE), sooooo I picked up the first book, His Majesty's Dragon a while back, aaaaand somewhere in between starting that and finishing the second book, Throne of Jade, last night (I mean, I also read some things in between, but), this series became a FULL-BLOWN OBSESSION.


Soooooo yeah, this is supposed to be a pimp post...?? And I know you guys are all super busy these days with school and/or work and all, but COME ON, WHO DOESN'T LOVE AWESOME BOOKS. And dragons!!!

HERE ARE SOME MORE HOPEFULLY PERSUADING THINGS (the fandom is tiiiiiny, but, uh, here is everything related I have ever mem'd...??):

http://tanyartblog.livejournal.com/4497.html (this is a MILLION times funnier if you've actually read some of the first book, I think, but gr8 nonetheless!)

http://t-lyrical.livejournal.com/130447.html (THE COMMENTSSSSSS, READ THEM ALLLLL)

GODDDDDD IDK IDK MOST OF THOSE WON'T EVEN MAKE SENSE WITHOUT YOU HAVING READ ANY OF THESE BOOKS, BUUUUUUUT WHATEVER, I COULD NOT CONTAIN MYSELF TO JUST POSTING RANDOM FLAILING ABOUT THIS ON TUMBLR, SO HEEEEERE YOU GO (...I'm totally supposed to be reading Equal Rites rn, because the schedule I'd set myself to was one Temeraire book, one Discworld book, one Temeraire book, etc, etc. Buuuuuut there's no Rincewind in this book [dude, how much I love Rincewind and the Discworld and THE LUGGAGE<33 is going to have to be it's own flaily post], and so it's just been sitting next to me as I flail about other books. WOOPZ).

....plus, like, IF YOU READ, I can blather to you about how Garrett Hedlund is totally my Laurence, and Henry Cavill is my Granby, Gemma Arterton my Harcourt, Daniel Henney my Tharkay even though I haven't actually gotten to him yet, ETC, ETC (Romola Garai is girl!Laurence! Hayley Atwell is girl!Granby! Toby Stephens is tentatively Riley!). PRETTY PEOPLE BEING AWESOME, COME ON.
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Sooo yesterday, my puppy was really sleepy and lethargic the whole day - I had to (literally) drag him outside to go pee, and all he wanted to do was keep lying down, even when he saw the cat was around. He ate his breakfast and lunch, but slowly (which is TOTALLY unlike him), and then didn't have much interest in eating his dinner.

So we took him to the vet last night - turns out he had a fever, and was hyper-salivating, which is a sign of nausea. They did an X-ray that showed signs of internal blockage, and so they kept him overnight, on an IV (to keep him hydrated and nourished).

By this morning his fever had gone down, but they X-rayed him again, and since he was still blocked up, they did surgery on him, to clear out his stomach. Turns out they found a lot of food he couldn't digest, and, right where the stomach leads into the small intestine, was a bunch of mulch. ....guys, you should understand, this dog eats EVERYTHING he can get his little mouth on, and so, though we generally try to keep a sharp eye on him when he goes out, I know he does eat mulch, a lot of the time. We sort of just thought it'd pass out in his poop, like the little twigs he also sometimes eats...?? But the vet said the bigger pieces sometimes don't, and I guess it also just built up a little, there.

Right now he was just waking up from the anesthesia, and he's on painkillers and antibiotics and all. They're going to keep him overnight again so that he can recover a little bit, and then he'll probably be okay to come back home tomorrow evening, or Saturday morning, maybe.

But, so, yeah, WORLD'S MOST DIFFICULT DOG strikes again (lulz, I didn't even tell you guys, but a couple weeks ago he swallowed a sock one morning, so THAT was a whole thing, too -- he eventually vomited it up, so he didn't need surgery, but, like, DOG, STOP EATING EVERYTHING)!

I kind of miss looking at his dumb puppy face, sooo HERE ARE SOME PICTURES FOR YOUUU (and me, okay, okay). These are all from...about a week ago, I think? )

We took some pictures of my kitty, too, but for some reason they're only on my mom's computer...?? Sooo idk, idk, MAYBE LOOK FOR THOSE LATER.
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Yesterday I was at work, but my mom and I had brought my puppy in, and so during lunch, we took him to the nearby dog park. There weren't that many other dogs there, but it was nice, we ran around, and Baxter def had a lot of fun. And then, for the rest of the day, I could smell the outdoors on me -- you know that smell, all wind and grass and dirt? ...yeah, that, and the sun was shining merrily in through the window, and I was looking at pictures of sundresses online, and listening to some quality tunes, and -- seriously, it was like spring/summer sensory overload, almost, aaaand it was DELIGHTFUL.

So, I thought, why not share all of that with you guys? Obvz I can't give you the outdoor smell or even the sunshine across the interwebz, but what I CAN share with you is the music.

So: here is a mix for all of you, for the spring and summer now and to come; for the kind of days you just want to spend gallivanting outdoors with your friends/family/pets/etc, just running around and having adventures and - just basically living it up, nice-weather-style.

...like, the kind of day you'd have an impromptu scavenger hunt or something, full of a lot of ridiculous hijinks, maybe culminating in finding the nearest playground and climbing all the jungle gym equipment even though you're far too tall for all of it, and then having a swinging contest -- and then getting a little cleaned up and going out with your friends for happy hour specials in the bars' outdoor seating areas, and then...maybe there'd be fireworks, just because I like them. ...oh, and, SUPER ideally, there'd be someone to make out with, as you traipse around in your slightly buzzed state (which is the best phase of drunkenness, let's be honest, because - if you're me, anyway - you're just so happy about everything).

....uhhh, yeah. So anyway! HERE IS THE MUSIC, FOR YOUUUUUUUUU~~ )
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...but then, like, which of my entries ISN'T.

Anyway, so, I've always sort of been a casual viewer of Ugly Betty...?? I remember really trying to start watching (like, properly, from the beginning and all) my sophomore year of college, but...that sort of got away from me, SURPRISE SURPRISE. But I'd watch an episode here or there, and I at least know most of what happens. Especially S2, for some reason; I tend to ALWAYS catch that, in reruns.

So, lately (thanks to reruns, actually) I've been kind of sliding into this show again - I'm trying the episodes actually in order again, thanks to Netflix, and remembering just how much I LOVE Gio, and Betty/Gio, aaaand Freddy Rodriguez (I haven't seen THAT much with him in it, buuuut everything I've seen has been EXCELLENT -- I mean, he's been excellent, anyway, even like in Harsh Times, where he was literally the ONLY THING that prevented my friend and I from turning the movie off, MULTIPLE times, even despite our determination to see Everything Christian Bale Has Been In Ever. ....Seriously, it's a pretty ridiculous movie, LET ME TELL YOU).

....what?? Oh, this entry had a point, that's right, and that point is, BETTY/GIO, GUYSSSSSSSS.
Like, even though I've now SEEN the relevant episodes MULTIPLE times now (well, most of them anyway), I STILL legit kick my feet in glee every time the two of them have a ~~moment~~ together. ...It's gotten to the point where I'm seriously just sitting here rn watching fanvids for them set to Disney love songs; I JUST HAVE A LOT OF ~*FEELINGS*~ ABOUT THESE CRAZY KIDS, OKAY???

ughhhhh the worst part is I can't even EXPLAIN to you why I love them together so much, especially since, when I first started watching, I was CONVINCED Daniel and Betty were going to end up together (...and, though that ship got pushed aside once I discovered Gio....they're still completely in love and adorbz, y/y?? THE ANSWER IS Y). Just -- HE LOOOOOOOOVES HERRRRR, AND HENRY IS A NICE GUY I GUESS, BUT BORING, AND GIO IS SO GOOD FOR BETTY AND HELPS HER BREAK OUT OF HER SHELL AND BE A LITTLE (MORE) CRAZY, AND SHE KEEPS HIM IN CHECK AND SAVES HIM FROM (POTENTIALLY) TURNING INTO A DOUCHE, AND AISDHSDIUFHSDIUFHSDIFISUDJF WHAT ARE THESE FEELINGS IN MY HAAAAAAAAART, HERE ARE SOME VISUALS. )

ughhhh you guyssss I just want them to get married and have adorable kids, and Gio can pick them up from school, and then some combination of Justin&Hilda&Ignacio&Daniel visits, to play, so that when Betty gets home from her awesome high-powered career, they're all running around having a blast (I feel like Daniel and Ignacio would be the type to, like, give horsey-rides and pretend they're attacking tickle monsters and the like, and Hilda and Justin would -- idk, teach them how to be fabulous and sassy), but the kids immediately run over to hug her and tell her all about their day, and Gio gives her a welcome-home kiss and says that the dinner he's made (I mean, he's gotta move up from sandwiches sometime -- plus, Ignacio probably taught him) is almost ready, and then there's a little bit of chaos as everyone's called into action to set the table, and then they all have dinner together and it's a little loud, but also warm and home-y, and Betty and Gio beam at each other across the table because *~*~*EVERYTHING IS PERFECT*~*~*.

....also, as long as we're in this alternate fantasy Ugly Betty universe I've dreamed up, across town, Marc and Cliff are also having dinner together, minus the kids (because, like....can you even IMAGINE Marc with kids?? Thouuuuugh I feel like Cliff would LOVE them), but PLUS EVERY BIT OF THE LOVEEEEEEEEEEE (....I...also ship them, ridiculous amounts. BE GRATEFUL I DIDN'T GET INSPIRED TO RAMBLE ABOUT THAT, TOO, THIS TIME).<3333333333
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So, this might very well get away from me super fast and then FAIL MISERABLY, but...I made a Tumblr...??

Partly because I was checking a bunch of them ANYWAY on a regular basis, and this way it's just easier, and partly because I missed constantly sharing my inane, little thoughts, a la Twitter (...you'd THINK I'd just start using Twitter again, buuuuuut I'm following so many people there, it tends to get more overwhelming than I can handle).

So, anyway! I know everyone and their maiden aunt is on Tumblr, so, WHERE YOU GUYS AT, I have a pressing need to reblog all the awesome things you say.
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Okay, so. On account of it being the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day, here is a picspam of some awesome ladies being awesome. It's by no means EVERY lady I think is awesome, because that picspam would turn out 100 years long, buuuut...more of a sampling, I guess.

in no particular order... )


Find more videos like this on Vidders

by [livejournal.com profile] arefadedaway

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Okay, thing number one (which is going to be a repeat for some of you, sry abt that), [livejournal.com profile] boheme06 and I saw The Eagle last weekend, which -- okay. ....Well, wait, okay, let me just c&p what she said about it, because that's basically EXACTLY what I was going to say: Listen. If you consider yourself a slasher/fangirl and you don't somehow get around to seeing this movie, you should reconsider your life decisions. I really wanted to see it because I have a love of all things Channing Tatum and the trailer made it look like 300 meets Lord of the Rings. Which it was in terms of completely ridiculous slash moments, but not in terms of great movie-ness. (...except for...I had a love of all things Jamie Bell, instead, going in, buuuuut I HAVE ALSO COME TO LOVE CHANNING, WHAT CAN YOU DO)

Soooo yeah, basically, YOU SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE, because you will LOVE IT. Like, maybe not as an actual movie, but as an AMAZING, HISTORICAL GAY LOVE STORY, YES. Look, aaaaaaall I'm saying is, we, as fangirls, were in fits in the theater, soooo many times, and HAVE NOT STOPPED flailing about it since, basically. ....Also, we were up for FIVE HOURS that night coming up with increasingly cracky AUs, so, you know, there's that.

Now thing number two, HERE ARE SOME THOUGHTS ON TORCHWOOD (...uhh, keeping in mind I've only seen through 1x08, so far).

....because, OBVIOUSLY, you totally wanted to know. )

So, yeah, anyway. I'm going to keep watching, at least through S1, just for the sake of completeness, but -- idk, after that. I kiiiind of just miss David Tennant flailing around and being ~brilliant~, with his little sticky-up hair and rainbow of Chucks and that awesome trench coat I WANT, SO BAD. Sooooo idk, maybe we'll alternate?? IDK IDK GUYZ, WE'LL SEE~
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...and it's most likely not the last one, either, seeing as I only just finished S2 (...well, reboot S2, anyway). But I figured, for various reasons, this was as good a place to stop and discuss my thoughts as any.

So! In we go! )

...I...feel like I had more to say, here, but according to the little notes for writing this entry I made (YES, OKAY, SHUT UP), that's it...??

I'm sure I'll have more things to say as I watch more, and I am SUPER-excited for S3 rn (the, like, two seconds that Catherine Tate and David Tennant were playing off each other in the last ep were AMAZING, so I am EXCITE~ for more)...buuuut, because -- well, because in the middle of S2 I realized how much I missed Jack, and then read around on Wikipedia enough to get obsessive about watching everything in chronological order, I'm going to get through S1 of Torchwood, first. ...I should state, here, that I never meant to watch Torchwood, even now after I got in to DW, partially because I'd heard it gets really terrible down the line, and partially because -- well, because it doesn't have Ten, tbh, but I GUESS IT'S HAPPENING, at least the first season, for now, anyway.

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Okay, so I KEEP TRYING to organize my thoughts for this big post I want to make, about various TV shows and RL and awesome books, but -- idk, for all my organizing, I think my brain is just all, SDFHIOAOISDHASIFHSDIHFSDHFDI by default, and so I keep getting distracted by things like this:

GUYS. WHERE IS ALL THE DAVID TENNANT/JOHN BARROWMAN LOVE (yes, okay, I am watching Doctor Who now, whatever, whatever, I WILL TALK ABOUT IT IN THE NEXT POST [Captain Jack is amazing<333]).
Like, fic, interview snippets, ANYTHING, EVERYTHING. I mean, there's this (which is AMAZINGGGGG) and this and this and this and THIS, but, like, WHERE IS THE REST OF IT.

And, like, IT DOESN'T EVEN NEED TO BE SLASH (partially because, well, JOHN AND SCOTT<3, how're you going to mess with THAT), I JUST WANT THEM TO BE BFFS ALL THE TIME.
...Actually, what I REALLY want is just a series of fics in which they are ridiculous bros together:

- They're sitting on set, waiting for something or the other to be fixed and ready to go again for the next take, telling ridiculous stories and hilarious obscene jokes to each other and all of the rest of the cast and crew around them (who keep on doing what they're doing, but can't stop themselves from cracking up, and then keeping on having to be like, "BOYS, IF YOU WOULDN'T MIND" sternly but fondly)!

- They're roommates in university together )

........OH GOD, CAN YOU TELL THIS IS MY FAVORITE 'VERSE (for a Halloween party, David goes as Ziggy Stardust (he'd probably have to make John help him, but it would be a FANTASTIC look on him, AMIRITE) and John goes as a cowboy (DON'T TELL ME HE WOULDN'T -- plus, like, I like to think David spends a lot of time teasing him about American things). "I'm going as myself", Scott grouses, but he lets John dress him up as...idk, something, I haven't been able to come up with something suitable yet)??????

- David is a florist (he owns a little corner shop -- it's modest, but he loves what he does, and he's great at it) and John stops in one day to buy flowers (...for Scott?? idk, idk, I LOVE SCOTT, what can I do), they get to bantering. Then, like, OF COURSE John has to stop in again a little while later to thank David for the flowers, they were perfect, yadda yadda yadda, THEY BECOME BFFS.

- ...loooool, actually, most of these AUs just end with "...THEY BECOME BFFS". David and John work at a record store! David is actually an actor, but John is his make-up artist/hair stylist/whatever, something like that! ETC, ETC, AND THEN THEY BECOME BFFS. ...and then, like, David gets married and John is his best man and gives the BEST toast, full of embarrassing stories and ridiculous jokes (and dances with the bride and flirts with her to the point where she's blushing, and David finally has to fake-clear-his-throat really loudly and cut back in again, and John grins and winks lasciviously at both of them and saunters off to find Scott again).

...Okay, wow, this whole post is just, like, one long tangent, but basically the point is, TENNANT AND BARROWMAN BEING BROS, WHERE IS IT, I WANT IT AAAAAAAALLLLLLL.

ETA: OH WAIT, I TOTALLY FORGOT ONE, where they're in Stargate: Atlantis, and John (...who I guess is more Jack, here...??) is one of Sheppard's men and David works with Rodney (OH GOD THE NAMES ARE ALL THE SAME; JUST REALLY WEIRD, OR *~*DESTINY*~*???), and when they get a chance they like to eat lunch together and trade stories about...well, about John and Rodney being John and Rodney, tbh.
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I have about a million other things to talk about, but THIS GOES FIRST:

[Poll #1677922]

....there's not really any particular REASON for this, it was mostly just born out of my obsessing over a book before the library even got it to me (His Majesty's Dragon, by Naomi Novik), and the ridic conversations I have with [livejournal.com profile] boheme06, and...idk, I'm curious?? IMAGINE YOUR DRAGONS FOR ME, PEOPLE!!

That's...it for now, I guess?? I mean, MORE TO COME, but for now I am off to read and (eventually!) watch Puppy Bowl (yeaahhhh, my interest in sports is...almost nonexistent)! PUPPIESSSSSSSSSSSS~
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I keep meaning to make this entry, but there's NEVER ENOUGH TIIIIME. But, uh, okay, here, now -

First off, TV:

Being Human 3x01 )

Primeval 4x05 )

Okay, now, thing 2, and the reason why this post has been so long in the making (seriously, I even had to take a couple-hour break in the middle of typing this up) WE GOT A PUPPY.

I know I'd mentioned a couple places that we were planning to get one in the spring, and well, we were - we'd already decided that we wanted a Goldendoodle, and found a good breeder (in Ohio, but they drive the puppies over). So that was happening, and we were waiting, but there was also a litter from this breeder that'd been born around Christmastime, and now all the puppies had been taken, except one. We (well, mostly my mom and I) were spending a lot of time on the site, just out of excitement, and the puppy was just sitting there, looking sad and homeless, aaaand so, being the saps that we are, were like, "...well, there's no harm in just asking what he's like..." Blah blah blah, you guys know the rest, NOW WE HAVE A PUPPY.

He was the smallest in his litter (8th born out of 10), and, because he's mostly Poodle (75%, I think), he's got a curly coat. He and two of his siblings were all black, and because people are ridiculous and don't like black cats and dogs for some insane reason, those three were the last to go. Eventually his other two siblings found a home, though, and just he was left. But NO MORE (so...yeah, now we have a black cat AND a black dog, WHAT UP)!! I don't even know how people couldn't take him, he's adorbz, and SUCH a good boy -- I mean, he's still a puppy, so he likes to chew all the time, and he sometimes has accidents inside, but he LOVES people (he gets SO excited when he sees not just us, but pretty much ANYone, especially kids), and just wants to sit by/on you and chew on his toys. In the past week and a half, since he's been here, he's learned to sit, his name (...sort of), and as of yesterday, he's started walking to the door and standing there when he wants to go out. Also, when he gets tired, he tends to put himself in his crate (where we've been putting him for naps/overnight - he generally sleeps from around 9:30 at night to 6 AM), or to this sheet we've laid out next to it, and just flops down and goes to sleep (though he also likes sleeping in my lap, I'm kind of wary about that, because when he's full grown, he'll be about 50 pounds, and -- well, I'm not sure I really want 50 pounds of dog in my lap).

I don't really have a great picture, yet, but, uh, here, you can have the one the breeder sent us, before we got him, though the flash is a little crazy there.
Oh! Also, because I can't believe I didn't mention this anywhere earlier, his name is Baxter (and my new kitty's name is Comet -- who I don't have a great picture of, either. Ah, difficult-to-photograph pets)!
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...okay, so it's ass o' clock in the morning, and my eyeballs are about to fall out of my head, I'm so tired, BUT, GUYZ, LET'S TALK ABOUT PRIMEVAL.

More specifically, let's talk about the first two seasons of Primeval, since that's what I just finished, and how it should officially be subtitled The Story of Nick Cutter and Stephen Hart's Big Gay Love. )

I am looking forward to S3, though, mooooostly because of Ben Mansfield...?? WHAT, SHUT UP. ...also I kiiiind of already ship Becker/Connor like burning, SO WE'LL SEE HOW THAT GOES.


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